6 Best Remote Control Tractor Toys for Kids in 2022

Does your child love taking control of and driving powerful vehicles? Are you looking for the best remote control tractor toy to buy but also want your little one to enjoy? Here we have listed for you the 6 best RC Tractor toys.

RC tractor toys are one of the best activities to keep your child occupied. Being quite common in the world of kids, they help instill in your child, a sense of responsibility. This is exactly why the demand for these has increased over the past few years.

From basic to advanced, there is a range of RC tractor toys out there, catering to children of all ages and requirements. There is nothing more that you will require when looking for one. The fun that these toys bring is worth the effort in finding the one that best suits your child. That said, some kids still prefer DIY RC Car Kits.

So what’s the best RC tractor toy of all? Our pick is the Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader. It is attractive and easy to play with and keeps the child hooked for hours, supporting all sorts of movements and ensuring safe play, what else do you want?

Best Remote Control Tractors for Kids in 2022

Toy Name Dimension (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Recommended AgeBatteries NeededBuild Material
Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader14 x 6 x 82.353 and above4 AAPlastic
Tractor with Lights and Sounds 2.4 GHz (TR-113G)12 x 5 x 62.65 and above8VPlastic
1:32 Rc John Deere 7r W/front Loader9.57 x 3.15 x 3.781.233 and above3 AAAMetal and Plastic
Cheerwing Double E 2.4 GHz 1:1614.88 x 8.42 x 6.774.018 and above300mAh AAAPlastic
Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor5.9 x 5.9 x13.83.045 and above1 AAAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Fisca RC Tractor Toy20 x 7 x 144.628 and above1 AAMetal and Plastic

Best Remote Control Tractor Toy for Kids in 2022

Best Overall – Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader

‘Even my 2-year-old daughter loved it! It was very easy for her to control it especially because of the sticks.’

Best in Price – Tractor with Lights and Sounds 2.4 GHz (TR-113G)

‘This thing is so fun to play with outside, or even in the house! It has many different buttons on the controller, so make sure you observe each thing because it all does different things at such minimal price.’

Best in Durability – 1:32 Rc John Deere 7r W/front Loader

‘We’ve got some chunky wheels and after switching the controller and the tractor, we get to know that we actually have some durable toy in there!’

Buying RC tractor toys for your children means allowing them to play in the dirt and pretend that they are out in the fields or else on construction sites. Once in there, they will have complete control of their remote. To make your job finding the perfect RC equipment easier, here is a review of a few of the best suggestions we came across!

1. Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader

Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader - best RC tractor toy
  • Recommended Age: 3 and above
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Charging capability: Easy to Charge
  • Batteries Needed: 4 AA
  • Manufacturer: Top Race

For toddlers new to radio control, this is the perfect slow-moving RC toy. Made of the best quality materials, great attention is paid to the detailing so as to attract the children. Good for ages 3 and above, it can do almost all of the normal tractor duties including dumping, lifting, and excavating.

The sticks on the remote controller aid all the movements of the RC tractor toy, further making it easier for the kids to understand it. The yellow and black color is the trademark of the RC tractor toys produced by Top Race, making it easily distinguishable in terms of quality as well.

Running on 4 AA batteries, it takes only 30 minutes to be charged completely. These RC toys are not supposed to be running fast and especially with the low battery that they have. Capable of smooth running on carpets and stuff like hardwood floors, the wheels tend to face trouble if made to move on concrete. With rare LEDs on both the back and front, they light up when the vehicle is on the move.

The battery can be recharged which means that in comparison to others, this is a more practical optionWheels tend to slip on tiles and crash on concrete
As to being a detailed toy, it is very attractive to the child during playThe sound that it makes while on the move is impossible to turn off in case it ever seems disturbing
It supports all sorts of movements done by an actual tractor

2. Tractor with Lights and Sounds 2.4 GHz (TR-113G)

Tractor with Lights and Sounds 2.4 GHz (TR-113G)
  • Recommended Age: 5 and above
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Batteries Needed: 8V rechargeable
  • Charging Capability: Easy to charge
  • Manufacturer: Top Race

Much to the name of the manufacturer, this no doubt is one of the best out there. Unlike the RC tractor reviewed above, this is a little complex and caters to children of the ages 5 and above only. Like almost all the products under Top Race, this one too has great attention paid towards its detailing.

