8 Best RC Cars and Trucks under $100 for Kids in 2022

Does your child equally love remote controlled cars as you do? Are you looking for one that meets all the requirements you have in mind? Here we have listed the best RC cars under $100 for you to pick out from.

RC Cars have become a popular toy amongst both young kids and adults. Also known as remote-controlled trucks, it is not long before one gets hooked to them for real. Mostly being one foot long, they make for good racing material.

In case you’re looking for the best RC Cars out there under $100, you’ve landed at the perfect place. With a lot many varieties under the title itself, there still are a few that will come exactly up to your expectations. You may then select one according to your budget and needs.

So of all, what is the best RC car under $100? Our pick is the HOSIM SPIRIT 1/10. It is biggest and speediest RC car that you will get under $100 and will not once fail to meet your expectations! Running on two motors for a good half an hour, what else do you have in mind?

Best Remote Control Cars under $100

Remote Control Car Name Maximum Speed (km/h)Frequency (GHz)Running Time (Minutes)Dimensions (Inches)MaterialWeight (Pounds)
1:14 HOSIM RC Cars Monster Truck362.4163.94 x 11.02 x 2.36PVC, Rubber3.52
HOSIM SPIRIT 1/10462.43013.6 x 12 x 6.5Metal5.74
DEERC DE36W202.43012.4 x 7.6 x 5.3Polypropylene3.52
HAIBOXING 12815 1/12382.41015.55 x 9.96 x 6.1Plastic, Electrical Components4.61
1:16 SPESXFUN High Speed RC Car252.43011.4 x 7.1 x 5.1Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Plastic, metal2.49
1:12 Double E RC Car Monster Truck202.43013.1 x 8.5 x 7.3 Polypropylene3.22
BEZGAR truck402.42514.65 x 7.17 x 11.89Metal, Steel, PVC, Rubber7.06
1:22 JEYPOD RC High Speed Racing Car202.4308.2 x 5.1 x 2.7Plastic 1.00

Biggest RC car under $100HOSIM Spirit 1/10

‘This thing did awesome man, this is like a little mini Emax, like a super budget Emax with lots of power!’

Best Speedy RC car under $100HOSIM Spirit 1/10

‘Good brakes, steers really well, amazing on the run.’

Top range RC car under $100BEZGAR Truck

‘For the money, you get a lot in here!’

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Best Remote Control Cars under $100 in 2022

Buying RC Cars for your children means allowing them the utmost freedom to operate with it themselves and have most of the fun they can. To make your job finding the perfect RC equipment easier, here is a review of a few of the top RC cars that we have selected.

1. 1:14 HOSIM RC Cars Monster Truck

1:14 HOSIM RC Cars Monster Truck
  • Brand : Hosim
  • Speed : 36 km/h
  • Control Range : 80m
  • Battery Life : 2.5 hours

This RC monster truck has a high capacity battery, functioning at 1500mAh. Designed creatively for the sole purpose of racing, it is made up to Lithium. The rubber tires are made up to high quality PVC material and features elasticity in themselves. To say the least, this monster truck is super-fast, all to your benefit. It has an all-terrain capability that provides better protection of the components of the truck.

The four wheels all together bring about a strong motor that produces an anti-collision structure, making it possible to run on almost any sort of road. This reduces time wastage and hence creates more fun. It can run up to 36km/h, all thanks to its oversized wheels.

The metal-sealed ball bearings are stretchable and prone to shocks, making the car capable of functioning in all sort of environments with full protection available. While it is running at the maximum speed, this RC monster truck is the perfect choice for kids and adults who can run up to between 10 to 15 minutes.

Pros Cons
Supported by an anti-collision structure that ensures race on any surface possible Is better suited for racing and not for normal play
A durable product as to being shock proof in nature
Despite being quite heavy, the speed it provides is unbelievable!


