Best Gifts For 1-Year Old Girl: Top 51 Toys for 1-Year-Old Girls in 2022

Are you wondering to buy gifts for 1 year old girl? Maybe she is tired of her old toys or maybe you are looking for some best birthday presents to make her day special.

Wow! Your baby girl has turned one year old. She isn’t so little anymore; she twinkles and giggles every time she sees you. She is sparkling with energy, loves to be carried, and crawls all around your home. She even tries to walk and just doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to play.

Kids love every gift and toy you give them.

They might forget your name, but they can’t forget what you bought them! Now, buying gifts for a 1-year-old girl might not be that easy as it takes both mental and physical effort. Baby girls are unique, and it takes even more effort to get them the best presents than it takes to buy for baby boys.

Also, being parents or guardians, you worry over which products are safe, most likely to help your child’s development levels, which toy is the best-rated, long-lasting, and most cost-effective option that’s out there.

That is why we are here. No need to worry anymore because we have got you covered. In this article, we have picked and reviewed the 51 best gifts for 1-year old girls, hoping you get your desired product easily.

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Considerations Before Buying Gifts for 1-year Old Girls

If you want to get the toys for a 12-month-old girl, some factors should be considered. These factors would ensure that your money does not go in vain and you buy a gift your lovely little girl would love to play with.


Most toys come with labels that have ages specified. This is because different toys have different demands. Some toys demand a higher level of hand-eye coordination, while some demand more mobility. And children of different ages would satisfy the conditions differently. So, make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines along with the child’s current stage of development.


Another important factor is the size of the toy. As kids have tiny hands and feet, make sure whatever you bought for them fits in their extremities. So always look for the dimensions of the toy and mostly this kind of information is written at the back of the pack.


When you are buying toys for a 12-month-old girl, you need to keep in mind that it is safe and sound. Remove any plastic covering or packaging of the toy that can cause choking. Also, make sure the toy does not have too many removable small parts, so your little girl does not end up swallowing it. Moreover, the toys must be non-hazardous and kid-friendly.

Play Area

The amount of space available for your little girl to play with would also determine the size and kind of toy to buy. Take this into account so that the toy you bought could be used by the girl and it doesn’t become a liability.


Spend some time comparing prices on different outlets so that you get the best toy at the most reasonable price.

Gifts and Toys Buying Guide for 1-year old Baby Girl

It could be quite tricky to choose a unique gift that has everything in it. Especially, when your child turns one, their developmental stages are critical. So, you need to buy them gifts that help them develop their skills. Scroll down to learn some tips which would assist you in buying the best gifts for 1-year old girls.

Cognitive Skills (Thinking and Reasoning)

Are you curious about how cognitive abilities develop in a girl? Your girl may try turning knobs, pushing buttons, and opening drawers and cupboards.

She may repeat behaviors, such as dropping a toy over a ledge so that you can pick it up. Even starts to remember things that happened a few hours or even a day ago. Your child may show this new skill by doing a simple thing, such as stacking blocks. They’re soaking up information like a sponge, so it’s crucial to give them toys that help them learn new things.


With the rise in the use of smartphones and tablets, using imagination is something a child doesn’t do too often.

However, the gifts for one year old girl listed here encourage imagination during playtime. Having an imagination is crucial for a child because it is through imagination that a the mind grows in its creativity and idea formation.

Sensory and motor development

It’s around the time when your little girl starts to learn to roll over, crawl, then pull herself up and finally take her first steps. There are gifts for 1 year old girl on the list below that promote a baby starting to stand and walk.

A girl who is at the stage starts pulling up to a standing position by holding onto furniture or other solid objects. Toys that encourage kids to move and maintain balance are best for developing these skills.

Social and Emotional Development

When children play with their toys, they promote their social competence and regulate their emotions. While playing they can practice their verbal and nonverbal communication, body language, the release of emotions, and self-confidence. Playing along with her friends could help your little girl to share her feelings and point of view which all encourage emotional development.

Communication and Language Skills

As young as 4 months old, a child can start communicating. Sometimes they repeat right away a sound they hear when someone is talking. Many of the gifts for 1 year old girl mentioned below help to improve communication skills.

These toys are wonderful tools to teach them to identify alphabets, learn new words and sounds through music and melodious sounds. Being able to communicate better is crucial for proper social skills. Using toys to teach your child the basics of communication will help them be more confident when they’re around other kids at school,

Educational Head Start

When kids are exposed to learning more about colors, numbers, shapes, and communication skills early on, they’ll be given a head start by the time it comes for them to go to school. Toys can provide them with a base level of knowledge that they can then build upon easier when in school.

Parents have found that teaching their kids by using toys is a fantastic way to help them understand the topics at school more. This results in less frustration because the topics won’t feel like something completely new and difficult for them.


It’s highly recommended to supervise kids at the age of 1 while they are occupied exploring and playing games. While playing, many components in toys could easily come loose accidentally especially when it comes to battery-operated toys.

Make sure that the screw for the battery compartment is tight before you let your kid play with the toy so that the screw doesn’t fall out and cause a breathing problem.

Also, adult supervision would prevent your kids from touching the batteries because if put in the mouth, they can be very toxic.

Top 51 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Old Girls in 2022 – Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Best Gift For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: Various automatic smart stages offer a wonderful learning experience for every child at their respective ages.

It is an electronic chair with three levels of play to grow with your child. You need to slide the switch manually among the three levels of play or enter your girl’s age for automatic level changes. This magical smart chair knows when your baby is sitting on it and adjusts the play level according to your child’s weight.

Music activates when the child sits on the chair. Press the light-up remote to learn, more about numbers, colors, and shapes. Your little one will be able to learn appropriate songs, phrases, and other learning activities within three levels of plays:

Level 1– Explore-12M+ Simple words, phrases, and sounds

Level 2 – Encourage-18+ Prompt baby through simple questions and directions

Level 3 – Pretend-24M+ Imaginative fun and early roleplay

Lift the cushion to see even more surprises. You would see images of keys, coins, and even a lost gingerbread man, which is all part of engaging your kid. Moreover, there is a hidden hole under the seat where you can put small toys or a book. The chair requires three 3AA batteries which are not included. 

Educative in a way that teaches in three levelsComes in only one color which limits your options
Not Expensive, despite considering the multiple levels of play 
Easy to assemble with an easy to follow guide 
Contents of learning are according to the appropriate age 

2. Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: It encourages the development of gross motor, sensory and thinking skills of your child.  

Your little ones will have a ball with this orange Zoom’ n Crawl Monster toy. This toy spins around and spits out five colorful balls. There are two exciting ways for growing children to play with it.

For babies, they can sit and play with the monster by putting the balls into the monster’s mouth, watching the monster spin around the ball in its belly and spill out and pick up the ball to repeat the process. Fun songs and silly phrases excite the little ones even more.

