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15 Best Toddler Dollhouse in 2022: Our Top Picks [Buying Guide]

Does your child love seeing the art of life through play? Do you want to instill in them a variety of social-emotional skills, all though pretend play? Here we have listed for you the 15 best toddler dollhouses.

It is their way of coping up with the growing changes in and around themselves. Dollhouses are magic. You can have your child to pretend being a parent, a princess, pretty much everything. To add to your child’s vision the point of danger or else a perfect family setting, there is no better way than this one.

Whatever your little one likes to be, there is always a dollhouse available to set perfect on his or her imagination. Not only is this a joy to play with, but also giving your child an insight into the world of imagination and role playing.

Some toddler dollhouses however, have small parts which can be a hazard. The rest of the many don’t have vibrant enough colors to attract the children. All of this can be settled if you get yourself do the basic required research, so as to avoid trouble later on.

Many of the dollhouses tag along furniture that means they are ready to use on arrival.

Your child’s imagination will completely be swept away the moment he/she steps foot into the world of imaginative play. The game is constantly changing with dollhouses and companies are producing those that are comparatively affordable now.

Best Toddler Dollhouse Review

Dollhouse Dimensions (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Material
Hape Wooden DollHouse7.8 x 2.34 x 10.18.2Wood
Kidcraft Charlotte DollHouse32.5 x 11.8 x 4929Wood, MDF, Plastic, Plexiglass.
Kidkraft Girl’s Uptown DollHouse49.25 x 25.25 x 46.2550.4Wood, Plastic
Barbie DreamHouse15.51 x 40 x 45.984.0Plastic
Melissa & Doug Wooden Furniture20 x 24 x 2125.8Wood
Kidkraft Majestic Mansion DollHouse52 x 14 x 53.556Wood
Melissa & Doug Victorian DollHouse28 x 18 x 26.530Wood
Kidkraft every day Heroes PlaySet38.2 x 14.9 x 25.8 22.1Composite Wood
Lego Disney’s Dream Castle13.94 x 14.88 x 2.782.51Plastic
Barbie Pink Passport Townhouse7.09 x 16.14 x 29.3310.44Soft Rubber
Kidkraft Cinderella DollHouse38 x 58.75 x 15.2532.0Solid Wood MDF plexiglass and Plastic
Playmobil Deluxe Dollhouse23.62 x 21.65 x 10.637.05Plastic
Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset9 x 3.3 x 13.80.22Plastic, Rubber
Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home6 x 28 x 15.982.2Plastic and plexiglass
Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset15.6 x 7.5 x 22.515.8Plastic, Rubber

Best Overall – Hape Wooden DollHouse

‘I was debating for literally months on whether I should get this for my five year old daughter or not. Finally I decided that I would regret if not.’

Most Budget friendly – Kidkraft Charlotte DollHouse

‘I can’t believe I found all the originality I wanted in such a minimal amount.’

Best in Build – Kidkraft Majestic Mansion DollHouse

‘It is absurd when I say it comes up to my chest, but it actually is huge!’

1. Hape Wooden DollHouse

Hape Wooden DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 3-5
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 6

This is one excellent choice for people wanting the purchase to last for generations. Giving children a free hand to reign their imaginations, it contains a bedroom, a media room and a kitchen satisfying all that you need. Made of solid wood, it has been recommended as to being sustainable.

It comes with all the furniture and appliances you might need to set it up. Promising years of imaginative and active play, it is painted with the ‘child safe’ paint, that Hape states is used on all the products.

The completely furnished dollhouse is easily adjustable and can be arranged in any way that pleases you. You can always match furnishings from the other Hape dollhouses and fix them in.

In case you are looking for one high-quality, award winning toddler dollhouse that will be lasting you a good many years, then this one by Hape is for you.

Pros Cons
Made up of solid wood, this one is reported to sustain long hours of playOffers lesser options when it comes to size
As to coming completely furnished, no extra expenditure is required for the accessories
Easy to move and relocate indoors and outdoors as per need
Features a complete house set up, adding to the interactivity and learning of the child

2. Kidcraft Charlotte DollHouse

Kidcraft Charlotte DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 3-8
  • Number of Levels : 4
  • Number of Rooms : 6 rooms and 2 balconies

The Kidcraft Charlotte Dollhouse is modeled after a grand Charlotte home and stands four feet tall. Comprising of 6 rooms and 2 balconies and four levels, it is more than what a perfect home requires.

