10 Best Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2022: Top Picks for Kids From 3 to 10+ Year Olds

In the past, children used to go out and play with their neighbors and friends. Their days were filled with energy, exercise, and excitement. But kids these days don’t do that. They are stuck up in front of a screen to pass the day with little or no movement. And that is when dirt bikes for kids come in to play.

A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle that is specifically designed to be used on rough and uneven terrain rather than on smooth roads. These bikes are lightweight and have knobby tires that enable them to jump from here to there. These bikes are not designed for comfort, they are for excitement and adventure!

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Difference between Dirt bike and a Street Motorcycle

Dirt bikes are very different from the usual street bikes. They have a light frame made of plastic that is designed to handle different kinds of stresses. Dirt bikes have knobby tires. These allow better navigation through uneven tracks. They have longer suspension travel and are more flexible. The seating arrangement of a dirt bike is quite different and less comfortable as well.

But who can ride these bikes? The answer is, dirt bikes can be ridden by everyone. Dirt bikes for kids are available for children as young as 3. Some parents even let their toddlers experience the sport. But deciding which kids’ dirt bike to buy for which age is most important.

Parents should be well equipped with the correct information to ensure safety. If decided correctly, it can become a new hobby otherwise, it is a terrible disaster.

Types of Dirt Bikes for Kids

Types of Dirt Bikes for Kids

Different types of dirt bikes are available for kids of different ages. These differ in design, size, power, engine, transmission (manual or automatic gears), starter system (kick start or button), and wheel size. It’s very important to buy the right bike for your kid.

A dirt bike for a 7-year-old is not suitable for a 3-year-old and vice versa. A 7-year-old kid is more developed, taller, and stronger and can handle greater power and ride at higher speed. And if a 7-year-old were to sit on a bike for younger kids, their legs would reach their ears.

These mainly have two types, Gas driven or electric.

1. Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Usually, an electric dirt bike for kids comes with a push-button to start. These can not go to high speeds as gas-driven ones so they are safer for younger kids.

2. Gas Driven Dirt Bikes for Kids

Gas dirt bikes can be of two strokes engine or four strokes engine. A two strokes engine delivers power for every rotation of the crankshaft. These have higher power and are difficult to control at lower speeds.

On the other hand, a four strokes engine delivers power after every 2 rotations thus distributing power over a wide range and enabling a smoother ride. Moreover, four stokes engines are generally more durable.

Kids’ dirt bikes can range from 50cc to 150cc.

Kids under 6 should ride 50cc bikes or less. For vehicles, engine power can be expressed in terms of engine capacity (measured in cubic centimeters cc). The less the cc of a bike, the lower the power it has and the safer it is.

For a 6-year-old and less, any power above 50cc is not recommended. But this also depends upon the background of the kid. This is because some parents let their children learn the dirt biking skill at an early age. So, their kids are more trained in the field and can handle greater power.

But again, as a general rule, it is not recommended, to ensure safety.

As kids grow above 6, they become more confident in riding and are strong enough to handle more powerful dirt bikes. For 7 to 10 year kids, suitable dirt bikes are between 70 to 80cc. This will provide a good power increase without any danger.

And as kids grow above 10, they will demand even higher power, larger wheels, and higher speeds. And, they will be a bit too tall to ride their old bike. 

For your convenience, we have put together a guide for buying dirt bikes for kids of all ages. 

Dirt Bike Buying Guide: How to find the best Dirt Bike for your Kid

How to find the best Dirt Bike for your Kid

Riding a dirt bike is not without risks. If due attention is not given, it can be fatal. Parents should ensure the safety of their kids. They should not push their small ones to fulfill their long-lost dreams.

Before actually buying a dirt bike, you should make sure that your child has enough strength to control the bike. If the child is so young that it cannot even control itself, how will it control a large monster?

Dirt Bikes for Toddlers

Now before getting into buying stuff, firstly you should make sure that your child can support itself and keep an upright position. If not, then maybe it’s not the time yet to start dirt biking.

Then you should see whether your kid is interested in dirt biking or not. If not, no need to push them. Let them be.

And whether they can concentrate and do a lot of different things like looking out for obstacles, operating the throttle, applying the brakes, and balancing at the same time without freaking out.

The factors that should be considered when buying a dirt bike are discussed below.

Bike Size

The first important thing to be considered is the size of the bike and that of the kid. Now, the kid should be able to touch the ground when sitting on the bike comfortably. You can check this by letting your toddler sit on the bike or something of similar height.

If the bike is too large for the child, it won’t be able to maintain balance and will fall. 


For starters, low-power dirt bikes would be preferable. Even a little bit of torque can imbalance the kid. Therefore, you should check the horsepower and keep it minimum. Electric Dirt bikes for kids don’t go to high speeds. So, it’s better to go for the electric ones in the beginning. Later, as the kid improves in skills and gains stability and confidence, you can move up in power gradually.