As an upgrade to its predecessor the TR 133, this one is comparatively smoother to operate and offers all the functions of moving, rotating, lifting, and excavating like that of a real-life tractor. The lead and shovel that tag along further make it a great deal of enjoyment for the kids while on the move.

As it says in the name, this RC tractor toy has a variety of LED lights and sounds that carry on during play. As to working on a 2.4GHz frequency, you can also play with other remote controlled vehicles simultaneously with your tractor. The distance however is to be within 100 feet.

The moment you receive this, it is ready to run which makes it all the more fun for your kids. You just have to get it out of the box, and your little one can run it around as mood be. The 8V rechargeable battery tags along as well.

Being completely wireless in the remote controlled system makes you feel like experiencing a real life tractorAn hour of charging only runs for 15 minutes which may lead to frustrating the child with gaps in playtime
Ready to run upon arrival, saves you from the hassle
LED lights and motion sounds add to the feeling of pretend play

3. 1:32 Rc John Deere 7r W/front Loader

1:32 Rc John Deere 7r W/front Loader - best remote control tractor toy
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and above
  • Color: Black and Green
  • Batteries needed: 3 AAA
  • Charging capability: Easy to charge
  • Manufacturer: SIKU

The metal body is probably the best part of this toy. Unlike both of the preceding products, this does not have plastic as the build material. Despite the hard structure, it is suitable for ages three and above. Hence, enjoyable for all.

Compared to the product reviewed above, this one can manoeuvre on any type of surface but is best suited for the farmyard play, more due to its typical tractor structure. There is a loader attached to the front, helping the child learn to pick, dig and excavate. In short, this one RC tractor toy manages to offer a lot of exercises.

Despite having the detachable front loader and cover feature, the LED lights that are attached on both sides can be controlled separately. The whole of the toy is controlled via a remote controller, charged by 3 AAA batteries. Safety clutches attached to the rear ensure that no damage is caused during play.

The remote controller that tags along is a modern one and has buttons to move right, left as well as steer. The power button at the bottom, however, only begins to function when the batteries are inserted.

As to being made of both metal and plastic, this is one durable productAs to being used by kids over three, senior users comment on it being a little advanced for children to understand in a short period of time
All of the activities of the toy can be controlled via the remote, hence decreasing the hassle created
Attractive in the look, easily grabbing the attention of the child

4. Cheerwing Double E 2.4 GHz 1:16

Cheerwing Double E 2.4 GHz 1:16
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and above
  • Color: Green and Black
  • Batteries needed: Yes
  • Charging Capability:
  • Manufacturer: Double E

Green on the outside, this RC tractor toy is easily identifiable amongst its competitors. Offering a six-channel driving experience, it can move in any direction you command it to, with sounds and light coordinating. The horn sound that it produces is the best feature of this toy.

This one performs better than the Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader when it comes to the sound system. The former had no way possible of turning it off whereas this one gives you the option of operating it with little to no noise. The horn sound that it comes with is indeed one of a kind.

The Cheerwing Double E 2.4 GHz 1:16 RC tractor toy is also commendable because it tags along with a variety of accessories as well. These include the transmitter, user manual, USB cable, and gridded tires as well. Controlled by a 2.4GHz remote control, it does not come with any batteries.

Not to forget, the remote controller is the shape of that of PlayStation, which will further add to the attention of your child.

The quiet mode feature allows reducing the intensity of the sound produced and even silencing it totallyDoes not come with a battery although it is needed for the remote controller to function
The controller is extremely user friendly and can be understood well by the children of the suggested age limit

5. Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor

Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor - best remote control tractor toy
  • Recommended Age: 5 and above
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Batteries Needed: 1 AA
  • Charging Capability: Easy to charge
  • Manufacturer: Huina

The Fistone RC Tractor Toy Truck might seem like one of the usual yellow and black toys but this one surely is different. Tagging along with a variety of advanced features, it has rechargeable 1 AA batteries unlike the Cheerwing Double E 2.4 GHz 1:16 that had none.