Being a 50th anniversary edition, it is not only true to the original but also contains all the modern touches required. Despite all this, it is priced lower than the rest of the type. Check it out in action here:

It tags along a 14 piece accessory set that can be set up all according to the heart’s wish. Made of wood, MDF and plastic, the directions for setting up the house are pretty simple. The vibrant colors are what will be attracting the kids towards it.

What we like best is the fact that it accommodates larger dolls and keeps the children engaged for a longer while.

Pros Cons
Made of sturdy wood and plastic materials that ensure durabilityAssembling the dollhouse may take longer than expected
Brightly colored, attracting children and especially girls More suited and attractive for female children owing to the girlish nature
Big enough for many children to play together at a time
All Barbie standard sized dolls fit in well

3. Kidkraft Girl’s Uptown DollHouse

Kidkraft Girl’s Uptown DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 3 and above
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 5 indoor and 2 outdoor spaces

Splashed with Pink, it is a four feel fall dollhouse that includes a rooftop balcony as well. This is a comparatively affordable version of the Barbie brand dollhouses but will make your little one love it all the more. An elevator takes the 12 inch doll upstairs to the rooftop or back down to the pool that contains water for real.

Made of sturdy wood, the necessary instructions and tagged along. A flushing toilet, lights and ceiling fans make it all the homier.

The durability of this one is an example in itself and requires no validation as such. As for the price, it is nothing as compared to other stocks in wood. Not forgetting the accessories, you get 36 pieces of furniture and an elevator along.

Pros Cons
Assembled with a unique combination of plastic and wood, this dollhouse ensures durabilityTime consuming when it comes to setting up the dollhouse
Comes with furniture and all the needed accessories, ensuring hours of play

4. Barbie DreamHouse

  • Recommended Age : 3-7
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 8

Three stories holding 8 rooms, a real elevator and a pool for all the poolside parties that you desire, this is one of the best toddler dollhouses out there. Kitchen play is enhanced by the addition of a frying pan and a kettle. Both manage to produce the sounds of sizzling and whistling, adding to the fun. The toilet too produces a flushing sound.

The elevator is spacious enough to carry eight dolls at a time. In case you are wondering about the accessories then do not because this set tags along more than 70 of them, to stimulate real-life play all the more. Some of the furniture features two in one capabilities like the couch that multiply the fun by two.

Most interestingly the fireplace therein, can be turned around to make an office. No wonder this is one of the best dollhouses for toddlers.

Provides interactive play and also an opportunity for the kids to learn. Unlike many others on the list, this one provides sound effects as well adding to the learningIs likely to create a mess due to the huge number of accessories that tag along
Offers hours of consecutive playIs suited to be more of a girl oriented dollhouse
Despite coming with about 70 accessories, it yet is easy to put together
Stimulates real-life play, encouraging the children to get a step closer to reality

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Furniture

Melissa & Doug Wooden Furniture
  • Recommended Age : 3-6
  • Number of Levels : 2
  • Number of Rooms : 4

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse is the best choice if your little one wants to play house just like the bigger sibling. It was created in gender neutral colors so as to go well for both girls and boys. As for the brand specializing in reliable, sturdy built wooden toys, this one is no exception either. Being a foldable dollhouse, it can be folder after use and carried to wherever need be.

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It features an elevator and a garage that has an opening door, adding to the fascination of your little one. 15 pieces of accessories and three characters tag along while the other accessories are available separately. This toddler dollhouse has handles to carry itself and has two stories including a luxury living room area.

Pros Cons
As to being foldable, it is highly portable and can be carried alongside when on the moveThe door is reported to having malfunctioned after repeated use, by some of the customers
Goes well for both the genders, owing to its gender neutral characteristics

6. Kidkraft Majestic Mansion DollHouse

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 3-7
  • Number of Levels : 3 rooms + 1 attic
  • Number of Rooms : 8

The size of the dollhouse makes it have that name that it has. It stands four and a half feet tall, being taller than the kids playing with it. This means it can easily fit in the standard 12 inch Barbie dolls. The brand is known to make great toys and this toddler dollhouse is a proof to that. Tagging along 34 pieces of furniture in the 8 rooms, it makes sure your child as all of the fun needed.

