10 Best Kids Popcorn Maker in 2022: Ultimate Budget Options

A good old popcorn maker for kids will never go out of style. All kids love some popcorn, don’t they? Especially being a snack that isn’t just tasty but also packed with nutritional value, this is something you should definitely have.

You may ask, why get a popcorn maker for kids when just microwaving a pre-packaged kernel packet does the trick too. There is a multitude of reasons for this. This option proves healthier for your children as it will not include the additives that the packaged kernels do.

Plus, they can always prepare a batch when watching TV.

Having a popcorn maker will teach your kids a nice little skill while also keeping them healthy. Cherry on top, it also saves money in the long run. making popcorns using a maker is one of the easiest things to do as the kernel pop themselves. All you have to do is get them in and let the deliciousness unravel before your eyes.

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However, seeing so many options in the market, that too as a parent buying for their child, can be a little intimidating. You want to invest in something that gives the best possible value to your young ones. We got your back! We have a detailed buying guide for the best popcorn maker for kids that will help clarify many things for you following a summary of our picks.

Popcorn Maker for Kids – A Roundup

NameManufacturerProduct DimensionsWeightType of Popcorn MakerCooking TimeQuantity in one batch
1. Mini Stir Popcorn Popper – DCSelect Brands, Inc6.83 x 5.59 x 10.75 inches2.09 pounds5 mins6 cups
2. Stir Popcorn Popper – Disney Pixar CollectionDisney11.9 x 10 x 8.4 inches3.8 pounds 5 mins10 cups
3. Presto Poplite hot air popper
Presto 6.62 x 9.5 x 12.31 inches2 pounds2.5 minutes18 cups
4. Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Machine – West Bend 82505
The Legacy Companies USA11.5 x 11.7 x 7.5 inches3.35 Pounds4 mins24 cups
5. Aluminum Stovetop Popcorn Popper – Cook N Home 02626 – Silver (6 Quart)Cook n Home16.75 x 9.25 x 7.5 inches1.75 PoundsNA24 cups
6. Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper in Silicone – Collapsible Bowl – Different ColorsSalbree 7.72 x 7.64 x 2.13 inches0.5 poundsNA16 cups
7. Pop Pup Countertop Popcorn Machine – Tabletop Popper, Catch Tray, Warming Light & Scoop by Great Northern PopcornGreat Northern Popcorn9.75 x 11 x 18.75 inches10 poundsNANA
8. Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine – Nostalgia OFP-501 (1040 W, 120 V, 12 Cup, Red)Cookware10.5 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches4.3 poundsNA12 cups
9. West Bend Hot Oil Theater Style Popcorn Machine – Nonstick Kettle, comes with a Measuring Tool and Serving Scoop (4-Ounce)West Bend10.27 x 10.87 x 17.72 inches7.5 poundsNA16 cups
10. Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic EPM-250 Tabletop Popcorn MachineMaxi Matic10.75 x 17.5 x 9.5 inches9.2 poundsNA16 cups

Popcorn Maker for Kids – Our Top Picks

Best Child Friendly – Stir Popcorn Popper Disney Pixar Collection

All that kids want is what this product ensures: less effort and more reward. And also cute playfulness!

Best Serving Quantity Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper

Good quantity in lesser cooking time is all you need for snack time!

Best Premium Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic Tabletop Popcorn Popper

Looks straight out of the movies, and functions just as amazingly!

What factors should we evaluate when buying a popcorn maker for kids?

1. Quality

Before spending money on something, it is absolutely essential that you ensure it is of a high quality. You do not want to end up buying a product that breaks over and over again, is flimsy or of low-quality plastic that affects the food inside. Look for food-grade materials used for the product.

2. Price

Comparing the prices of different products can help you give a good idea about your purchase. You need to take a balanced approach here: not go for something so cheap that it compromises the quality, and not go for something so expensive that it’s a total ripoff. Understanding the dynamics of price and quality is very important here.