For children who are ready to crawl, they can spin the roller bar on the front or drop the balls into the monster to watch the monster zooming, spinning, and whirling around the room. It encourages the babies to chase after the monster or the balls. This friendly monster has more than 15 entertaining phrases, songs, and sounds to keep your kid crawling.

Also, babies can pull on the monster’s cute soft hair. This includes four C batteries for the in-store try-me features, so it’s recommended that you replace them before you play the best results.

Encourages crawling that causes the strengthening of musclesDoes not change direction when encounters resistance
Bright colors, sounds, and zooming moves stimulate your baby’s sensory abilitiesNeed to activate again after 10-15 seconds
Balls are the perfect size to hold on to for little kids 
Very durable  
Educative with fun rhymes that expand vocabulary 
100% safe to play with 
Sturdy with two volume settings 

3. Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: the baby is introduced to early learning of shapes, colors, manners, and it also helps build her motor and imagination skills.  

The shapes and sharing Picnic Basket from leapfrog is a talking plastic picnic basket that’s the source of fun, learning, and sharing for kids. It consists of 14 play pieces including 6 food items, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 cups, 1 blanket, and 1 basket which perfectly fit into the holes on the plates.

There are multiple ways for your kid to engage with it. Explore food, shapes, and colors on a pretend picnic. Lift the basket lid to hear sweet instrumental music and fun phrases. Press the butterfly button to hear songs and receive snack requests.

The lid recognizes the food by shape and color and says the shape and color of each one as they are sorted. It gives rewarding responses when you drop the correct food in the basket. Hence, this friendly basket teaches good manners as well. It’s a perfect gift for a 1 year old girl

Educative in teaching food names as well as shapes and colorsDoes not speak
Encourage motor and matching skills 
100% safe 

4. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car, Pink

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: It’s a fun tool to boost the creativity, memory, motor, and sensory skills of your child. 

This unique toddler push car is smoothly designed to imitate an automotive and is adapted to multiple terrains. It consists of two cup holders for the child and one for parents, a safety belt to keep your little one secure, and a Honking horn on the steering wheel for riding fun.

Also, it has a spacious storage space on the hood of the car in case your girl needs to transport her little treasures and toys. Moreover, it has an easy fold handle to make transport and storage quick and convenient.

Learn and play toyCup holders may be too small
Sleekly designed 
Easily foldable for easy transportation and storage 

5. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: The little one would remain busy; she could choose the music that entertains her.  

It inspires a lifelong love of music. Finally, the baby has her own MP3 player who can switch between 10 different melodies by just pressing the change button.

These classical masterpieces are from Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Rossini, and more. Dancing lights appearing on the screen fascinate the baby even more. It’s very easy to grasp so the baby will have fun with her music everywhere she goes.

Also, it has volume control for quieter plays. The lights and melodies are powered by 2AA batteries. Most importantly, it helps in the development of a child’s visual and sensory skills.

Has a volume control featureShort songs but enjoyable
Sizeable for the little one 
Promotes visual and sensory skills 

6. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn to Say Please Tea set

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: Encourages problem-solving, counting, sharing, and good manners. Hence, the little ones have both learning and fun.  

Your little one can now have her own tea parties along with her family, or favorite doll, or peers. This baby-friendly Tea Set is full of musical surprises and learning fun.

When you open the teapot lid, some silly sounds play over, and greetings start. It also produces the sound of pouring tea on the cups once the pot is tipped. Press the teabag for more fun phrases like “please” and “thank you”.

This tea set consists of 2 cups, a shape sorting cookie tray, 3 table cookies that are triangular, circle, and square in shape which perfectly fit on their respective sections of the serving plate. Baby learns about numbers, shapes, music, greetings, imagination, and manners. It also builds her social and sharing skills.

Encourages problem-solvingBatteries are not included
Builds the baby’s imagination 
Develops sharing habit 

7. Busy Buggy for 1-year old

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: It is a wonderful product that keeps little one engaged and entertained with all its activities. Also, it promotes fine and gross motor skills.  

There is another way for your little one to be on the go with Radio Flyer and it is not the traditional red wagon. It is a Busy Buggy, a walker, and ride-on that also offers 17 different interactive activities for kids to explore. There are three different modes of learning and fun: Ride, Walk, and Play.

It has a back handle that pulls up to help baby walk, a feature switch on the side that you can flip, and it won’t move while baby climbs all over it. There is a secret compartment under the seat where the little one could hide her things.

Also, it has a plastic piece on the underside of the car that prevents it from tipping when the kid puts her weight on the bar on the back of the car when she uses it as a walker. The extra features like the fun horn, sliding beads, rollers on the walking bar, and the gears on the hood are quite entertaining.

Easy to get on and offNo breaks to stop or slow down the wheels
Very high quality 
Easy to ride 
Already assembled 
Have a lot of activities to keep little one busy   

8. Kids Mini Band Musical Instruments

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: A set of real musical instruments for your little one to have fun and learn with.  

A perfect way for your little girl to explore new sounds, beats, and rhythms. It will enhance her creativity, imagination, intelligence, and dexterity.

Further, it will cultivate a kid’s sensitivity to music and improve their hand-eye coordination. There are many interesting and puzzle games to play with. It is a perfect gift for a 1-year old girl for Christmas or thanksgiving.

High Quality 
100% safe to use 
Enhances creativity 
Builds baby’s imagination 

9. Melissa and Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: It encourages physical activity that facilitates self-regulation, gross motor development, confidence development, and peer interaction  

This multisensory wooden push toy encourages walking and discovery. It consists of cattails on the handle supports, fish on the wheels, and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads.

Also, it has three alligators which will fascinate kids as they take turns chomping with every step. Your little one will find this easy to hold onto while moving around the house. It has non-skid wheels which make it easy for your child to walk at a normal pace on smooth surfaces without leaving any marks on your floor.

It promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills along with hand-eye coordination.

Easy for a  kid to hold ontoAvailable in one color only
Encourages gross and motor skills 

10. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl
Why we like it: It’s a fun ride that doesn’t get old for the kids until they outgrow it.

It is the ultimate grow-with-me-trike that offers 4 ways to ride. It has an adjustable UV protection canopy and a removable full coverage footrest. The high seat bag offers support and the wrap-around safety tray and the three-point harness add extra security for your child.

As your child grows, the wrap-around tray can be removed and the cub holder rotates for added space while riding. You could remove the canopy, seat back harness, and footrest. When your child is ready to pedal the parent push handle is easily removed as they are ready to ride on their own.

The four-in-one trike has Eric-controlled steering and a foam grip handle that can be adjusted to optimal height. It has wide rear wheels for a quiet ride and an adjustable grow with my seat. You can also bring along treasures in the rear storage bin.