Not to forget, there is also an elevator linking the second and third floors, and also windows that provide a good view of both the exterior and the interior.

Garage doors are an added bonus. Although the dollhouse shall take time being set up but with all the pieces perfectly labeled, it is lesser of a hassle. All in all this is one children dollhouse that will keep your children hooked on to it for hours!

Pros Cons
Large enough for a greater number of children to play at once, all together Assembling the dollhouse will take hours both before and after play
Has a number of interactive features like the garage doors, that will keep the child hooked
Sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding long hours of play

7. Melissa & Doug Victorian DollHouse

Melissa & Doug Victorian DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 6 and above
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 6

This Melissa & Doug Victorian DollHouse is exactly what an average six year old needs. Having two floors and a stunning architecture with staircases and décor, it is extremely attractive to your little ones in the first look.

The exterior showcases a detailed latticework and a pink outlay. Overall it has romantic details all over, given an exquisite touch. Fit to dolls the standard 12 inch size, it tags along the furniture needed.

Although this toddler dollhouse needs a little assembling before official play, it carries detailed instructions for easy set up. The exterior has a color scheme of white, grey and light pink, showcasing an intricate work of brackets and latticework. The material however is wood.

Pros Cons
Built in a unique and eye-catching manner, the child can not help but stay hooked to itThe dolls are to be ordered separately and do not tag along the dollhouse
As to being made up of wood, this is sturdy dollhouse that does not undergo and falls or damage during playFear of choking for the younger children, and even for those above the age of six if not supervised properly

8. Kidkraft every day Heroes PlaySet

Kidkraft every day Heroes PlaySet
  • Recommended Age : 3-12
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 12

While dollhouses are considered to be a toy for girls only, this is the one for boys. Call it a toddler dollhouse or the Kidkraft everyday Heroes Play Set, but it has all that your child will have dreamt of having. It has three floors and 12 rooms all together to house a helicopter, a fire truck, a police motorcycle and firefighters.

Lots of room and foldable portability is offered in this play set, which means your child can fold it up after use and carry it to a friend’s house to enjoy it yet again.

There are bendable figures and firefighter’s poles along with their dogs. All you need to be vigilant about here is that your child does not choke in any of the materials.

Pros Cons
As to being foldable, this dollhouse is highly portable and can be carried alongside when on the moveAs to the figures being bendable, there is a fear of choking for the younger children
For children interested in adventure and day to day heroes, this is the one for them

9. Lego Disney’s Dream Castle

Lego Disney’s Dream Castle
  • Recommended Age : 6-12
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 6

This toddler dollhouse includes five Lego figures, a baby foal, two mice, a Cinderella and Prince Charming mini dolls. What could be better than having Lego bricks, a Dream castle and all the characters rolled into one box? This makes the imagination of your child run wild.

The first play session includes setting up the castle by one’s own self, from the 585 Lego building blocks that are provided. Then begins the journey of the prince and princess on their royal adventures.

Being a three story dollhouse, it has hiding places just like what a real life castle should have. Also not to forget, there is a balcony, banquet room, and also a horse cart waiting just outside the door.

Pros Cons
Disney characters that tag along are youngster favorites, adding to the popularity and liking towards itOwing to the small parts of the dollhouse like the Lego bricks, there may be a fear of choking in case of younger children

10. Barbie Pink Passport Townhouse

Barbie Pink Passport Townhouse
  • Recommended Age : 3-7
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 4

Designed for a little younger kids, this set has all that will cheer them up. The Barbie Pink Passport Townhouse is one of the most interesting ones of Barbie play. Carrying all the details expected from any Barbie toy, it is one endless parade of cars showing that Barbie never runs out of great places to live and move on.

There is one modern swinging chair in the living room and the wall can be positioned accordingly to allow Barbie to swing in and out. Your little ones will love seeing her move up and down the elevator with the rooftop opening to an umbrella shaded patio.

The first floor has the kitchen and the living area whereas the second one has a bedroom attached with a closet and a bath. All in all, this is one perfect toddler dollhouse.