Hand Strength

It is important to see whether your child has enough hand strength to hold back the throttle of the dirt bike for some time steadily. Can your child control the bike and turn the handle quick enough to avoid all the obstacles on the way?  

Engine Capacity

Engine Capacity is the amount of volume swept by the engine in one cycle. It is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). Kids’ dirt bikes can range from 50 to 150cc. With the increase in engine capacity, the power also increases.

You should start your kid with a lower engine capacity of 50cc and gradually increase as your kid gets better and stronger. As for our recommendation, you should start with an electric dirt bike for kids that has a power motor. These are safer to start with and easier to control.  


The suspension system absorbs the shocks from a bumpy ride and makes the ride more comfortable. It works by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground at all times as rough paths are traversed. Otherwise, the wheels would move up and, on their way down would slam on the ground.

Suspensions decide how smooth the ride will be. Both 2 strokes engines and 4 strokes engines offer different stabilities. You should check both which suits your child better. However, you should take note that suspension can increase the weight of the bike.


With people trying to save some extra cash on everything and the dirt bikes trying to make people spend all the cash they possess; it is hard to decide which price to go for when buying kids’ dirt bikes.

To make the most of everything, you should check all the qualities you want in your dirt bike and then spend. Dirt bikes are excessively expensive. And their maintenance is hectic as well. So, you should do your homework and buy the best-priced one with desired specifications.

For example, kids won’t be riding at high speeds that may cause serious injuries with a fall. So, you can go with a dirt bike without suspension.

You can also buy a second-hand one, to begin with.

Dirt Bikes for 3 to 6 Year Olds: Buying Guide

Dirt Bikes for 3 to 6 Year Olds

As kids are between 3 to 6 years of age, they get stronger and can use more of their senses properly. With increasing ages, their energy level and potential increase as well. They are always running around, asking too many questions in too little time, and jumping from here to there and back again.

If this excessive energy and potential are not utilized in a constructive way, it may turn into rashness and anger. That’s why they are quite aggressive sometimes.

You can start building up motivation for your kids between 3 to 6 years of a so that they are more into dirt biking. At this age, the high speed should not be more than 10mph. You should get a lightweight dirt bike with more of a realistic look so that it’s appealing.

They can ride in your backyard or some park. At this age, it’s not much about racing and maneuvering, it’s more about understanding the bike and balancing. You can also use supporting wheels to keep the bike from falling until they are confident enough.

Children don’t have much strength at this age. So, a high-powered engine is not recommended. It takes time to develop skills and better handling comes with age. So, taking small steps and slowly teaching your kids is the way to make them better riders. The smallest dirt bike available for kids this age does not go faster than 3mph.

And the best way is to use a bike with a push-button starting system. Otherwise, the kick will scare them away! 

 Dirt Bikes for Kids 7 to 10 Year Old: Buying Guide

Dirt Bikes for Kids 7 to 10 Year Old

The age between 7 to 10 is the age when all the dirt biking skills begin to show up in young riders. With more and more practice, their handling and stability advance. You might see them drifting away at this age.

The desire to participate in competitions, jump over mountains and maneuver over big rocks starts to kick in. And they start asking for a bigger bike with more power and more stability.

Kids this age can better navigate through all the obstacles in their way. Their steering ability is well developed. They can even manage to go to a little higher speed. They would occasionally out of curiosity try new things.

So, parents’ supervision is always needed. You should go with a 50cc bike even at this age as it is the safest option. Or things may get wild and out of hand.

Getting near 10, kids become ready to jump around. They start asking for more of every specification. With an increased power and engine capacity to better stability and nicer breaks. They will ask for all and more. And at this age, they are able to handle more as well. You can take them to a real track where they can practice and enhance their skillset.

This is the time of upgrading power and switching to 70cc.

Now, your kids might be motivated by some enthusiasts to pull up a wheelie. And yeah, it is pretty cool, and I guess we all have done that at times in our childhood. It’s always good to see your friends cheer as you pull the bike up in the air. But that’s one side of it.

I had a friend’s kid who was very good at wheelies and was seen often seen doing one. He could even do it without holding the handle. But once, just once he lost control, fell headfirst, and broke two of his front teeth. Therefore, at this age things should be kept under control with timely guidance.

Most kids at 10 can learn to operate clutch as well. The clutch adds new coordination and stability for the rider. Moreover, this will be a benefit for them when later on they learn to drive a manual car. But if they are just starting, they better stick with the automatic ones.

Dirt Bikes for 11 Year Olds and above: Buying Guide

Dirt Bikes for 11 Year Olds and above

Kids of 11 years of age and above can even go on to ride 250cc bikes although that is not recommended. You should take your child slowly and gradually increase the engine size. Near 11 years of age, 70cc would be good.