Very durable as it is made with high-quality products that hold up with time.A little bit difficult to assemble; carefully read the manual
SturdyTires are made of plastic but don’t inflate
Builds baby’s visual senses 

11. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Activity Centre

Why we like it: The baby is introduced to early learning of music, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, and it also helps build her imagination and creativity.

There are four deliciously fun modes of play: English learn time, Learn Spanish, Music, and Imagination. There are a lot of activities inside and out, front, and back. Open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup, and check to see what’s cooking in the oven-all while enjoying music, sounds, and light-up fun.

It entertains the kid with activities like grasping and sorting food shapes, spinning the roller bar, and flipping the pages of the book. Learning Kitchen promotes the understanding of objects, numbers, colors, and shapes. Your kids can sing along with 20 different musical songs. It has volume control for quite a pay. It requires 3AA batteries, which are included.

EducativeDoes not have any discernable issues.
Learning in both English and Spanish 
Builds baby’s imagination 
Batteries are included 
Volume control available 
Already assembled 

12. Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, Pink

Why we like it: It is learning to walk trainer as well as an educational gadget.    

This learning sit-to-stand walker is suitable for toddlers 9 months to 3 years. Now your little one could start practicing walking with this interactive walker. It has wheels that work on both carpeted and hard floors.

It has an adjustable two-speed control switch on the wheels that allows the walker to grow with your little ones changing speeds. Use the pretend telephone to help develop little one’s imagination.

Press 5 piano keys and listen to music that encourages the creativity of your kid. With 70 sing-along songs, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up the little one is guaranteed developing motor skills and learning.

Batteries are includedMusic plays continuously
Good qualityMay fall over if baby leans too much
Has a removable panel 
Easy to assemble 

13. Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-Out Xylophone

Why we like it: It is an excellent way for your child to begin music education and it also develops her motor skills.  

This musical toy is suitable for toddlers 12 months to 3 years. There are various ways to play with it. Explore the different notes and sounds by letting the wooden balls fall on the keys or slide out the xylophone to create your own melodies with the wooden mallet.

The Pound and Tap bench’s sounds and melodies are an ideal beginning of music education for your kid. It helps kids build hand-eye coordination, manipulation, and dexterity.

100% safeNo home to store the hammer
Establish musicality 
Durable with a strong build 

14. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

Why we like it: It has multiple features that not only engage babies but also enhance their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination, problem-solving and social skills.    

The triangular shape of this walker makes it easy and safe for your little one to take her first steps. It features have music piano box that has two modes and four kinds of music, a mini phone rattle that makes a squeaking sound, a small book that flips pages, a mini mirror, and a rotating small pendant that makes a sound to enhance the hearing ability of your kid.

100% safe
Easy to grasp 
Builds on imagination 
Improves parent-child communication 

15. Sensory Balls

Why we like it: These under-inflated colorful balls are easy to grip and squeeze and keep the little one busy for a long time  

Edushape 4″ sensory balls with their bright and colorful design are perfect for developing your baby’s visual senses and recognition skills. It is suitable for ages 6 months and up. The nubby texture of these balls builds on the child’s sensory skills and dexterity.

Your little one can easily grip, squeeze, bounce, and track these balls which guarantees the growth of their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and logic, and reasoning. Kids can explore, discover, visualize, and verbalize with these balls.

100% safe
Easy to grip 
Good quality 
Very entertaining 

16. Personalized wooden name puzzle

Why we like it: Playing with this puzzle encourages the development of fine motor skills, letter recognition, and spelling skills in your child.

Now your child could play and have great fun with this COLORFUL WOODEN NAME PUZZLE. You can teach your child to write and spell every name with these 9 characters. This set with a range of bright colors keeps babies engaged and excited about the activity.

Also, it helps kids in becoming more familiar with colors and works on their differentiation abilities. Further, it would be the perfect decoration piece for your little one’s room.

Good QualityPieces can be prone to chipping easily
Nontoxic paints 
Develops coordination and motor skills 

17. Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch and Chase Police Tower

Why we like it: It’s interactive for your little one with all the fun music, sounds, and learning of the letter “P”. It offers a great way to work on motor skills too.

Your little one will love observing the police car racing around the three-track level playset to capture the getaway car. It features 30 pieces including switch tracks, hidden trap doors, and road barriers that promote motor skills.

Also, there’s a garage that can flip up and down, a satellite that can twist and turn, and a jail door that opens and closes when the car is placed inside the jail. To encourage imaginative play, the police car plays fun sounds, phrases, three sing-along songs, and six melodies.

This set introduces first words with the five SmartPoint locations which will respond with different sounds and phrases. Further, there is an on and off button located on the bottom of the police car and has an automatic shut-off feature.

Encourages imaginative playAssembly is difficult
Builds motor and language skillsSome pieces might not stay snapped in place

18. Smart Shots Sports Center 

Why we like it: Tossing and kicking the ball in this 2-in-1 play builds motor skills.

It features a soccer net and basketball hoop for a fun 2-in-1 play experience. Let your little girl throw the basketball into the hoop and watch as the talking LED scoreboard counts the number of baskets.

Let her kick the soccer ball into the net, and the sports center will respond with fun phrases and sounds. LED screen not only counts baskets but also encourages play with fun animations. Turn the gear to hear melodies and press the shape buttons so that your little one can learn shapes, numbers and hear fun sounds. It requires 3 AA batteries.

Learning and funBatteries not included
Perfect size ballsPlays only in English

19. Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse from Fisher-Price

Why we like it: It encourages early learning of ABC’s numbers, colors, opposites, and manners and it also helps build her imagination. 

The little girl will finally have her own stylish purse like her mom’s. The straps are of the right size to fit a girl’s height and shoulders. She would begin to feel like a lady while holding this pretty girlish purse. This fun toy features to have more than 50 songs, sounds, and phrases.

It helps in learning alphabets, counting, opposites, colors, Spanish words, and more. The purse has a handle and a zipper that activates tunes and songs once opened/closed. Also, all the accessories fit perfectly in the purse and the little girl could keep a few more of her toys to take wherever she goes.

Good QualitySpeaks only English
Sizeable strapsBatteries are not included
Girly color to suit the girls 
Have fun accessories that make the little one feel and act like a lady 

20. Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Lila Cherie Toy Baby Doll

Why we like it: It’s a lightweight doll, thus easy for your little one to carry around. It is also very real, and the baby will have fun playing pretend.

This 17-inch interactive baby doll acts just like a real baby. This pink pajama and a matching headband make her so adorable. This baby doll performs 5 different functions with its accessories: pacifier and feeding bottle. When you press her left hand, she would babble or cry and her cheeks will turn red.