3. Child-friendliness and Safety

Since the product is mainly going to be under use by children, it is necessary that we ensure it is safe enough for them to use. It should not consist of any parts that can hurt a kid in any way, and a safety switch for emergency cases will be a huge plus point.

Furthermore, the machine should also be attractive for the little ones. For example, a brightly colored machine that makes low popping noises and lets the children see the kernel popping will be every exciting for them to have. Such added features will keep your children gripped and they will enjoy the machine even more.

Best Popcorn Makers – A Detailed Market Review

1. Mini Stir Popcorn Popper – DC

This popper is available in many cartoon designs which can serve as an attractive factor for children. You can also double the lid as a container for the popcorn after popping them which makes the whole thing easy to use and hassle-free.

The package also contains spoons to add in the kernels and oil. Overall, this is a nice option to check out for sure!

Overall, the product design of this is enough to capture the attention of any child. This seems like something children would definitely enjoy!


  • Manufacturer: Select Brands, Inc
  • Product dimensions: 6.83 x 5.59 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
Easy to useCan be flimsy
Good designSlow
Great as a gift
Easy to clean

2. Stir Popcorn Popper – Disney Pixar Collection

This is another popcorn popping machine for kids laced with fun graphics of Disney cartoon characters. The lid it has is also convertible into a serving bowl and here’s the plus point – its even shaped like a dome so it’s easier to utilize both ways.

It is convenient to use, works fast and has motorization that ensures as much kernels are popped as possible. The cooking surface is non-stick and hence easily cleanable even by the children themselves once they are done with the popcorns.

Items like these are always very kid-friendly. Children enjoy using them and sharing them with others as well!


  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 10 x 8.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 Pounds
Easy to useFunny smell in the beginning
Requires little time

3. Presto Poplite hot air popper – White

This is a very simple yet chic looking popcorn popping machine that does not need oil to pop the kernels – hot air does the job for you. The absence of oil makes the food even healthier. It comes with a butter melter that you can also use as a measuring spoon for the kernels.

The popper works fast and can churn out a good quantity of popcorns in a short amount of time.

This machine is simple and easy to use once you get the hang of how to get the best work out of it. It does the work quite easily and is definitely an option worth checking out.


  • Manufacturer: Presto
  • Product dimensions: 6.62 x 9.5 x 12.31 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
Pops almost all the kernelsMelts under extreme heat
Easy to assembleNot very durable
A healthier optionCannot preheat
SimpleNo off switch

4. Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine – West Bend

This popcorn machine comes with many exciting features. It is easy to store, convenient to use and the parts align in a very secure manner. These parts are also structured in a way that makes the machine take up the least space when in storage.

It comes with a butter tray that you can use for the purpose of melting. The motorization of this also makes sure that a lot of kernels are popped each time you use it.

This popcorn machine costs more bucks than some of the other options on the list, however if these are the features you are looking for, it might just be worth it.


  • Manufacturer: The Legacy Companies USA
  • Product dimensions: 11.5 x 11.7 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.35 Pounds
Needs only a little timeA little expensive as compared to other options
Popcorn tastes greatCondensation makes the popper a little soggy
Easy to clean

5. Aluminum Stovetop Popcorn Popper – Cook N Home

This popcorn machine does not need electricity for its functioning but rather the heat of warm golden flames. It is made of metal that makes it a great option for cooking on heat. The lid also has vents to release the steam, so it does not all gather up inside turning the popcorn soggy. As the steam is let out, it helps keep the kernels crisp.

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The fact that the lid has a wooden handle can be extra beneficial for children because it removes the possibility of them burning their hands in excitement of the popcorn.

Some people prefer a stove-top popper over the electric ones, and this will be a good option for them. Its metal construction gives it an edge over other machines of its kind.