With the boosts in energy levels, the bike also tends to become more like a real motocross racing dirt bike. Kids at this age can also start participating in competitions. With high speed, high power, and torque, they begin their very first jumps.  

Even if your kids start at this age, they can quickly learn all the skills and start riding effectively. Also, the noise is quite appealing at this age and they will make plenty of new friends to race and ride with.

Kids at 12 years of age will start asking for a more advanced bike. But still keeping things slow and steady and moving to 125cc dirt bike is recommended. Even if your child insists on being able to handle a 250cc.

Children at this age are strong enough to use the kick-starting system. Although the push button starting system is easier and simpler, kicking the bike to start is fun itself.

Best Kids Dirt Bikes for 6 Years and Under

1. Vroom Rider 6V Battery Powered Dirt Bike

Engine: This mini dirt bike has a 6V battery-powered engine. It can be started with a push-button and thus takes the hectic of the kick away. The battery should be charged fully for 4 to 6 hours in the beginning. And it should never be charged over 15 hours. 

Power and Acceleration: With a 6V battery, this bike can attain a top speed of 2mph or 3km/h. This makes it safe for the young child. Hence, the parents don’t freak out while their kid rides and the young tot does not freak out as the wind rushes by (it doesn’t actually, 2mph is too slow).  

Construction: This dirt bike for kids is suitable for 3 and above. But you can also let your toddler play with it as long as you ensure safety. It’s mainly your choice. The bike is 28 inches high and 20 inches wide.

Its length is 41 inches. It has a plastic frame and weighs about 55lbs. The handle is adjustable, and the bike also has a headlight. It also features music play and has a button for starting. It comes with supporting wheels which can be detached as well depending upon the need.

Safety: The bike is pretty safe considering that it can only go at 2mph maximum. It can serve very well for beginners, as children would usually be a little afraid of high speeds. The supporting wheels rid one of the worries of falling out of balance. There is no kick, so the little feet can’t be hurt while starting.  

Maintenance: Initially the bike comes in parts and has to be assembled. The 7-step instruction manual helps in this. Once ready, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Features: This kids’ dirt bike has a built-in music feature. Kids can enjoy riding with a piece of background music to feel more thrill. The front also has a headlight which can be switched on and off. Dirt biking enthusiasts can motivate their kids to start dirt biking with this best dirt bike for kids.

Comes with supporting wheelsCannot go faster than 2mph
Starts with a button  The directions to assemble aren’t that helpful
Has lights and musicToo slow to be balanced without supporting wheels
The Price is quite reasonableBattery life is not that great

Why We Added it to the List: Vroom rider is well designed for kids around 3. The music and the lights are all attractive for the young riders.

2. SAY YEAH Twist-Grip Electric Dirt Bike

Engine: This dirt bike for kids has a 24V (Two 12V batteries) 500W motor which has rare Earth neodymium magnets. The battery needs to be charged only for 4 to 6 hours. This is quite fast in contrast to the average charging time. The 2 batteries are a plus as well so that if one gets damaged the other will still be functional.

Power and Acceleration: Say Yeah has an extremely powerful motor. It has 3 different speed limits that can be set with a key lock. The minimum speed limit is 5mph, the middle one being 10mph and the maximum limit is 15mph. Younger kids can ride at the minimum speed and a little bit older can adjust according to their skill.

Construction: This kids’ dirt bike has a steel frame and all the other parts are mostly metallic. Its weight is 66lbs. It has 2.5×10 knobby tires which can ride on any terrain. The suspension consists of 2 front shocks and 1 rear shock. It has a strong braking system with front and rear disc brakes. A battery meter tells you about the remaining charge as well.

Safety: This bike comes with different selectable speed limits 5,10 and 15mph. This makes it pretty safe for kids of different ages. Parents can select the speed limit with a key lock. The strong braking system allows better handling and the knobby tires hold a good grip on the ground.

Maintenance: The bike comes pre-assembled in the package. You can just check the charge and start riding. The maintenance is very minimal and electric dirt bikes are pretty easy to clean.

Features: This bike features a battery meter that tells the remaining charge. It has three selectable speed limits. The bike is chain-driven and the handlebars are adjustable. It has a padded seat with a height of 23 inches.

Has three speed limitsIs quite expensive
Comes with a battery meterCan only ride 30 to 40 minutes after charging
Charging time is 4 to 6 hours 
Comes pre-assembled 
Has 60-days warranty 

Why We Added it to the List: Say Yeah has a cool design, black colored with orange stripes. The contrast of colors gives it a sporty and outdoorsy look. The battery meter will keep you informed so that you don’t roll too far away without charging.  

3. Kuberg 2019 Start, Electric Dirt Bike

Engine: One of the best dirt bikes for kids made by Kuberg. It has a 24V battery-powered motor (2 12V batteries) that produces 1000W. It can be fully charged in about 6 hours. The riding time when fully charged is 1 hour. This bike can be connected to your smartphone via WIFI and you can set up the power and speed.

