8 Best World Map for Kids in 2022 [Detailed Guide]

Maps of the world are fascinating pieces to look at and also great instruments for teaching the children about the world around them. Parents have a range of choices to make when deciding about the early education of their children.

Keeping in mind that kids are genuinely curious about the world around them, what better way would there be to feed their curious minds than with a map of the world? Today, the best world maps for kids are available in an amazing range of formats, all to the interest of your little one.

Having fun with it does not make it any of a lesser educational world map. A kid friendly world map would be one good method of instilling the love of learning into your child alongside act as an excellent wall poster as well. Be it a Christmas gift or one for the birthday, you child will always find it useful and exciting.

Having a world map in your child’s room will always leave him/her wondering about the co-relation of one place to another. The best world maps for kids today are not the old-schooled globes, but something that will surely spark the curiosity of your child. In the passage below, find the best world map for your kid and also the buying guide you should make sure to consult before making a decision for yourself!

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Best World Maps for Kids in 2022

World MapDimensions (Inches)MaterialWeight (Pounds)Batteries Required
OREGON Scientific Smart Guide16.2 x 13.2 x 13Plastic3.693 AA
Little Experimenter Illuminated Globe10.2 x 8.07 x 7.99Plastic1.194 AA
Best Learning Talking World Map36.02 x 0.98 x 26.97Vinyl0.97Lithium Metal Batteries
Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe6 x 5 x 5Injection – molded plastic0.45
Doodle World Map Pillowcase7.09 x 1.02 x 9.02Cotton Fabric0.5None
World Dry Erase Map Decal24.5 x 2.5 x 2.5Vinyl0.22None
Educational Insights Foam Puzzle Map3.5 x 13 x 13Foam1.1None
Inflatable Earthball10.6 x 7.8 x 0.8Vinyl0.4Button-Cell Batteries

Our Picks

Best OverallLittle Experimenter Illuminated Globe
Best in Budget Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe
Best for all Ages Best Learning Talking World Map

1. OREGON Scientific Smart Guide

 OREGON Scientific Smart Guide - best world map for kids
  • Recommended Age : 5 and above

The Oregon Scientific Smart Guide brings about an experience that is absolutely out of the world. It allows the children to explore a wide range of topics, populations, currencies, languages and even national anthems. This is the most exactly why it is one of the best world maps for kids. The spinning sphere has over 2000 fun facts packed inside it which further adds to the fun.

The audio of the globe is clear enough and does not require anything to enhance it. All the information regarding the countries, their capitals and their geographies is included in it. They can also try learning more about their home country. Children over the age of 5, can navigate it on their own.

A hardwired pen that tags along allows children to select their specific areas and toy around. There are 19 interactive games planted inside which adds to its attraction. The globe all together sits on a triangular base with three interactive touchpad panels tagging along.

It even comes with an augmented reality app that displays even more information and adds fun overlays. Watch it in action below:

Fun to use, providing attractive play to the childrenAccording to some customers, the Smart Pen feature is reported to stop functioning at times
Provides comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics that increases learning on part of the child
Has built in challenges that add to the learning experience
Has a separate function for delivering news of various regions across the globe

2. Little Experimenter Illuminated Globe

Little Experimenter Illuminated Globe
  • Recommended Age : 5 and above

This is one safe and utterly fascinating toy for your children. They can spin, analyze and make their way on the surface themselves by touching it on various points. Alongside being a light-up globe, it also is one excellent hands-on visual aid. All the details including continents, countries, capitals and other features are clearly marked, making it easier for the kids.

The LED light is battery powered that gives off a warm glow. Talking of the batteries, they can provide around 300 hours of use. The weight balanced base prevents it from tripping over and with all that it has to offer, it undoubtedly is one amazing cordless, educational tool.

The color changing moons and stars provide an attractive play time for the child, keeping them hooked for longer hours The projector is reported to not work properly at times
Provides three different modes to play all together
Tags along a built-in light sensor making it one of the best visual aids as well

3. Best Learning Talking World Map

Best Learning Talking World Map
  • Recommended Age : 36 months to 12 years

This colorful map includes charts of flags from around the world. Having won multiple awards, it has made its place in the best world maps for kids. By the details that it provides, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your child gets to know the essential facts.

Providing self-guidance, it is engraved with loads of relevant and up to date facts. These include the languages, statistics, landmarks and what not.

Being 3 feet in length, you need to make sure to secure a good amount of space for its placing.  It is better if the area is flat and a comparatively harder surface, to enhance your user experience. There are also a set of quizzes included, adding to the training of your child.

Pros Cons
Provides a good learning experience for the kids, thanks to all the facts and figures it has in store to offer Bound to take a whole lot of space wherever you intend to put it
Is self-explanatory and does not need much of adult supervision to help the child understand

4. Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe

Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe
  • Recommended Age : 5 and above

The tiny navigation tool on this particular globe is the best suited for little hands to operate it the way they like. Despite being on a scale of 1:128 million, it does not make it any difficult to be operated and yet provides all the information you desire. Just in case you are uncomfortable, keeping a magnifying glass nearby would be of use.

The 4 inch sphere has over 600 geographic locations on point which is way too much for the price it offers. Coming in vibrant colors and bold prints, it is appealing to the children on the very first glance. Despite this, it still is capable of being put in a formal setting due to the variety of information that it has in hand.

Pros Cons
Offers a whole lot of locations on to itself, all in one placeThe magnifying glass would be a little difficult for younger kids to make use of, due to safety reasons owing to the glass
Tags along stuff way more than the price it comes for

5. Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Doodle World Map Pillowcase
  • Recommended Age : 7 and above

Unlike that of paper, all the activities on this Doodle World Map pillowcase can be wiped off. A warm wash brings it back to what it was like at the very start and so you do not need to worry about this when deciding to go for it.