Pros Cons
Carries all the accessories and details required and expected from a Barbie toyOwing to the small parts of the dollhouse, there may be a fear of choking in case of younger children

11. Kidkraft Cinderella DollHouse

Kidkraft Cinderella DollHouse
  • Recommended Age : 3-8
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 5

Before being a princess, Cinderella did all the household chores like cooking, cleaning and washing. This Kidkraft Cinderella dollhouse is what brings that story into life and offers all that Cinderella once did. There are five rooms in total, providing a perfect depiction of the fairytale.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the toddler dollhouse also tags along a glass slipper and its pillow. This creates to its best the dramatic show that Cinderella held. It is the perfect play time for children teaching them that even a princess sometimes has chores to do.

Pros Cons
Based entirely upon a fairytale story, it is one attractive dollhouse providing the perfect depiction of itThe glass slipper and other little equipment tends to instill a fear of choking for the younger kids so constant adult supervision is needed

12. Playmobil Deluxe Dollhouse

Playmobil Deluxe Dollhouse
  • Recommended Age : 4-10
  • Number of Levels : 3
  • Number of Rooms : 6

This toddler dollhouse is nicely decorated and has a functional doorbell which produces the sound effect whenever pressed on. Using the instructions provided alongside, it can be set up in a mere time span of less than an hour. Suitable for a greater range of children, it includes two small figures, a mailbox and window boxes.

The doll figures that tag along, are bendable which adds to the fun. You may choose to get add-on rooms that are sold separately. Not to forget, the windows also open and close according to the will of your child.

Pros Cons
Easy to put together both before and after playDoes not include the accessories and furniture needs to be stocked separately
It can be expanded and then collected together according to your requirements of spaceDanger of choking persists for younger children

13. Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset

Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset
  • Recommended Age : 4-10
  • Number of Levels : 2
  • Number of Rooms : 6

This is one toddler dollhouse fit for royalty, coming exactly up to the needs of your children. Peppa Pig playsets and figurines are the typical favorites of children in the age group they are offered for. This grand castle includes two floors and six rooms all in all that you can explore and decorate all to your will. Adding to your easy, the setup of the castle is pretty easy as well.

The accessories that tag along are Princess Peppa, Princess Suzy, a treasure chest, a princess bed, a full size mirror, a royal throne, a dining table, and lastly 3 dining chairs. Kids can easily store all their accessories inside for easy use. This surely is one of the best toddler dollhouses for Peppa Pig fans with a doorbell adding to the fun!

Pros Cons
For the younger age group, it provides the perfect amount of exploration and play all together The doorbell is reported to not to ring at times, by some of the customers

14. Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home
  • Recommended Age : 2-5
  • Number of Levels : 2
  • Number of Rooms : 5

This one toddler dollhouse offers loads of play and cute accessories, best suited for the ages between two and five. As the brand is known for producing durable toys, this one is no exception either. Tagging along a variety of options including sounds, songs and phrases, everything is focused on helping friends and family.

Offering 360 degree of interactive play, it tags along accessories that include Emma, Jack a dog bow and 2 bar stools. All of these figurines are easy to handle and play about with, providing an environment that allows kids to make their imaginations run wild. This encourages children to do tasks like making the bed, feeding the dog and many more.

Pros Cons
The songs are super engaging for the younger lot and keep them hooked for longer hours Although being made of plastic, the stools reported to turn out flimsy sometimes

15. Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset

Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset
  • Recommended Age : 4-8
  • Number of Levels : 4
  • Number of Rooms : 6 + 1 rooftop

Featuring four levels and seven rooms, this is the one of the best toddler dollhouses that kids absolutely adore. Running on batteries, the sound effects that are produced, are worth the money. It tags along 13 accessories that also include three figures – Peppa Pig, Zoe Zebra and George.

Having a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and three additional rooms, this is the perfect family space needed.

Not only is it durable but also bright colored with movable accessories adding to the easy of the little ones. Being the perfect toddler size, it yet is light weight enough to be carried to a friend’s house after use. All you need to keep in mind is that the house does not close up.

Pros Cons
Offers a number of interactive features that keep your child hooked to it The sound on/off buttons are on the back that are at times difficult for younger children to navigate

Buying Guide : Factors to Consider for the Best Toddler Dollhouse

There are often a few basic features that may go unnoticed at the time of purchase but cause hindrances later on. Here is what you might want to consider for your toddler dollhouse. And also don’t forget, you can always get a matching tea set for a tea party along with the dollhouse.