Power and Acceleration: The maximum speed this bike can reach is 15mph. You can limit the acceleration to three different power settings limiting the top speed according to your kids’ skills. With a clutchless transmission, your child can experience some serious dirt biking.

Construction: This bike features a steel tube frame that also has some plastic and can last a long time. Its weight is 46lbs and can support a weight of 220lbs. The wheels are 12.5×2.4 inches with a clutchless transmission and a seat height of 17 inches (or 15 as the seat can be removed as well).  

Safety: The bike has all the necessary safety measures incorporated in its design. Different power settings can be configured to limit the top speed and your rider can ride at the speed of your choice. A kill switch with a wristband is installed that immediately stops the motor when pulled out.

Maintenance: The bike is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance just like other electric dirt bikes. Its spare parts are easily available, and dedicated customer support can help you with anything you need.

Features: You can connect this bike with your cellphone using the Kuberg Volt app. This allows you to control and monitor the torque and speed while your little one rides away. As your child increases in experience and expertise, you don’t have to buy a new bike, you can simply increase the speed. 

Has three adjustable power settingsWIFI adapter is sold separately 
90-days warrantyOnly for the ones with the budget
Clutchless transmissionIs not street legal
WIFI enabled connection with smartphone 
1 hour ride time with 6 hours of charging 

Why We Added it to the List: It has a cool design with fully adjustable acceleration and speed. Good for your rider to sharpen dirt biking skills and progress thoroughly. With customized settings, your child can ride under your supervision.  

Best Kids Dirt Bikes for 7 to 10 Year Olds

1. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Dirt Bike

This is one of the best dirt bikes for kids and comes in various colors. It has a twist grip throttle and is ideal for young kids to play and practice their biking skills.

Engine: This mini dirt bike made by Razor operates on a 24V battery-powered engine (Two 12V batteries). The motor can deliver 350W power and the continuous riding time is 30 minutes. It can be fully charged in 12 hours.

Power and Acceleration: The motor delivers 350W power and the bike can attain a maximum speed of 14mph. But the speed limit cannot be changed like other dirt bikes. The motor is chain-driven and the bike doesn’t make much noise. So, your kids can enjoy themselves without disturbing their neighbors. The electric-powered engine enables it to maintain a constant speed.

Construction: The frame is made up of steel with real dirt bike-like geometry. Handlebars can be adjusted according to the size of your kid. It has 12 inches pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer. Its weight is about 62lbs and can support the weight of 140lbs. Its dimensions are 44×24.5×31 inches. The design also includes a retractable kickstand and folding pegs for support. 

Safety: The bike is quite safe for young children. Some kids between 7 to 10 find this bike too low so it can even be used by children under 6 if speed is kept in control. The handlebars can be adjusted to keep the breaks and throttle at a safe distance for the riders.

Maintenance: It’s almost completely assembled when delivered. You just have to put on the handlebars. Other than that, being an electric bike, it does not require cumbersome maintenance like gas-driven ones.

Features: This electric-powered scaled-down kids’ dirt bike lets young riders fulfill their dreams. It comes in many colors. Its chain-driven motor along with large knobby tires delivers the best performance.

Comes almost completely assembledSomewhat slow for kids this age
Has a kickstand and foldable metal pegsToo small for some kids
Is low priced as compared to othersRuns only 30 minutes after being charged for 12 hours
Comes with a charger 

Why We Added it to the List: This well-designed dirt bike is produced by Razor. They are well known for producing quality dirt bikes for a long time. The retractable kickstand and foldable pegs make it unique from other dirt bikes.

2. SYX MOTO 50cc Holeshot Mini Dirt BikeBest Dirt Bike with a 50cc Engine

This is the first gas-driven dirt bike listed here. One of the best dirt bikes for kids that has a top speed of 30mph. 

Engine: This mini dirt bike features a gas-driven 2 strokes engine with a 50cc engine capacity. It has a large fuel tank that can store up to 1.7 liters of fuel. This allows 40 minutes of riding at maximum speed. Its automatic transmission is very suitable for inexperienced new riders. And the maximum speed can be lowered as well.   

Power and Acceleration: This gas-driven dirt bike for kids can attain a maximum speed of 30mph. The speed limit can be changed from the speed limiter on the right handlebar. You can set the speed limit to 15mph-that is the lowest.

Construction: This Kids’ dirt bike has a sturdy metal frame, dual suspension, and front and rear disc brakes for maximum control and stability. Its handlebars are adjustable and a speed limiter on the right handlebar sets the maximum speed.

It has by comparison the largest pneumatic knobby tires-15 inch. Its seat height is 23 inches and its weight is 48 pounds. It can support the weight of 160 pounds. It has a pull start system and automatic transmission.