To make learning all the more interactive, we included this pillowcase in our list. The reason behind this is solely the fact that children learn more when made to interact.

The kids will using this in a coloring book style, making it one of the best bed-time activity. It tags along 10 fabric markers and a white cotton pillowcase with an illustrated world map outline onto it. The greater the children make use of it, the lesser trouble they will be having in remembering their geographical facts.

The reason why it is on to the list of the best world maps for kids is also because it provides a series of fun facts, landmarks and animals to add to the enjoyment of the children. Highlighting animals from around the world, there are dozens of adorable creatures available for kids to pour color into.

Pros Cons
Activities on to it can be wiped off easily, making reusing possible Can only be made use of when on the bed as the pillow can not be carried everywhere
Offers an interactive and productive bed time activity, all the more adding to the child’s learning before he/she sleeps
Not only does it offer coloring but also a good learning experience for the facts

6. World Dry Erase Map Decal

World Dry Erase Map Decal
  • Recommended Age : 7 and above

The point worth a note here is that wall décors as such are incredibly eye-catchy which is where it gains all the points. Including countries, cities and major waterways in black and blue, it is one detailed look into the world right from where you are seated. The peel-and-stick World Dry Erase Map works great with comparatively older children, in their rooms and classrooms.

This is not all. You can time and again remove and relocate the map without causing any significant damage to your walls. It also tags along a dry erase marker for doodling. The dry-erase friendly surface can be marked and later erased as per your convenience. Detailed markings make it further easier for your little one. Undoubtedly it offers a pleasing learning experience.  

Pros Cons
Eye-catchy on the outlook, attracting the little ones towards itDue to being peel-and-stick, it will be comparatively difficult for younger children to understand how it functions
Owing to the eraser, it can be reused time and again

7. Educational Insights Foam Puzzle Map

Educational Insights Foam Puzzle Map
  • Recommended Age : 3 and above

Being a quite large puzzle in size, it promotes floor activity to the utmost. This is one great past time for the weekends or else rainy days. The 54-piece foam puzzle map that it is, offers a thrilling activity for your children.

Although being small pieces, they are super soft and safe for the kids to use. Also, if you are worried of the dirt, they can easily be rinsed with a little amount of soap and water before being all set to go yet again.

This is one excellent exercise of enhancing motor skills as well as improving the hand-eye co-ordination of your child. Managing to grab the attention of the child and keeping him/her hooked, there might not be anything else that you may be in search of!

Pros Cons
Hand-to-eye co-ordination of the child is highly improved due to this skill enhancing puzzle, strengthening the mind of the little ones Takes up a whole lot of space and so can only be made use of on a larger spot of ground

8. Inflatable Earthball

Inflatable Earthball
  • Recommended Age : 12 months and above

Plastered with fluffy white clouds, this world map provides the best user experience letting the imagination of your child run wild. The atmospheric elements provided, display excellent sessions about the weather, spiking up the interest of your little one. When you turn the lights off, it offers an amazing constellation that is made up of glow in-the-dark cities all over.

While it fulfills all the visually appealing demands of your child, it also tags along a huge educational guidebook, just in case you feel like lengthening the sessions with your child.

Being a completely accurate depiction of our planet, it is an inflatable ball featuring NASA’s satellite imagery of the earth. Sounding super fictional, for the record it has labels like the country borders and latitude/longitude detailing, all for your ease.

Pros Cons
A great mind running exercise providing in depth knowledge of all the elements provided The age group suggested does not align with the features supported
The lights featured offer amazing constellations that keep the children hooked

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Buying Guide : Factors to Consider for the Best World Map for Kids

A number of factors need to be kept in mind when choosing a kids world map. In today’s world, most of us have replaced our atlases and world maps with smartphone systems. This is why we tend to take maps for granted. Here is a list of a few considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for your child:

Level of Interaction

A two-dimension map provides children with a look at the Earth. Whereas the three dimensional globe provides gives them the opportunity to look at the bigger picture. Children are most likely to be fond of interactive learning tools. This is why you need to make sure that any academic concepts you’re trying to teach them, better be attractive and attention grabbing.

With every element of the map being an important part of your child’s education, the point becomes unattainable without physical elevation. Make sure that the greater the level of interaction the map provides, the better it is for your little one.

Recommended Age

The best world map for the pre-school age group is one that is bright and marked with for clear boundaries. This enhances the learning ability of the kids. Children of this age can easily identify lines, symbols and letters. Those between the ages of 7 to 9, can benefit from a basic map as they have by then, some basic knowledge developed.

The older age children should be provided with more in detailed representations of the earth, offering all that they would wish to learn. Capital cities, fun facts, names of countries or statistics in most of the cases, help build the child’s interest and also the ability to focus on it.


One important point to keep to notice is the material in use and its durability. The map or globe you choose to opt for should be able to withstand at least a few years of use. In case you feel like that the material is just that to go on for a few days at your place, make sure you do not go for it.


Children tend to be fonder of large scale or three-dimensional maps depicting the world. The size often decides the amount of detail the map has to offer. Make sure to not to go for extra small and difficult to read labels as crowded spaces may cause frustration for the little ones.


Maps of the world are not only great educational tools but also ones to spike the inner curiosity, adventure and instincts of your child. It is hence instilled into the children that they are part of the wider world, since the very start.

When choosing the best world map for kids, make sure you know well of your child’s abilities and requirements, so that he/she gets the most out of it.

Whatever it is that your budget makes way for, it will at the end of the day be of great benefit for your little one. Treat the explorer to a world map today, and see him/her reaching unknown heights tomorrow!

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