Give her a pacifier or feeding bottle and she will ultimately make sucking sounds. Press on her tummy to make her laugh. She cries when you lay her on her tummy but stops crying on her own in about 20 seconds if you give her a bottle or pacifier.

This doll has a delicate scent of vanilla added to the vinyl for sensory appeal. It is made to be the perfect look, size, and scent and is so realistic for your little girl to cherish. Your baby is going to love this doll that appears so real because she also naps; thanks to her eyes that shut when you lay her down for bedtime. Likewise, you could convince your baby to take naps by just laying their doll down

The doll is so adorableDoesn’t speak
Super durable 
Looks so real 
She’s very pretty 

21. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Why we like it: It introduces babies to the concept of size and stacking at a young age and helps them develop good balance and coordination.  

Let your baby explore and discover this toy by grasping, shaking, sorting, and stacking 5 varied colored different-sized rings. These varied colored and different-sized rings are stacked to the wobbly base of the toy.

Stacking these rings to the wobbly base of the toy from biggest to smallest not only enhances the curiosity of the child but also helps them in understanding the concept of relative size. The topmost ring has a shiny reflective surface and rattling beads. Place the rings far off and in different directions and watch how the little one tries to reach out to them.

Rattles and perfectly sizesOnly the red ring rattles
Super easy to clean 
Good for bath time play 
It’s a visual stimulant for babies. 

22. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Let’s Get Ready Sink

Why we like it: A great way to teach healthy habits to your little one – with lots of good, clean fun thrown in!  

Your little one will have a great time with this fun play sink. Toddlers will hear fun songs and phrases when you will turn the sink knobs, pump the soap bottle, or remove the toothbrush, toothpaste, and comb. An excellent way for your kid to learn about daily routines, familiar objects, colors, letters, or more.

Turn the red and blue sink knobs and the sink bowl will light up. Your little girl will love peeking into the shiny mirror and have much fun getting ready for the day with her pal Puppy in the mirror helping her throughout.

Choose the best level among the three which is best for your kid. Level 1- All the fun phrases will teach kids colors, objects, and daily routines. Level2- Simple questions engage your little one to find the items around the sink. Level3- All the fun songs encourage healthy habits, such as washing hands, learning to squeeze the toothpaste tube, etc.

Encourages healthy habits in your kid
Builds up imagination 

23. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Why we like it: Filled with fun musical features and exciting activities, it encourages the development of motor skills, vocabulary, and more.

This is a very interesting toy that would entertain your child and keep them occupied for hours. It has two ways to play. Flip the book page in the center of the table to switch between Learning mode and Music mode. In learning mode, each musical instrument on the table introduces your little one with colors, alphabets, shapes, numbers, opposites, and more.

While in Music mode, kids get a chance to explore songs, 27 popular tunes such as ”Old MacDonald” and “Itsy Bitsy spider” and real instrument sounds.

Activate different sounds and music by spinning the bead-filled maraca roller, pulling the lever on the guitar, pressing the piano keys, sliding the xylophone mallet up and down, opening and closing the music box door, tapping the shape drums, and sliding the trombone knob. Your kid can also play in Spanish by just sliding the language selector switch from English to Spanish.

Also, it comes with temporary batteries, thus ready to use. Also, it help’s babies strengthen their leg muscles, keep their balance, and teaches them to cruise around the table

Fun musical activities along with learningIt sings in English and Spanish, but the music mode is similar
Has legs that can be attached in case the baby wants to play while standingSome were hoping it was heavier
Easy to put together              
Builds on motor skills 
100% safe for babies 
Brightly colored 

24. Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper

Why we like it: It is an easily movable toy with a lot of fun and learning. It features various colors and songs and playing with balls will keep the little one occupied for a long time.  

Your little one will have great fun popping, dropping, and rolling these 5 colorful balls down the ramp. Push the button and the balls will start popping out and rolling back into the ramp accompanied by lively music and fun sound effect to entertain kids.

Also, simply press down on the funny-faced button, and the ball-flying fun will start. Every time the ball drops, observe how the baby practices their eye-tracking and gross motor skill to get it back. It is an ideal toy to help develop eye-hand coordination, motor skills, cause, and effect concept in babies. It also entertains with 8 upbeat songs. It is suitable for ages 9 months and above.

Durable and affordableBatteries not included
Features a switch for high and low volume 
Brightly colored 
Comes complete with 5 balls 
Helps the baby exercise motor skills and visual senses 

25. Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube by Anatex

Why we like it: A very engaging toy that helps in sharpening the brain and developing problem-solving skills.

This 5-sided Mini Play Cube will keep the little one engaged for hours. It includes features such as alphabets, roller-coaster, counting abacus, fun gears, and a pathfinder. This toy helps in developing visual tracking skills, letter recognition, color recognition, counting, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.

The bright colors will capture your baby’s attention, and the pathfinders will keep their hands busy for a while. There is no need to worry about bending out of the shape of this toy as the wires are very strong and durable. Again, it is perfectly sized so it would occupy just a small space of your toy area.

Easy to cleanIt’s heavy but this is a good thing for your little one because she can easily and safely pull herself up with it
Very durable 
Completely non-toxic and BPA free 
No loose pieces 

26. Playz 5pc Kids Playhouse Jungle Gym with/ Pop Up Tents, Tunnels, and Basketball Pit

Why we like it: It’s an incredible outdoor play toy for any occasion that will occupy the little ones for hours.

This 5-piece adventure tent is an excellent outdoor play toy for little ones. You could use interchangeable pieces to create the most suitable combination. This toy has 5 net mesh holes, a ball pool that can hold 200-1000 balls, a basketball hoop, and a tunnel made of breathable and flexible mesh. Also, it has specially designed ground anchor loops to keep the tent protected on a windy day.

Opens and closes in a secondCan only be used outdoor
Being colorful makes it more attractive for kids 
Has a zipper bag for convenient storage 
Pets can also play in them 

27. Musical Dancing Penguin Toy

Why we like it: A wonderful toy that will help the baby learn cognitive and coordination skills.

This colorful bump and the musical dancing penguin are very engaging for little ones and have a variety of features. Press the button and it will move around telling stories or playing music.

While moving around, if the penguin happens to bump into an obstacle, it will automatically change direction. This features 3 different play modes to keep kids entertained. In story mode, the penguin will tell 4 different fun stories that your child will love, in music mode, it will play different kinds of music while dancing, and in learning mode i.e. It will ask you to follow instructions helping learn about body parts. It is one of the best gifts for one year old girl.

Brightly colored toySmall in size but the perfect size for the little one
Made from safe ABS plastic 
Comes with batteries 

28. Amy&Benton Toy Piano for Baby & Toddler Piano Keyboard Toy

Why we like it: Complete music set to develop kids’ musical talent at an early age.