Safety: This dirt bike for kids comes with a kill switch for safety. The maximum speed of 30mph does sound a lot for kids. But with the speed limiter, parents can lower the max speed to 15mph.

Maintenance: Being a gas dirt bike requires regular maintenance, unlike the electric ones. But tons of tutorials are available on YouTube and it’s a good thing for the young kids to manage and maintain their belongings themselves. The responsibility increases self-reliance and growth. Grease the chain before first use. Make sure to give it oil. 

Features: In ratings, it is the best dirt bike with a 50cc engine. Being lightweight, kids can easily manage to maneuver it.  

Price is very reasonableNoisy as it has a gas engine
Comes with a safety kill switchNeeds regular maintenance
Speed limiter can adjust max speedDelivery may result in faulty parts
Can be assembled easilySpare parts are hard to get

Why We Added it to the List: This mini dirt bike has the largest tires that provide excellent stability. And it has the potential to make your child the dirt bike kid they always wanted to be.   

3. Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket

Inspired by 7 supercross championships winner, Jeremy McGrath’s bike, this champion dirt bike is by far a popular and the best dirt bike. It also features Grath’s authentic autograph.

Engine: One of the unique small dirt bikes that have three 12V batteries (total 36V). the charging time is 8 hours. And the charge lasts for about 40 minutes of continuous riding. It can give your dirt bike kid the experience of a real champion.  

Power and Acceleration: The bike has a powerful chain-driven motor that enables it to reach speeds up to 15mph. It comes with a speed and acceleration control system. You can change the max speed from low to high and both modes are safe for your kids. 

Construction: The bike is made up of a steel frame that has a genuine dirt bike look. It has dual suspension as it moves fast with three batteries and needs good shock absorption. It has pneumatic knobby tires which are knobbier than Razor MX350.

This 98lbs dirt bike can support the weight of 175lbs. The handlebars are adjustable, and it also has a retractable kickstand and folding metal pegs. 

Safety: The bike has a dual suspension system and dual hand-operated disk brakes. But you may wanna tell your child not to grab the front brake too hard at high speed. As we all know what would happen then. The max speed is 15mph which is pretty safe for kids this age. It has a closed drive system and little likelihood of debris getting stuck in the motor.

Maintenance: Unlike some small dirt bikes, this one can easily be assembled upon delivery. It does not require much maintenance like gas-driven dirt bikes. Just don’t overcharge the battery and take good care of it.

Features: This bike comes in two colors red and green. It has authentic Grath’s autograph for dirt biking enthusiasts. Its fairing design gives it an aerodynamic look. The dual suspension and dual brakes make the bike more stable. And the twist grip throttle makes it easier to control.

Has dual suspension and dual brakesSome people faced some charging and battery issues
Authentic Jeremy Mc Grath’s autographColors can wear off after long use
Durable, easy to assemble and affordable 
Comes with a charger 

Why We Added it to the List: This mini dirt bike is an enhanced version of MX350. It is a kids’ replica of Grath’s big bike.

Best Kids Dirt Bikes for 11 Years Old and Above

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

The most popular of the small dirt bikes is this scaled-down version of a motocross bike. Its light weightiness, easier control with a twist grip, and reasonable price are the reasons for its popularity.  

Engine: This dirt bike has a 24V battery (2 batteries 12V each) powered engine. The chain-driven motor has high torque and delivers 350W power. The battery takes 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. It can give 30 minutes of continuous riding with a full charge. The motor is very quiet (but still delivers a lot of power) and will not disturb your neighbors.

Power and Acceleration: This bike can reach top speeds of 12 to 14mph. But its speed limit cannot be changed like other dirt bikes.  

Construction: The bike has a sturdy steel frame. The tires are 12 inches, pneumatic and knobby, that can survive any terrain. Handlebars can be lowered and raised as per requirement. It does not have a suspension system. It has only one rear brake. Its dimensions are 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches. This 70lbs mini dirt bike can support up to 140lbs.

Safety: Its large knobby tires provide great stability over rough surfaces. The twist grip throttle makes it easier to control for kids. And the top speed is only 14mph which is pretty safe.

Maintenance: Its assembly requires a little bit of work. The package comes with the owner’s manual, charger, tools, and handlebar clamps. Make sure to tighten the handlebar so that it doesn’t cause any control issues while driving. Check the spoke tension and inflate the tires.

After assembling, it is quite easy to maintain just like other electric dirt bikes.

Features: It comes with soft rubber grips. It has two colors blue and pink.

Good battery lifeHas only one rear brake
Comes with a chargerOnly 30 minutes riding time
Durable and lastingHas no suspension system
Affordable with a low price with good qualityTop speed cannot be changed like other dirt bikes

Why We Added it to the List: This scaled-down version of a motocross bike is the most popular Razor dirt bike. Its low price and high quality have attracted many. It has won multiple toy awards as well.

2. Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike

One of the best dirt bikes for kids that has an old-school stylish look and design. Made by Massimo, this kids’ dirt bike has a good quality gas-powered engine. The company provides excellent customer service. If you have any queries, they will assist you in no time.  

Engine: This is one of those small dirt bikes for kids that features a four strokes air-cooled gas engine. It has a strong steel frame and large tires. These provide better stability when riding over rough terrains. The bike has a pull start engine with a capacity of 196cc. It has a large fuel tank and can give a continuous run time of about 1 hour.

Power and Acceleration: With a powerful 4 strokes engine that can deliver 2.5hp of power, this kids’ dirt bike can reach speeds as high as 24mph. since it can even support adults, surely it is the best dirt bike.

Construction: This bike has a strong, durable, and lasting steel frame. Having a 196cc gas engine, it is powerful enough to overcome any type of terrain. Its dual suspension on the front absorbs most shocks so that you can enjoy a comfy ride. The stability is increased with the introduction of large pneumatic tires (14.0 x 5.7 x 6.0) with steel rims. This 91lbs kids’ dirt bike can support over 200lbs.     

Safety: This bike is not for beginners but for the kids who already have some experience. It has a chain guard and an exhaust heat shield for safety measures. It also features an off-kill switch to stop the engine. It is recommended for kids above 11.

Maintenance: Like most gas-driven kids’ dirt bikes, this one also requires regular maintenance. The assembly is quite easy. You just have to attach the handlebars and fill in the gas. Make sure to give it oil regularly, change the air filters timely and follow the guidelines provided. You can also watch videos for maintenance.

Features: It features a headlight in the front and a storage compartment in front of the seat. Just like the original gas tank style. With a large seat and footing pegs, this bike is quite comfortable.

Comes with a storage compartmentHas only front suspension
Has a kill switchIs very pricey
Has a chain guard and exhaust heat shieldBolts of the front fender damages the tire
Easy to assemble 

Why We Added it to the List: This bike has a classic look with a lot of cool features. It has a strong grip on the ground so that your dirt bike kid can enjoy the best dirt bike experience.

3. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

MX650 dirt bike for kids is not for the ones who have just started dirt biking. It’s for the ones who have some skills, experience, and know-how to handle dirt bikes.  

Engine: This electric dirt bike for kids has a 650W high power motor that is designed for better uphill and off-road riding. It takes about 12 hours to charge fully. And can run for about 40 minutes continuously. Note that If you do not charge for 12 hours once a month, the battery may stop taking charge at all.  

Power and Acceleration: Kids can take this electric dirt bike for kids to speeds as high as 17mph. The bike can support 220lbs, so even adults can ride it with much ease. However, with more weight, it will be harder to take uphill.

Construction: This electric dirt bike for kids has a sturdy steel frame which makes it durable but heavy as well. Handlebars are adjustable to have a customized fit. Dual suspensions, front and rear disc brakes, and twist-grip acceleration control ensure stability, comfort, and easy riding.

Safety: As it is from the high-powered best dirt bikes for kids, little ones should better look into something less powerful. It’s a little heavier than other small dirt bikes as it has a steel frame. So, it may be hard to maneuver by untrained kids. 

Maintenance: As it is electric driven, this dirt bike for kids requires quite less maintenance. It is easy to assemble upon delivery. You just have to keep it clean and avoid overcharging.  

Features: It has a variable speed, high torque, and chain-driven electric motor. Three 12V batteries combine to give an overall 36V. This electric dirt bike for kids features a retractable kickstand and folding metal pegs. The front tire is 16 inches and the rear one is 14 inches. Of all kids’ dirt bikes designed by Razor, this one is the largest.

Has dual suspensionSome products have manufacturing issues
Easy to assemblePrice is quite high
Comes with a chargerToo small for teens to ride
The motor is very quietQuite heavy for some to handle
The steel frame makes it quite durableTakes 12 hours to charge

Why We Added it to the List: This bike has been designed to resemble a motocross bike. With its powerful motor, it can really help to fully train already skillful young kids until they are ready for real motocross bikes.

4. MotoTec 24v 500W Electric Dirt Bike

Engine: This electric dirt bike for kids has a 24V battery (Two 12V batteries), 500W chain-driven motor. The battery needs to be charged for 4 to 6 hours and can give a continuous run time of 30 to 45 minutes. But the recommended charging time is 9 hours. This scaled-down dirt bike for kids is suitable for enhancing dirt biking skills and experience. 

Power and Acceleration: This dirt bike can be taken to the top speed of 16mph by your dirt bike kid. The cool thing about this electric dirt bike for kids is that it comes with a speed limiter. Unlike other small dirt bikes, you can use the speed limiter to fix the max speed to 5, 10, or 16mph with a key lock. Due to this feature, it can be used by inexperienced kids as well. 