Number of Levels

Including living rooms, rooftops, gardens and much more, dollhouses often come with having between two to four levels. Most of the times, greater the number of levels, the more building from directions they require.

It is more common to see dollhouses fit the standard 12-inch Barbie size. In case they do not, there is always a description tagging along the necessary instructions. Make sure you get the dollhouse that boosts your child’s level of enjoyment.

Recommended Age

The love for dollhouses knows no age. One may be a toddler, learning to hold a doll and make it walk through the space. Or else one who is fond of crafting furniture, just to sale it at higher prices.

Between the two categories, there are those who enjoy building and playing with the dollhouses. Whoever you intend to gift the dollhouse to, will have separate requirements and you need to think accordingly.

Be it a toddler, a twelve year old, or even beyond that, the features of each dollhouse need to be considered so as to match the level of enjoyment of the recipient.


The physical size of each toddler dollhouse comes listed along in the packaging. But it yet is suggested to consider and compare the size of your child and the dimensions of the dollhouse in hand.

This is because some of the dollhouses are larger than the size of the children they are intended to be brought for. While the others are just for dolls to be put inside the dollhouse. Therefore, getting to know the accurate dimensions and whether they match the size of your child is a must do.


A few of the dollhouses for children require batteries to operate. These are majorly used so as to produce sounds from the accessories placed inside. It includes those of the washrooms or chimneys. In case the dollhouse needs any of them, they will be listed with sizes and numbers onto the packaging.

However, make sure the batteries are long living and do not need to be replaced every other day. Also, they should be children friendly, with no chances of any harm being caused to the little ones.

Number of Rooms

The standard height and width of dollhouses are 12 inches in majority of the cases. While the height and width are larger, the depth is comparatively shallow.

This is to allow the child to set his/her dollhouse with the wall when not under use or play. Not to forget, it also makes the moving of a folding dollhouse easier.


Some of the toddler dollhouses are greater than 50 pounds. In case you are paying shipping costs, the weight is one important thing to consider. The toddler dollhouse should be light enough to be carried from one room to another with ease.

This is to maximize the comfort of your little one and make it a portable activity for him/her. Being able to play with it but not move it around, can end up being a little of a frustrating activity for the child.


Majority of the dollhouses are made from the 9mm thick MDF board or else Plywood. They are considered durable and lasting longer than the other materials in general.

But what makes them more popular is the fact that they are cheaper, making one save costs. Make sure that the material your desirable dollhouse is in, is durable and not that which you need to replace again and again.

Assembled Dollhouse

There is always an option of buying an assembled dollhouse or else making one yourself. This depends on the idea, size, material and price range you have in mind. You may choose to purchase the necessary dollhouse kits and follow the instructions to get yourself going for good.

The kits are generally cheaper in comparison and enable you to build the dollhouse all according to your taste. The choice of paints, wallpapers and other furniture kits can be interesting and well-engaging provided the fact that you get to do it all according to the taste of the recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1:6 or 1:12 scale dollhouse?

The standard size for most of the dollhouses is 1:6 that fits all the 12-inch dolls within itself. However the standard size for the adult collectors is 1:12. In this, every inch stands for one foot.

What are the upper and lower age ranges for dollhouses?

Dollhouses are purely magic and do not often talk about ages. The amount of imaginary play that they seem to offer, attract people of all age groups. A toddler may be seen making a doll walk whereas an old man be intrigued about the style and design of the furniture inside. In short, there is no age restriction or range when it comes to dollhouses.

How can one decorate their dollhouse?

There are a number of ways to do so, depending on the amount of time and energy you are willing to invest. You can choose to create your own furnishings as well as get the interior design hand crafted. Rooms can be decorated as per their usage and the details put in as per your mood and choice!


A toddler dollhouse is one that will be exciting your child to the utmost and all the while keeping him/her hooked. This will gain you ample time to carry on with your chores. All you need to keep in mind is the safety of your child as to being the utmost priority.

Keep small parts away from the children and try setting up the dollhouses on your own so as to avoid any inconveniences.

The brand name is not of much importance but the interest and level of enjoyment that it offers your child, is. Here is all that you might need to look out for the best toddler dollhouse to actually getting one of the suggested. Happy shopping!

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