HOSIM SPIRIT 1/10 (RC cars under $100)
  • Brand : Hosim
  • Speed : 46 km/h
  • Control Range : 260ft
  • Battery Life : 30 minutes

HOSIM’s Spirit 1/10 model is one that brings about a number of improvements as compared to the rest of the models in the series. This is undoubtedly one of the top tier RC trucks that you can get your hands on. When talking of performance, it has no counterpart. A 45km/h top speed paired with a maximum distance covered of 260ft/80m, surely makes it the best of the best.

A 10-15 minute run time is ensured and as much as this sounds as short, it actually is pretty decent for the fact that there are two RC390 brushed motors on the toy. This means that your four wheel drive will be a life saver. Not to forget, HOSIM Spirit is the biggest RC Car under $100 that you can ever come across.

It sometimes goes to be around $110 if spare parts are also added. But under sales, it is always under $100 or even lower. To add once again, there aren’t many similar models that come for the same price and same raw power as this one.

Pros Cons
Can be run both on-road an off-road surfaces The metal quality of the car was said to be a question mark on part of some of the customers
Has the best speed to distance combination that is unbeatable
Super fast owing to two brushed motors


  • Brand : DEERC
  • Speed : 15 – 20 km/h
  • Control Range : 165ft
  • Battery life : 25 – 30 minutes

DEERC DE36W sets itself apart with a camera on the top. The 720p sensor is equipped with a video transmitter than works over Wi-Fi. Connecting to your phone, it allows you to see your live action through a drone from up to 30 meters above.

Available for as low as $70, sale often brings it down to $65. This means you can have a good race in a fairly suitable price because the performance is way ahead of the cost itself.

This is a 1/16 model that has an amazing motor to make it function. Driving to up to 15-20km/h, this isn’t even half of the price you’re paying for. It can survive about up to half an hour on a single full charge and the battery provided is a 6V 800mAh Ni-MH piece. The charger thankfully, is also included.

The 2.4GHz transmitter can ensure you a good 165 feet/50 meters of coverage. This amazing control range makes it one of the a good pick for RC cars under $100, all the while being extremely affordable too.

Pros Cons
Can be connected to Wi-Fi, making it stand out from the restCompromises a little over speed
Offers way too much than what the price it comes in

4. HAIBOXING 12815 1/12

HAIBOXING 12815 1/12 (RC cars under $100)
  • Brand : Haiboxing
  • Speed : 38 km/h
  • Control Range : 80 – 100m
  • Battery Life : 20 minutes

This all-terrain RC truck can stand almost any ground, making you feel the best at all times. Running on the well-known RC390 brushed motor, its enduring capacity is strong. Just in case you somehow manage to burn it, Amazon brings you amazing deals to get on replacements with an easy repair process.  This model brings along the best of characteristics, easily marking its name in one of the best options for RC cars under $100.

As of speed, you can go up to 38km/h. Running on 18650 batteries, it can be upgraded to similar mAh but then produces a higher discharge of Li-ions all the while providing amazing improvements in the running time as well. The body of the vehicle is strong enough to withstand the beating and manage in all sorts of environments. It is expected to run through rainy days but in case of muddy waters, you might face a little of trouble.

Being a 1/12 RC car, it features 4 wheel drive with a plenty of ground clearance. The packaging says proudly its name as ‘Protector’ whereas 12815 is its part number. Even if nothing else, this is one aggressive RC car.

Pros Cons
Can manage to run over smaller rocks easily without causing much of a trouble Happens to get dirtier a little too fast if run in a comparatively dustier environment
Can run over sidewalks as well if angled correctly according to the situations
The strong muscular built is capable of surviving dents and almost all sorts of environments

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5. 1:16 SPESXFUN 2022 High Speed RC Car

1:16 SPESXFUN 2020 High Speed RC Car
  • Brand : SPESXFUN
  • Speed : 12 – 25 km/h
  • Control Range : 40 – 50m
  • Battery Life : 20 – 30 minutes

The SPESXFUN 2022 is a monster truck with the best part being its monster tires and commendable exterior design. The 4 wheel drive comes with four huge anti-slip tires providing the best of driving stability.

The skeleton of the vehicle is made of a drive train, driving system, steering and brake system which ensures good adhesion of tires on the road, improving the braking force of the truck.