Construction: This dirt bike for kids has a steel frame that makes it durable and long-lasting. It features a seat height of 23 inches, twists grip throttle, and adjustable handlebars.

Dual suspension comprising of 2 front and 1 rear shock and dual front and back disc brakes makes it comfortable to handle. This 66lbs bike can support about 150lbs. It has good knobby pneumatic tires that can take on different terrains.  

Safety: It is lightweight as compared to MX650 and so is easier to control. Different speed configurations can be set up with a key lock. Hence, you are in full control as to how fast your kid can ride. It has a key start so your kid cannot sneak it out while you are away.

Maintenance: This dirt bike for kids does require some assembly upon arrival. This includes attaching the front tire, putting up the front fender and attaching the handlebars, etc. After that, charge the battery for 12 hours for the first time.

Always charge with the power switch off. And when not used for a long time, charge the battery once every month.

Features: This bike has a speed limiter attached to it with which max speed can be changed. It also has a battery meter which tells you about the remaining charge. Kids’ dirt bikes usually don’t feature that. It’s a nice touch that sets it apart.

Has a speed limiter to control speedRequires some tiring assembly
The battery meter keeps you informed about the charge Only 30 days warranty
Comes with a charger 
Can be charged in 4 to 6 hours 

Why We Added it to the List: From knobby tires to dual suspension, this bike does have the potential to take any dirt biker kid on a great adventure. It has almost all the features that the best dirt bike should have. It is one of those kids’ dirt bikes that are worth the money.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike for Your Kid

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike for Your Kid

1. Child’s Age

To ride a dirt bike effectively, your child needs to be of a certain age and strength. Toddlers cannot control most dirt bikes. It’s mainly because these kids’ dirt bikes are larger than them. So, it is important to note the age of your child before getting into buying a dirt bike. 

Now your kid cannot ride the best dirt bike without it being a perfect fit. If the bike is too large, heavy, and powerful, the dirt bike kid might topple in the dirt.

So always check your child’s age and buy accordingly. Electric-driven dirt bikes for kids usually don’t go to high speeds (some go to 5mph max) and are better for younger lids.

2. Your Child’s Riding Experience

You should also consider your child’s experience in the dirt biking field before buying one for them. If your child already has some skills and expertise, then you can go for a more powerful dirt bike. In this way, your child will be able to improve dirt biking skills and enjoy more.

On the other hand, if your child has never driven a kids’ dirt bike, then you should go for a small, low-powered one. This will build confidence and train your child for further advancement. Low-powered small dirt bikes are lighter in weight and are easier to control and balance. These cannot really go at high speeds and are perfect for starters. 

3. Bike Size

As already discussed, bike size can determine the future biking prospect of your kid. If you buy the right size, dirt biking will turn into a new and effective hobby. The wrong bike size will be difficult to handle. It will not only tumble your child but also take their confidence away.

Your child should be able to touch the ground when seated on the bike comfortably, so they can keep it balanced without any throttle. Electric-driven kids’ dirt bikes are less powerful and lighter, and good for young riders.                                                       

4. Resale of Dirt bike

Say with all the right information, you put your hands on the best dirt bikes for kids. But what if your kid grows out of the best dirt bike that you bought less than a year ago.

The resale of your dirt bike matters as well. If your kid is a newbie, you might wanna spend your money on a second-hand dirt bike. Because if you buy a brand new one, which will cost you a lot, it may turn out that your kid is not into dirt biking. Or they may grow out of it pretty soon. And you will be left with a great loss and will get only a fraction of what you paid for upon resale.

Moreover, bikes of trusted brands that have been producing the best dirt bikes for kids for quite some time are easier to resale.

5. Power source – Gas or Electric

Gas-driven dirt bikes require a bit of regular maintenance which may be an issue for your child. On the other hand, if you look into battery-powered small dirt bikes, their maintenance is easy, they don’t go to higher speeds, are less noisy, and are less messy.

Your young rider can practice dirt biking skills and get familiar with handling and maneuvering dirt bikes on electric ones efficiently and effectively. And when ready, can pass on to a powerful gas-driven dirt bike to showcase all the talents.

So, for a young rider, an electric dirt bike would be the best dirt bike.

5. Safety

Different dirt bikes are designed to be used by different age groups. Kids’ dirt bikes are also divided into many categories according to age as described above. Safety should be the greatest concern while you look for the best dirt bike for your kid.

You should go for the one which has a speed control system with a keylock that allows you to fix the max speed the bike can attain. It should have a good braking system. The tires should be of good quality so that your kids’ dirt bike would be stable.

Handlebars should be adjustable according to the comfort of the rider. And for younger kids, the bike should also have training wheels.

What makes a Dirt Bike?

What makes a Dirt Bike?