This keyboard piano is the perfect gift for your little musician. With 24 multifunctions, this toy will help in building a baby’s confidence, boosting brain development, music theory recognition, exercising hand-eye coordination, and enhancing auditory senses.

It has a record and plays buttons that enable the little one to correct and learn their mistakes. It also has a volume adjustable button.

ElegantIt’s small in size
Very entertaining 
It is a 24 multifunctional toy whose tasks vary 

29. Wooden Pull Along with Toy Set of 3- Beautiful Giraffe

Why we like it: Little ones are made familiar with the wild early and learn how to take care of pets.

Your kid will love this set of 3 wonderful wooden pull-along toy that consists of a zebra, elephant, and giraffe. Strolling indoor and outdoor with their new pet would engage them for hours.

They would be happy to have a friend with them all the time around the house. This toy is a great opportunity to teach your little one about colors, body parts, and wild animals. Also, it helps in early walking, hand-eye coordination and develops balance.

DurableIf thrown might hurt the little one
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor 
100% safe to use 

30. Green Toys Dump Truck

Why we like it: A great way of making your child learn about the dumping of garbage, which will help them understand the necessity of clean surroundings.

This dumping truck toy introduces your little one to the hauling sand technique which would help in improving their fine and gross motor skills including the improvement of their pincer grip. This toy will teach your child girl how to do dumping practically through her imaginary skills.

As the tires are threaded, this dumper navigates over uneven terrains with ease. It has a deep and large trunk that allows the dumper to carry a huge cargo and tilt back and forth when loading/unloading. It’s free of BPA, phthalates, or PVC and hence safe for earth and child. Also, it’s quite easy to wash and is great for both indoors and outdoors.

Fun and learningDoesn’t mention
Very portable and durable 
Doesn’t rust 
Have no metal axels 
Easy to wash 

31. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Why we like it: Different stages of learning and interaction enhance creativity and imagination along with the collaboration skills of kids.

This Fun Food Truck includes hours of role-playing and hands-on activities. This two-sided interactive play includes more than 125 songs, phrases, and sounds to introduce the little one to sequencing and sizing, advanced vocabulary, manners, taking turns, and more. This toy serves up learning through three levels of play.

Level 1, learn, Kids will learn songs, fun phrases, and sound effects. In the second level, engage, prompt children, to find different shapes, sizes, numbers, and foods. And the third level, imagine, play fun songs and phrases that encourage pretend play.

In any mode, activate the sounds by pushing a button on the cash register, pushing one of the four menu cards into the cash register, pressing the grill, pressing the faucet, pressing the bell, or inserting a cup into the matching size holder.

Also, there is an interactive dashboard with the steering wheel, clicker key, and gear shifter. It has more than 20 play pieces including a shape sorter recycle bin and an opening fridge. Thus, this vehicle keeps your mini entrepreneur busy for an endless hour.

EducativeBatteries are not included
Multiple activities to engage little one for a long timeOnly in English
Enhances creativity and imagination 

32. The top Bright 7-in-1 activity center

Why we like it: This lovely and stylish activity center offers kids hours of fun and learning time.

This 7 sides of fun, bright, and cheerful solid wooden activity cube has a bunch of different activities to entertain your little one.  Let your baby explore all the different activities on each side, including bead maze, color counting beads, rainbow gear, recognition clock, shape matching, digital flip board, and fun maze.

It will help her develop her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Also, this vibrant colored cube has cartoon animal faces that grab a kid’s attention quickly and keep them occupied for a long time. The removable maze part can be used separately, placed on the top, or turned inward for storage.

Bright colored
Builds on her imagination and thinking 
Sturdy and durable 
Multiple activities to keep baby entertained 
Safe to use 
Easy to carry around 

33. Bath Toys, 8 Pcs Light Up Floating Rubber animal Toys set

Why we like it: This will make bath time more fun and make it less of a battle each day!

This bath toy with its 8 different styles is the best gift for 1 year old girl to play with during her bath time. It lights up automatically when you put it in the water. The lights are bright and vivid and would keep your kid busy for endless hours.

All the rubber toy animals are waterproof and float in any type of water, great for bathtubs, fish tanks, or swimming pools. It’s a perfect size toy for babies to hold onto and have fun on their own in a bathroom while you’re busy somewhere else. Also, it helps your little one to improve her coordination imaginative skills

WaterproofBatteries might not last for a long time
100% safe to use 
Flashlights easily grab the attention of kids 

34. YYGJT First balance bike

Why we like it: Riding their first bike will develop strength and self-confidence in kids. It is a perfect gift for beginning walkers.

YGJT Minibike is suitable for babies aged 10-36 months. It is a good toy choice as it would teach your little one how to ride, go forward and back with feet using her feet and hand without any pedals. Riding regularly indoor and outdoor will gain her confidence and happiness.

It is totally safe to ride on as its 135 steering limit prevents the baby’s side from falling. Limited steer design and a soft and comfortable seat keep the little one safe while riding. Riding a balance bike would help to develop your baby’s motor skills, coordination, and strength.

Easily set upDoesn’t mention
Comfortable ride 
Promotes mental and physical development 
Boost their confidence level 

35. Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage

Why we like it: Your little princess will experience so much fun riding in her cozy and vividly colored fantasy carriage.

Riding in this magical Horse & Carriage will make your little one feel like a royal highness. Use the handle to push or pull the carriage to give your kid a fantasy ride. You could remove the floorboard when your child is young.

Later on, when your child grows, it converts to a foot-to-floor ride-on toy. It has a hidden storage place where your little one can keep her toys, water, or snacks. This toy helps to develop imagination and gross motor skills. It could the best gift for 1 year old girl on her birthday.

Easy to push or pullDifficult to assemble
It’s very adorableClip-clop soundbox

36. VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop, Pink

Why we like it: This is a durable baby’s light-up laptop that keeps them occupied for hours while also boosting their motor skills and helping them in learning.

Your little one will be too glad to have her laptop. It consists of 9 buttons- 6 of which have different shapes and colors to teach baby alphabets, numeric, shapes and colors. It offers to learn in both English and Spanish. A 3-key piano provides entertainment to the kids. An LED screen, a volume control button for quieter play, and a little mouse are among other features that keep the kids occupied.

Very EducativeIt should have more features
Brightly colored and very cuteThe piano has only 3 keys
Has a carry handle 
Has a volume control switch 

37. VATOS Toddler Toy Dinosaur Car

Why we like it: Bright colors quickly catch the attention of little ones and keep them engaged for a long time. Also, improves hand-eye coordination.

Who says cars and dinosaurs are just for boys? This pack of 6 colorful baby dinosaur toy cars is best for a 1-year old girl. The toy cars are big enough for your little one to pick up easily and hold onto and they can be released to go automatically.