  • Manufacturer: Cook n Home
  • Product dimensions: 16.75 x 9.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 Pounds
Heats up fastSome problems with turning the popcorn inside the pot
Steam ventsA little flimsy

6. Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper in Silicone

This popcorn machine comes in a range of various colors and your child is sure to find one that they just instantly connect with. It is easy and convenient to use, and the design is space saving. All you have to do is add a few kernels and pop this in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

It has handles that make it easy to remove from the microwave. Furthermore, the silicon material makes it durable and long-lasting.

This is a good option for people who like their popcorns to be cooked in a microwave.


  • Manufacturer: Salbree
  • Product dimensions: 7.72 x 7.64 x 2.13 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
Easy to use and carryChemical smell when first using
Safe for dishwashers
Easy to store
Good quality

7. Pop Pup Countertop Popcorn Machine

This is a countertop popcorn maker that is perfect for giving your child the feel that they are at a movie theatre or in a carnival. It makes a lot of popcorns per cycle and also keeps them fresh with the help of a warming bulb.

Despite the visibly fancy charm, the machine is still quite easy and simple to use and works amazingly with popcorns. However, it does require a little assembly and has some instructions to be understood so make sure to take the time to get your child familiarized with all that.

A machine like this proves to be very attractive for kids as it gives them the feel of being somewhere else. Children will love this!


  • Manufacturer: Great Northern Popcorn
  • Product Dimensions: 9.75 x 11 x 18.75 inches
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
Easy to setupHeavier than other options
SturdyNot long-lasting

8. Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine

This is another one of those popcorn makers that seem right out of a vintage carnival. The size is convenient for being placed on a countertop. The machine makes a good number of popcorns and uses an airflow technique that ensures that the fewest kernels remain un-popped.

You also do not need oil for popcorns made in this machine, rather hot air is what cooks them.  

As long as you follow the instructions on this product, you will get good results and it will turn the whole popcorn-making experience into a fun episode for your kids.


  • Manufacturer: Cookware
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 Pounds
Pops almost all the kernelsMight not last very long
Good value for money
Great as a gift

9. West Bend Hot Oil Theater Style Popcorn Popper Machine

This popper maker cabinet is designed to give your kids the feel of a theatre popcorn maker in the comfort of their homes. It is uniquely designed in way that you can easily tilt the kettle to serve the popcorn and easily remove it for cleaning as well.

The package comes with measuring spoons and a scoop as well, which makes your job even easier.

Although this machine is a little bit on the costly side, it might just be worth it for you just because of the aesthetic value it provides.


  • Manufacturer: West Bend
  • Product Dimensions: 10.27 x 10.87 x 17.72 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 Pounds
Easy to set up and useHigh-end prices
Popcorn tastes good
Easy to clean

10. Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic

This popcorn machine also resembles the one at carnivals. The best thing about machines like this is that kids can see all the wonder through the big glass windows which uplifts the whole experience for them.

Models like these can be great to keep kids engaged at home especially during times of lockdowns and quarantines.


  • Manufacturer: Maxi Matic
  • Product Dimensions: 10.75 x 17.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.2 Pounds
Popcorn tastes goodPops less amount of popcorn
Easy to useHigh-end prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why make your own popcorn instead of using pre-packaged ones?

Making your own popcorn is a cheaper and healthier option so it’s a win-win situation. It also keeps your children busy in a fun activity. In the long run, it is more economical as kernels are more affordable than pre-packaged kernels for microwaves.

2. How do popcorn makers work?

As mentioned in our buying guide, there are many different types of popcorn makers: stovetop, tabletop, microwave-able. So, the exact process depends on which one you have. Some pop popcorn with the help of hot air itself whereas others require oil.

3. Will a silicone popcorn maker be safe to use?

Silicone is a generally safe material that is non-toxic, heat resistant and naturally BPA-free. Hence, yes, a silicon popcorn maker will be safe to use. It might wear off quickly with time but until then it will be fine.


All in all, using a popcorn maker for kids can be a good activity that helps them learn and have fun at the same time. We hope that this article was able to clear up some of your doubts and help you make a good decision. If you have any other queries, please feel free to reach out. Happy shopping!

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