Throttle Control

A dirt bike with a smaller value of cc (cubic centimeters) is less powerful than one with a large value of cc. Moreover, a 4 strokes engine delivers power over a wider range than a 2 strokes engine and hence is more stable and easier to control.

Controlling the throttle can be a problem for starters. But with time, one gets familiar with one’s bike. Newbies tend to give too much throttle during first rides. This causes sudden and abrupt power generation which causes a jerk.

For smaller cc on a dirt bike for kids, a safety device can be used to limit the speed. A throttle limiter screw is twisted in the throttle cable at the handlebars. It limits how much throttle can be attained. And when the skills of the young riders are enough, it can be gradually taken out and then when the riders are completely ready, can be removed. 

Tire Size of Kids Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes for kids can have either small tires or large tires. Large tires provide the rider and the bike with more stability. These can easily traverse small bumps and uneven tracks in the wild. But larger tires might be heavy for young riders. Hence these can be hard to handle and maneuver. Moreover, with larger tires, the height, gearing, and suspension of the bike are different as well.

Smaller tires are lighter and allow you to take sharp turns easily. But their rims can get damaged easily over rough tracks. You can start with a smaller tire in the beginning and then move on to larger ones as your kid advances in skills.

Reliability of the Kids Dirt Bike Brand

Dirt bike brands that are reliable have been producing good quality bikes for kids for a long time. Their bikes are expensive true but safer and long-lasting as well. Also, a reliable brand’s dirt bike has a better resale value.

As your kids start on the journey of dirt biking, they become accustomed to their dirt bikes. But soon they will outgrow it and will have to move on to a more powerful one. Upgrading in the same brand will make things a bit easier. The new bike will be somewhat similar to the old one and shall be easier to master than that of some other brand, unknown and unreliable to the new riders.    

Frame and Suspension

Dirt bikes are designed to handle tough environments. These are supposed to be used on uneven and rough tracks and can clear off the ground to great heights. These are made up of a light frame so that their overall weight is light. Lightweight makes it easier to maneuver and handle them.

Also, these bikes have good suspension systems. And it makes sense that the shock absorbers should be good considering these bikes are to be used on rough areas. From the available small dirt bikes, choose the one with a good suspension system.

However, the suspension doesn’t matter much for beginners as they are not going to ride at alarming speeds 

Why you need a Dirt Bike for your kid?

Why you need a Dirt Bike for your kid?

Dirt bikes offer kids good sport, exercise, and excitement. They allow children to get out of their iPads and engage in something healthy and fulfilling.   

1. Develops Responsibility

Owning a dirt bike comes with responsibility. Kids are responsible for its maintenance and cleaning. This develops in them a sense of responsibility that they have to do something regularly and are accountable for it. It gives them the opportunity to learn how to fulfill their duties effectively.  

2. Boosts Confidence

Dirt bikes for kids help in boosting confidence and self-reliance. When kids are out there in the rough terrain, they have to deal with all that happens. If they face a breakdown, they have to figure out how to fix it. All this leads to the development of valuable skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

3. Opportunity to learn

Kids love to learn new, different, and intriguing things and dirt bikes have a lot of these to offer. From its maintenance to dealing with breakdowns, kids learn many valuable skills. When fellow dirt bikers are facing some difficulty, they learn how to extend a helping hand. And most importantly, they learn how to have fun and get along with other fellow mates and take care of others.

Best Kids Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

Hoverheart 6 Volts Electric Power Dirt Bike Kids – Bonus at the End

With a foot pedal to control, this kids dirt bike with training wheels is perfect for your young kids. It works on a 6V battery and a motor that can deliver 16W of power. It is pretty safe and cannot go to speed any higher than 3.5mph.

This kid’s dirt bike with training wheels allows your child to have fun without you being worried. The two training wheels help to keep it balanced and stable. It comes in two colors, red and blue. It has a stylish design, durable and appealing to young kids. One of the disadvantages of this bike is that it takes forever to charge (just kidding 12 hours only).

Also, an electric dirt bike for kids is the best to start with as it is easy to control and maintain.

Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes for kids offer a great deal of learning and experience. From fun, excitement, and adventure to exercise energy and responsibility, they are full of thrills. Starting at an early age, kids can learn to handle and maneuver dirt bikes with ease and comfort.

And later on, they can even do stunts and participate in competitions.

In all cases, safety is most important. So, choose a dirt bike by keeping in mind your child’s age, size, and strength. Make sure to have all the safety accessories like gloves, helmet, boots, neck brace, chest and back protection, goggles, and knee and elbow guards.

Make sure to check where you would store the dirt bike, how will you transport it, or will you consider delivery? Will you be able to afford the ongoing maintenance?

And all in all, you will have fun yourself in teaching your child how to ride a dirt bike and watching the growth and development that it will provide your child with.  

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