Many RC tractor toys are suitable for some flooring while not for others. This one however can maneuver on any kind of terrain. Even if the surface is a little bumpy, the double motor belt helps save the day.

When talking of the accessories that this one tags along, it includes a shovel loader, a transmitter, a USB charger, and a 2.4GHz remote controller as well. The shovel is used for both lifting and dumping at the front end. As to this part being made of metal, it almost feels like a real one.

This four-wheeled drive will be loved by your child more because of the variety of lights that it offers. These included both the colored lights as well as the steering lights.

Owing to the shovel, this RC toy contains a number of advanced features as compared to the restThe shovel although effective in digging and lifting, does not rise as high as its competitors
Easy to understand, handle and play with, which makes the children love it

6. Fisca Remote Control Tractor Toy

Fisca Remote Control Tractor Toy
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and above
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Batteries Needed: 1AA
  • Charging Capability: Easy to charge
  • Manufacturer: Fisca

This tractor toy is a remote control excavator with a control range of 10-100m. It contains all the functions of a real excavator and can lift, dig and dump amongst many of its activities. Two kids can play together at a time and have endless fun in dumping, loading, and digging. With a 680 degree rotation, it is made up of durable metal and alloys.

The Fisca excavator toy operates on rechargeable batteries that can easily be recharged using a USB cable or else a phone charger. The battery is rated at 400mAH providing up to 15 minutes on a single full charge.  This toy may act as a great remote-control digger for younger children as it acts realistically throughout.

Pros Cons
Metal built ensures rough play and continuing of all digging and denting activities Lesser battery life which means lesser hours of play and addition to the frustration of the child
Light and sound effects are commendable that add to the fun

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for Remote Control Tractor Toy

A number of factors need to be kept in mind when choosing a remote-controlled toy for your child. Make sure that the remote control can easily control. And also that you can manage the situation well should it go out of control. Here is a list of a few considerations you need to keep in your mind when shopping for your kid:

Size of RC Tractors

Like in real life, RC tractors too come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A big backyard would be suitable for a large tractor and vice versa. This is due to the availability of space for turns and travel, all for your ease. There is also a difference in performances as expected according to the varying size of vehicles. The bigger picks tend to be geared towards older kids, but there can of course be exceptions.


When buying toys, we want our kids to be both safe and happy. You should choose one which should best fit their age. For example, bigger tractor toys are intended for older children and vice versa. The age recommendation indicates whether a toy matches the child’s comprehension and skill levels. A little challenging for the age limit is good but can turn out to be frustrating otherwise.

Batteries needed

A battery-powered toy, lacking batteries and not performing as intended is usually one that irritates children. Many RC vehicles come with rechargeable batteries tagging along with a charger. Sometimes you’ll need batteries for the toy and they will have to be brought separately, which can be an inconvenience Thus having batteries on hand means that your vehicles are enough to run out of the box. 


Being aesthetic in the look and having an attractive color scheme aids in keeping your child hooked to the vehicle. Although most of the toys are yellow or orange in colors, red is also spotted sometimes, adding to the interest of the children. Thus this part should also be kept in view when finding out the best RC tractor toy.

Final Thoughts

A Remote Control Tractor Toy is in a number of ways beneficial for your child in boosting their cognitive skills alongside offering them plenty of fun. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these toys are designed for kids to be able to do little jobs like moving small rocks, dirt piles, and other similar objects, just as they want to. It needs to be noted time and again that they are listed as ‘toys.’

Most of the RC excavators are small and are not expected to do much that real ones do. Most people however only consider them as a source of entertainment and a remote-controlled gadget that allows them to dig, pick and move objects like on a construction site.

None of them are completely perfect for everyone but in the end, you should be happy with whichever choice you make. These remote control toys are of utmost value and your kid will surely be loving them!

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