With twist-able heads and four wheels, these dinosaurs could travel on both hardwood and pile carpet. These bright-colored dinosaur shape cars easily catch kids’ attention and help to develop your little one’s imagination, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

A great way for kids to learn about types of dinosaurs. You can use these toys to teach different colors to your little one and when your child gets older you can name the different dinosaurs too. Besides, they are a convenient size and weight to pop in your bag to keep your baby amused wherever you go.

Bright and colorfulNot very suitable for racing each other
BPA-free, non-toxic toy 
Durable and good quality 

38. Avenor Baby Balance Bike

Why we like it: Smooth and comfortable.

Perfect for the little one on the move! With its lightweight body, ideal height seat, sturdy construction, and easy to assemble, this infant bike is ideal for 6-36 months toddlers. This Pre-balance bike is designed for babies who are not ready yet to ride proper balance bikes.

This Pre-balance bike comes with safety design features such as the handle being wrapped with EVA foam, which is soft to the touch and small enough to fit the hands of the little one. Riding regularly on this bike will help in developing independence, coordination, and self-confidence in your kid. This ride is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors

Sturdy with strong materialsWheel construction can be better
Easy to ride onEasy to outgrow
Easy to assemble 

39. Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta

Why we like it: This bright rocking horse will liven up your little one’s bedroom or playroom and it’s great for developing her gross motor skills. 

This stunning deep magenta color rocking horse is simply a perfect gift for your baby girl. It is just the right size for toddlers and is safe as it has a high-backed seat to ensure they do not fall, and the handles are easily gripped by their tiny hands.

It has smooth edges and easy-to-clean surfaces make it a favorite choice of moms. It can hold weights of up to 50 pounds despite its compact size which means your little girl will have manifold fun before outgrowing.

Comes fully assembledInitially, might be a little tricky to get on and off
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas 
Easy to clean 
Sturdy and durable 

40. LeapFrog Musical Teapot

Why we like it: Help boost your baby’s creativity, sharing, and social skills.  

Your little one has got an ideal chance to have her own tea party along with her friends. Pour the tea and observe the tea level (which is the colored light) drops realistically and hear gurgling. Open the teapot’s lid, observe a shiny mirror, and hear interesting comments of the teapot like “please close me so the tea stays warm!”.

It has 6 different magical colors to match the pieces of cake and the teapot sings about different flavors like “blueberry tea” for the blue. Singing along different tea-time songs would teach manners, greetings, matching colors, and counting to your kid. This musical rainbow tea party is a great opportunity for your toddlers to build up their social skills like sharing, patience, and self-confidence.

EducativeMight be boring for older kids
Encourages sharing 
Perfect to boost creativity 
Batteries are included 
Volume control 

41. Woby Musical Flapping Yellow Duck

Why we like it: Cultivates the baby’s interaction ability, sense of rhythm, and hearing.

This colorful design dancing duck toy will easily attract the attention of babies and enlighten them to use their senses to explore cognition. Playing around and exploring this musical duck can build on the baby’s fine motor skills. This cute duck has 6 buttons, and each performs different functions.

For instance, press the start button and Yellow Duck flapping wings will start moving around. Likewise, press the heart button, and a heartbeat similar to a mother will play which can soothe the baby’s dysphoric mood. Crawling and chasing after the duck can stimulate the muscular development of your kid. Also, listening to the music and ducks’ sounds will cultivate the baby’s interaction ability, sense of rhythm, and hearing.

Enhances gross motor developmentBatteries are not included
Promotes musical intelligence development 
Improves hearing ability 
Sturdy and durable 

42. Best Learning Steering Wheel

Why we like it: Great for learning as it teaches a range of colors, lights, shapes, and moods. Develops hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

This colorful steering wheel is suitable for ages 6 to 36 months. It has 3 modes (colors, shapes, and mood) and you can switch between them so that your child never gets bored. Let your kid simply touch or spin to learn about various colors, shapes, and feelings along with interactive fun music.

Colorful beads and light-up buttons stimulate the curiosity of baby’s and keep them entertained. It helps to enhance the emotions, creativity, and imagination of little ones.

Learning and fun
Enhances creativity and imagination 
Easy to hold onto 
Batteries are included 

43. Dreampark Wooden Educational Toys

Why we like it: Preliminary understanding of geometric figures. It’s a great, educational toy which will keep them busy and can be enjoyed as they get older too.

This is a nice challenging and interesting toy for your little girl. It is made from good quality wood and painted using safe, non-toxic paint. This wooden toy is a great choice to introduce your little one to geometric shapes, colors, and figures.

Each geometric shape on the wooden base has a different number of columns and your little one has to pair those shapes with the column in his hand. Counting the holes and recognizing the shapes in the column will develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. You could also teach your kids when they get older to use pieces like a puzzle to make 2D shapes such as a person, a dog, or a bus.

Paint does not run off the toyThe color of some products may vary from what is shown in the picture
Enhance logical thinking ability 
Exercises hand-eye coordination 

44. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Why we like it: The bumpy ball is made up of different materials that engage the baby’s developing tactile sensitivity.

This ball has bright colors, bold patterns, and easy-to-grasp bumps that promote the development and stimulation of the brain.

Firstly, the varied colors of the ball will help your baby in focusing on and strengthening her vision. Secondly, trapped beads in plastic ends create gentle rattle sounds that help in building deep neural connections in the baby’s brain. There are also mirrored surfaces inside each plastic end so that babies can see themselves.

Further, chunky-sized bumps on the ball help babies hold, toss, and roll the ball which ensures the development of their motor skills.

Easy to pick up and holdDifficult to clean it
Variety of color attract baby’s attentionMight be boring for older kids
No batteries required 

45. Educational Plush for 1-year old baby Girl

Why we like it: A great way to introduce your little one to the animal world; they learn interesting facts about animals along with fun.

Your little one will have loads of fun, education, and learning with her cute safari friends: A Lion, Monkey, Elephant, and Panda. They are the perfect size for small babies to hold and play with. Each of the safari friends says four interesting things about themselves.

Press on them and your child would be amazed to listen to real animal sound along with fun phrases like “Lions live far, far way in a place called Africa” and “Hello there, I’m an elephant. Let’s be friends”, and more.

Not to worry this time about how the playroom can turn into a total mess with toys because this toy set comes with an adorable treehouse storage basket where you could put all the toys once kids have played. It also has a carry handle for your child to put on shoulders, so that they could take their friends along with them wherever they go.

EducationalDoesn’t mention
Storage to keep toys contained 
Good Quality 
Very adorable 

46. Playset toy

Why we like it: It helps to develop motor skills and cognitive ability of kids.