Being a 1/16 scale design, it has advanced premium materials making it one of the best shock absorbers. The framework supports the vehicle in producing the best of performance as well as providing engine power to make the car move swiftly. On buying, the RC truck comes fully assembled, it is ready to run right out of the box.

The radio control system is at 2.4GHz, adding to your benefit when on the run. The set includes two 6V 700mAh batteries and also a Ni-MH charger. As for as the transmitter is concerned, it will be requiring 2 AA batteries.

Pros Cons
Requires zero assembly and is ready to run upon arrivalSome customers reported to having it replaced due to faulty wheels
All the batteries needed come alongside the product

6. 1:12 Double E RC Car Monster Truck

1:12 Double E RC Car Monster Truck
  • Brand : DOUBLE E
  • Speed : 20 km/h
  • Control Range : 100ft
  • Battery Life : 20 – 30 minutes

The price of this RC truck is $49 which is almost equal to nothing when looking at what it is tagging along. This four wheel drive is a 1:12 monster truck that can climb pretty much everything. Although not that fast when it comes to speed, but its climbing abilities are worth the praise.

The four tires can go at the same speed together and pass through any mountainous terrain without much difficulty.

Geared with front gear dual motors, stability is helped this way. Having a radio control system, it allows unfamiliar RC vehicles to run by at the same time. A USB charging cable tags along that makes it convenient for you to charge it via mobile phones, laptop or power bank. The truck’s anti-collision ability makes it all the more stable and flexible as well.

The Double E RC rechargeable monster truck has cool front lights that are a cool attraction for kids. Even if you are an adult, as much as this RC truck has to offer, you will in no time want to get to it!

Pros Cons
Being shock proof, it can run on almost all sorts of surfaces, in any environment possible Lags in speed and control range
Comfortable steering aiding play
Lights add to the attraction in the case of kids

7. BEZGAR Truck

BEZGAR truck
  • Brand : BEZGAR
  • Speed : 40 km/h
  • Control Range : 80m
  • Battery Life : 25 minutes

Made by BEZGAR, it does not have a marketed name practically because of being very cheap and so goes this way. Driving up to 42km/h, it can help you reach to about 260 feet coverage. The running time is a good twenty minutes on a single charge but upgrading the default battery is highly recommended.

On the outside, it has a pretty amazing layout with a black and yellow theme and bright LEDs up on the front bumpers. The tires are anti-skidding and withhold a strong grip that allows the giant truck to hold well on all types of surfaces. Cherry on top, it also features a muscular framework that is durable.

Not to forget, it also comes with oil-filled shocks that greatly improve the handling of the RC truck. All these reasons make it a bargain to buy.

Not even the best of remote control cars can beat this one when it comes to the control range Batteries for the remote control do not come along and need to be brought separately
Highly durable structure and rough builtThe steering system needs more of an improvement for this one
The muscular frame makes sure it survives all the rough play and movements

8. 1:22 JEYPOD RC High Speed Racing Car

1:22 JEYPOD RC High Speed Racing Car
  • Brand : JEYPOD
  • Speed : 20 km/h
  • Control Range : 50 – 80m
  • Battery Life : 30 minutes

This water-resistant JEYPOD RC truck is ready to use the instant it is taken out of the package. Capable of reaching high-speeds, it is one monster truck in disguise. Even if you are a beginner, this vehicle is the best choice you can make for both adults and kids, as long as they can surely control it. The remote controller is at 2.4GHz with the coverage being between 50 to 80 meters.

It tags along two rechargeable batteries and two others solely dedicated to the transmitters, making it one amazing choice for both adults and children. Each battery can go on for up to 30 minutes on a single charge, with the average speed being 20 kilometers per hour. This is how it manages to give a good race to its competitors.

Being a four wheel drive, this 1:22 RC monster truck is known for its grip, durability and flexibility. All thanks to its high-quality tires, it can run on all kinds of terrain be it ground, sand or grassland. No wonder it is one of the best RC cars under 100 dollars.