Explore this multi-functional play center which is very interactive and engaging for toddlers. Kids will be introduced to various colors. Shapes, and textures. It provides a safe, durable, and enclosed environment for babies to have endless fun.

The play panel features a bead tumbler, spinner with mirror, spinning “gears” for gear play, and clicking bugs, a movable look through the telescope, and much more. It would be great fun for toddlers to crawl through the archway, open and close the shutters, and listen to birds’ sounds. When your baby gets bigger, you could easily transform the play center into an open, two-sided play center for unlimited play possibilities.

It has multiple interactive activities for kids –
Brightly colored 
Develop motor skills 

47. Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 Kids Ride On Car

Why we like it: Enhance the senses of your little one and develop self-confidence in her.

Wow! Imagine your little one driving this pink ride-on car on her own by using her foot pedal and shift lever. Having the car keys in her hands will make her feel and act like a boss lady. The portable handlebar and the wheels at the back-make car easily move forth and back. If your child is not yet ready to ride on her own, you could control the ride with the R/C remote controller.

The presence of a seatbelt and double lockable doors guarantees your child’s safety. While riding, playing music via a USB port, Bluetooth and an FM radio makes the journey more enjoyable for the kids. The battery life is many hours and it has a battery gauge built-in, so you know when to get it recharged.

Also, rest assured, the battery comes with the car, and to charge it you need to plug the adapter into the bottom right corner of the seat. Moreover, with the LED lights, the ride looks so real.

Great qualityMight run slower on the grass and take more battery
Riding is comfortable and smooth 

48. Take-Along Shape Sorter

Why we like it: Helps to develop sensory, fine motor, and communication skills.

Let your little one observe and identify the pictures on the shape sorter, match the shapes, and then drop the given blocks through the sorter. To repeat the process, pull the plush dog around the edge to unzip the case. Children can also lift crinkly flaps for more fun. Also, it has easy to grasp padded handle which makes it easy for kids to carry the whole set wherever they go.

Colors catch the attention of kidsMight not be engaging for a long time and get them frustrated
Both learning and funThe bag is not deep enough
Built on hand-eye coordination 

49. Infantino Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Why we like it: These kinds of activities encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

These bright-colored blocks easily catch the attention of toddlers and keep them entertained for hours. Your little one will be so amused to make fun shapes and high towers by stacking the blocks. The good thing is these blocks are of a perfect size for little hands and they easily stick to one another.

Blocks have very catchy colorBlocks are not comfortable for chewing
Easy to grasp 
Are big enough not to fit in baby’s mouth 
Spikes on blocks are not sharp or pointed 

50. Fat Brain Toys pipSquiqz

Why we like it: Encourages sensory awareness and helps in developing motor skills.  

PipSquigz is just perfect for teething babies. It consists of a set of 3 Fun Little Suckers which is suitable for ages 6 months and up. The varied colors, fun rattle sounds, flexible movement, and texture of these suckers keep the little one entertained whether she is in her stroller or bathtub, or anywhere else.

Kids will get so amused tugging, pushing, shaking, and pulling these shapes while hearing the rattles and POP of the suction cups. What’s more, these fat brain toys would stimulate all the senses of your kid e.g. vision, hearing, and motor skills.

DurableEasy to outgrow
BPA-freeSuction is not very strong. It doesn’t work well on hard surfaces.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe 

51. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Why we like it: Enhances creativity and develops problem-solving skills.

This extra-thick wooden puzzle promotes the development of fine motor skills, visual perception skills, and exercises hand-eye coordination. It has eight brightly colored shapes along with easy-grasp pegs. Under each piece, your little one will find full-color matching pictures.

Large knobs are easy to grabImages are paper glued on wood rather than painted so it appears it would peel off easily
Could teach colors and shape names to kids 
Chunky shapes 

Award-winning toys for 1-year old girl

1. Educational Activity Center Block Toy

  Why we like it: Leaning in a fun way!

This educational cube is among the best award-winning toys for 1-year-old girl. It has won multiple awards such as Family Choice, Mom’s Choice Gold Medal, Product of the Year Award Winner 2019, and more.

Interacting with this toy gives your little one a great opportunity to learn alphabets, numbers, colors, and music. Attractive lights and soothing music further increase the curiosity of the kids and keep them absorbed for a long time.

Press the different buttons on each side of the cube and each time your kid will be in a different learning adventure zone. It is an ideal toy to enhance the creativity, imagination, logical thinking, and motor skills of your little one.

DurablePlays only in English
Builds on imagination and creativity 
Very interactive toy 
Batteries are included 

2. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

Why we like it: It is an excellent way for your child to begin music education and it also develops her motor skills.  

This musical toy is suitable for toddlers 12 months to 3 years. It’s the winner of the Cribsie Award of a first favorite musical toy. This award-winning toy has been praised for its colorful, non-toxic wooden design and its ability to cause and effect.

There are various ways to play with it. Explore the different notes and sounds by letting the wooden balls fall on the keys or slide out the xylophone to create your own melodies with the wooden mallet. The Pound and Tap bench’s sounds and melodies are an ideal beginning of music education for your kid. It helps kids build their hand-eye coordination, manipulation, and dexterity.

100% safeNo home to store the hammer
Establish musicality 

How Many Gifts for a 1 Year Old?

You will be wondering how many gifts you should give to a 1-year-old girl on her upcoming birthday or Christmas. Celebrating this event is more of an event for parents than it is for the little girl. One-year-olds don’t understand what birthdays or Christmas is all about, they will probably be happy to help unwrap just about anything.

Also, they won’t be able to recall the special day in the years to come, so it’s not necessary to overload her with presents. Rather than filling the whole play store with toys at once, stick with some interesting ones that are a source of both fun and learning.

Birthday gifts for 1-year-old baby girl

If you are struggling with buying a gift for 1-year-old baby girl’s birthday, stay with us as we have chosen the 3 best birthday gifts that your little angel will adore. We have gifts that are both fun and educating. They help to develop a baby’s sense of exploration and build on their creativity and imagination.

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror 

Why we like it: Cheerful music and songs, six dancing lights, and a sparkly mirror stimulate the baby’s senses. 

Finally, your little girl can stand in front of her own mirror and express her ideas through role-play and storytelling. She would have a bunch of fun in practicing counting, identifying colors, learning alphabets, phrases, and more than 30 songs.

She will be amused even more by the greetings like “Your smile is so sweet!” and ask, ‘Can you comb your hair?’ and eventually she would learn to respond to them as well. Exploring all the magical accessories: comb, powder puff, lipstick, and bracelets will sharpen her thinking skills. Besides, there is educational music that plays while the vanity lights around the mirror light up

AdorableNot so big but a perfect size for the little one
Perfect size for tiny hands 
Good Quality 
The baby is introduced to numeric, alphabets, colors, and textures early   

2. Mary Meyer Taggies Developmental Baby Doll

Why we like it: High-quality product, visually stimulating, and meets the child’s sensory comfort and tactile.