Pros Cons
Supports one of the longest battery lives amongst all the remote control cars Plastic in not as durable a material to have a remote control car built of
Attractive and decent on the outlook

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for the Best RC Cars under $100

Buying an RC car and especially when one for your kids, you have to look into minute details beforehand. This is to prevent any troubles after you’re done with the purchase. Amongst the considerations you need to keep in mind, here are a few that may help you make a better decision.

Control Range of RC Cars

This is how far can your truck drive away from the controller, making it all the more challenging. Controlling your vehicle from a certain distance is no fun. A range of 30 meters should be enough to for best effect.

Top Speed of RC Trucks

One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that whether the steering wheel and controls are easy to get along with when at the top speeds. RC trucks are mostly built for providing the best of speeds and so staying conscious in this matter is important. Smooth and fast rides are ensured on race tracks as well.

Terrain the RC Truck is Capable of Running

Before getting your RC truck, you should decide where you will be using it. Smooth grounds, grass, gravel, sand or pavements? Although they can cover all sorts of areas yet at times some truck vehicles are better on ground and others on rocky terrains. Therefore knowing beforehand, will add to your benefit for the future.

Battery Life of RC Trucks

RC trucks come with two options. The Li-Po and Ni-MH. The former batteries are powerful and for those who are experienced enough for driving. The latter are for beginners. Li-Po are more expensive for the fact that they produce more energy whereas other batteries last for a mere 15 minutes if not more.

Two-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Wheel Drive RC Trucks

Two-wheel drives are cheaper and more durable as compared to the rest. But they are not as fast as the four wheel RC vehicles. The latter are faster and more robust, all in all being a greater level of fun to play around with.

What types of RC Cars can you get in less than $100?

As unreal as that sounds, $100 can get you a whole lot of options to choose from. In fact, there are a whole lot of models that cost way below this too. But before that you need to know what exact RC car are you in search of.

Touring Cars

These are Low Gravity Center cars that are best suited for road driving only. If you place them somewhere off the road, you will see how unfit they are for anything off the road. Speed is something they ensure well and are just like their R1 Replicas counterparts.

F1 Replicas

These type of RC cars are not only fast, but extremely fast. Just for the fact that they are very good looking, many people buy them just for showcasing purposes too. Not to forget, they are also easily controllable.

Rock Crawlers

Living up to their name, rock crawlers are made for the rocky terrain. Be it hill rides, old gravel roads or rocky beaches, this is the best option to go for!


Built similarly to the rock crawlers, buggies are a little faster and lighter as compared to them. Having one is extremely fun but with the canopies they come in. These make buggies worth all the money they cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best part of buying RC vehicles is that there is a whole lot of variety to choose from. Alongside being tricky, it also gives you sense of comfort that you have many options to think of. When you’re out looking for one, consider getting to know the answers to these:

How long does an average RC truck vehicle battery last?

A typical RC car battery lasts up to 10-20 minutes but in case you upgrade it to a more expensive one, it can give you up to a maximum of 40 minutes on one single charge.

Are RC trucks good in water?

This is one question that varies from brand to brand. The best of the RC cars usually come along with water-proof equipment but just being on the safer side, make sure you check the manufacturer’s description before making a decision.

Off-road or on-road?

On-road cars will make a good drive on level grounds or pavements. But jumping into the dirt with your RC car can create trouble. The recommended solution here is that you go for an off-road vehicle because it will suit you well both on pavements and in the dirt as well.

Are extra batteries worth the money?

Extra batteries are always a great option to go for. No matter what the vehicle is, a car, truck or even a plane the answer is always the same. Extra batteries makes playtimes longer and are certainly worth every penny spent upon.


In the year 2022, there are tones of options for RC cars there in the market when you go out looking for them. For being under $100, you can probably get your hands on any type of RC car that you can think of. However the quality varies at times but you will be able to get your money’s worth for the best.

For speed it surely is the 1/10 HOSIM Spirit model that should be your go to option especially when it is the best RC car under $100 being put into consideration. All in all, these cars are well in the budget and will only continue to grow in number with the passing day. Happy racing!

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