This soft, 8 inches tall pink doll has multiple fabrics that help your baby familiarize yourself with various textures. She has a beautifully embroidered face, soft body, silk feet, and a pretty hat.

Your little one will find the trademarked decorative tags easy to grasp when they need to walk around with their doll. It’s so cuddly doll that your little one would love taking naps with her. It encourages the baby to grasp and hold hence stimulating her finger dexterity.

Lightweight thus easy to carry alongThe doll is quite small
Machine washableIt comes in pink color only
High quality and safe for the child 
Stimulate the finger dexterity of the little one 

3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Stroll-Along Walker

Why we like it: No more bumped heads! Because unlike traditional baby walkers it doesn’t tip back on babies learning to walk.

This adorable stroller is perfect for the little one who begins to make her first little steps. The music will start to play with every step your child takes and when the wiggly bear’s belly is pressed.

It comes with accessories like a spinner, roller band, and a flipbook that would keep the little one’s hand occupied. It helps babies build motor skills development, early role play, and nurturing. The stroller has spacious space so your baby girl’s best friend could also stroll with her.

AdorableDoesn’t come with a doll
Easy to assembleYou can’t lock the wheels
Very stable and durable 
It’s a well-built stroll-along walker 

Gifts for a 1-year-old baby girl who has everything

Buying gifts for 1-year-old baby girl who has everything could be quite difficult. You want to buy them something they will adore and at the same time, it’s not something they already have in their collection.

But now there’s no need to do an endless amount of research on it before finding the perfect one. That is why we are here. Featured below are the three best gifts for 1-year-old baby girl who has everything.

1. FOUR CLOVER Kids Teepee Children Play Tent Playhouse

Why we like it: A perfect personal hide-out for your little one where they could read, store their books, nap, and play.  

This Teepee Tent will steal your little girl’s heart. Now your little one could begin and enjoy her own private life. You could put it in your child’s bedroom to give it a magical touch. It takes just five minutes to assemble it.

All you need to do is unfold the thick canvas teepee, insert the wooden poles, and then finally wrap the safety cord. While hanging in this canvas tent, she can read books, peek out, nap, play alone, with a friend or neighbor while you keep a check on her.

Easy to assembleInside of the tent would get hot easily if put under the sun
Made from non-toxic materialMight not last too long
For both indoor and outdoor 
Personal hideout for the little girl 

2. Frozen Ice Palace

Why we like it: The imaginary world, lights, and music will keep engaged for your little girl for hours.

It is a perfect dream gift for your little girl. Explore the Frozen Ice palace with Olaf, the snowman, and Elsa, Queen of Arendelle. With magical lights, wintry sounds, and exciting actions of the growing castle, this little playset makes kids feel like they are in an actual Disney land. Press the buttons and knobs that make things pop up and spin and play musical sounds and even Elsa’s most hit song, “Let it Go”!

No assembly requiredDoesn’t play the whole song which leaves us hanging
Good quality 
Long-time entertainment 
Batteries already included 

3. Princess Play Tent

Why we like it: Your little girl would extremely love this princess play castle.

Your little girl will feel and act like a princess while staying in this fairy tale castle. It’s a perfect secret place for the little ones to entertain themselves, read, and play with their toys. The starlights grasp the attention of kids too quickly and add the perfect touch to the tent.

Up to 3 kids could be accommodated in this tent at the same time. It’s so comfortable, durable, and easy to clean as it’s made from high-quality polyester taffeta. You could put this tent either at your home, kindergarten, backyard, etc.

Easy to assembleDifficult to dismantle
Easy to clean 
Lights are very attractive 
Very adorable 
Big enough to accommodate up to 3 kids at a time 

Unique gifts for 1-year-old girls.

Unique gifts for 1-year old girls are hard to find. If you are wondering to buy them, you have come to the right place. Whether it’s for your own child, a niece or nephew, or a friend little one, these gifts will delight them.

Toys like shape sorters and very simple wooden puzzles are ideal unique gifts for 1 year old girls, and it’s never too early to introduce your kid to shapes, colors, and numbers.

1. HABA Zookeeper Wooden Shape Sorting Box with a Twist

Why we like it: Kids get familiar with various colors and shape recognition.

Children would be very delighted to play with this sorting box that includes 8 wooden shapes. There is a feeding slot in front of each enclosure. If the slot is pushed down, only the half wood shapes fit through the opening. Whereas, pushing the slot upwards allows the whole wood shape to fit in through the opening.

Not only can toddlers put the shapes in the corresponding slot, but they also learn what are the shapes look like in half and this enhances their logical thinking.

EducationalDoesn’t mention
Enhances critical thinking 

2. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Why we like it: It’s durable and entertaining. Thanks to this flashlight, you can tell stories to your little girl in the dark.

This early learning pink flashlight teaches the little one about numbers, colors, animals, and exciting songs. It has over 50 sing-along songs, sounds, music, and phrases. Press the cute ladybird and it would activate sounds that would grab the baby’s attention.

It has 5 rainbow-changing colors that help to develop the visual senses of the kids. The flashlight turns on using batteries and, it automatically turns off if it is not in use for at least 45 seconds. Your child can easily grab it to take away.

EducativeThere is no option for putting off the sound and having the light only
When not in use automatically turns off 
Volume control for quieter play 

3. B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks – Building Blocks for Toddlers 

Why we like it: It comes with a beautiful reusable bag and the blocks offer a bunch of engaging activities for kids.

The set consists of 10 blocks each consisting of different images and numbers to entertain and educate the little kids. The colors of these blocks are vibrant and made of thick and sturdy rubber. These blocks are BPA-free so your little one can nibble, squeeze, or float them.

Kids would love stacking these blocks upwards and then kicking them down. The baby learns about colors, numbers, and exercises hand-eye coordination. After the kids have played, you could put the blocks back into the reusable bag.

EducativeGot a strong smell when new but later it fades away
Super soft 
BPA free 
Colors are vibrant 

Final Words

When girls reach the age of 1, a lot of changes occur in them. As parents or guardians, you witness the psychological and emotional changes in your child so getting them the appropriate gift to help with their development is essential.

That is why we picked the best toys for 1 year old to help you choose the appropriate toys for their needs. Our review guide is long, and you will find something worth it for your little angel.

About Jessica Henry

Hi! I’m Jessica, mom to Anna, 9, and Evan, 6. I am a housewife and live in Boone, NC, with my high school sweetheart husband, Henry. I like Slumber parties in the living room together. Also, I love watching my kids play sports and have fun with their friends. My favorite indulgence is a massage or long walk (which I don’t get to do a much as I’d like!)

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