Best Baby Projectors for Your Kids in 2022

Does your baby have a sleeping pattern that is very challenging for you to adjust to? Does your baby tend to sleep to lullabies or other preferred sounds? Here we have listed the best baby projectors to ease you off your daily bedtime routine.

Baby Projectors are smart little devices that display colorful projections onto the ceiling, distracting the baby and creating a soft ambiance in the room. This soothes the child and puts them back to sleep if awakened from sleep.

Getting a baby projector that projects beautiful colors and images will keep the kids distracted from crying. All in all, they help put your baby to sleep and promote creative imagination right from the start. However, choosing one option from the many options available in the market can be a difficult task.

So what’s the best baby projector of all? Our pick is the Luckkid Night Light for Kids. It is an attractive and 5-in-1 projector that is the one for you in case a beautiful display is your topmost priority. Also, supporting different lighting colors and modes, what else do you want?

Best Baby Projectors for Kids in 2022

Projector Name MaterialPower SourceLight Source TypeDimensions (Inches)Weight
Luckkid Night Light for KidsPlastic BatteryLED5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 0.79
Summer Slumber Buddies – Eddie the Elephant Baby ProjectorPolyester FabricBatteryLED29.2 x 16.5 x 10.20.9875
Fisher Price Smart Connect Baby ProjectorOtherBatteryLED5.51 x 5.51 x 6.891.25
Luckkid Baby Night LightPlasticBatteryLED 5 x 6 x 60.5375
Cloud b Twilight Turtle Baby ProjectorPlasticBatteryLED12.01 x 7.99 x 4.021.00
Bubzi Co Owl baby projectorPlushBatteryLED8.66 x 7.09 x 5.350.75
VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Hippo Baby ProjectorPlush BatteryLED8.66 x 7.09 x 5.35 0.75
Fisher Price Settle & Sleep Baby ProjectorOtherBatteryLED11.02 x 4.17 x 9.332.38
VTech Wyatt the Whale Baby ProjectorNatural Linen and Cotton FabricBatteryLED5.72 x 2.77 x 6.630.95
Moredig Baby Light ProjectorPlastic BatteryLED6.3 x 5.1 x 5.10.78

Best Baby Projector for Kids in 2022

Waking during the night – Cloud b Twilight Turtle Baby Projector

‘Creating a light show of waves with them moving and playing sounds so that kids can have this as a nightlight whenever they wake up.’

Fear of the dark – Luckkid Night Light for Kids

‘I brought it for my two-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it. It’s so easy that she’s even getting used to using it at night with two simple buttons!’

For separation anxiety – Summer Slumber Buddies Eddie the Elephant

‘With soft little ears and a hard shell for projection, the stars and moon it produces keep your little one busy.’

Long trips away from home – Bubzi Co Owl baby projector

‘This sound machine runs on batteries that adds to its portability.’

1. Luckkid Night Light for Kids

Luckkid Night Light for Kids
  • Style : Night Light Projector with 5 Different Films
  • Color : White
  • Power : Battery powered

With dual power options, this Luckkid device looks like a traditional projector and prioritizes quality over the rest.  The design makes it fit well in any nursery room and makes it look attractive as well. Not including any soothing tunes, the device offers stunning projections, the best you’ve ever come across. So if having a beautiful display is your first priority, this is exactly where you need to look.

There are 5 different film themes, namely constellation, planet, star, sea world, and birthday. With the projections being sharp, well-focused, and covering the complete ceiling, it is a guarantee that your little one will remain hooked. It stays on all night unless you shut it off, perfect for somewhat older children who have developed a fear of the dark.

Although the battery runs down quickly, the device is at an advantage because of the option of dual batteries. Being lightweight, it is easily carried from one room to the other but is not suitable for trips away from home, primarily because it has many breakable parts. The recently updated USB cord is long enough to make room placement nothing of an issue.

Makes the kids feel relaxed and spark up their imaginations on the show of different film themesDoes not switch off automatically causing a greater drain of battery after the child has slept
Dual-batteries offered ensuring long hours of projectionAlthough portable, senior reviewers do not suggest it being carried a lot due to the possibility of some of its parts breaking off
Different lighting levels allow different color mode and lighting levels to be set according to the needs of your child

2. Summer Slumber Buddies – Eddie the Elephant Baby Projector

Summer Slumber Buddies - Eddie the Elephant baby Projector
  • Style : Light and Sound
  • Color : Green
  • Power : Battery powered

While this seems to be a cuddly toy with a plush exterior, it is much more pleasing to the eyes of your little one as compared to a traditional device. It offers a choice between 5 different songs to accompany the visual projection.

With 3 sound adjustment levels, you can set it according to exactly what suits your child the best. An audio drop-out only occurs when the projector is low on battery, as most of the devices do.

This best baby night light projector offers a rhythmic, starry-night light show in a range of green, blue and amber projections. The color choice will be again well according to what your baby likes best and you can adjust the pacing of the display, balancing the brightness according to the distance from the crib. It is capable enough of lighting up the entire ceiling without being overly bright.

This baby projector offers exceptional battery life, with you going around months without a single issue of the battery. Despite the toy-like appearance, the quality is exceptional making it the most durable item in view. This is one huge plus point given the fact that it suits your budget very well, alongside providing so much as well.

Gives a choice between colors when it comes to the projections, adding to the fascination of the childInapt buttons that may tend to come off any time upon excessive usage
Offers exceptional battery performance, going on for months without any issues of the battery

3. Fisher Price Smart Connect Baby Projector

Fisher Price Smart Connect Baby Projector
  • Style : Modern
  • Color : Gray
  • Power: Battery powered

This is a cylindrical-shaped projector that comes in three projection modes. The first is a classic starlight projection mode with variable colors as in other devices. The second comes with a soft animal projection that carries the similarity of a sea world film.

It however does not rotate and will cause distortion in case your room has a high ceiling. The third and last one projects a neat nightlight function. It comes to life when switched on and carries its power source from the AC outlet.

Again, it comes with 3 options of sound, namely nature, white noise, and soothing music. All of these are controllable via the smartphone app. What makes it one of the best baby projectors is that the audio quality is way better than most of the rest and the volume can be adjusted at both the high and low ends accordingly.

Running on AC power, you will have to keep in mind the set location and distance from an available outlet.

With the Smart Connect feature, there is no room for power wastage during the night. The ‘Sleep Stages’ app function allows you to set up a bedtime routine for your child by putting in ‘settle’ ‘soothe’ and ‘sleep’ modes.

These can be altered over time as per changes in your baby’s sleep schedule but it relieves you of a much greater mental stress. In case you do not have your phone around, you can always alter the settings manually.

Exceptional Audio quality with a variety of sound options namely nature, white noise and soothing music, easing the childProjections can distort in case the room has a high ceiling because this specific projector does not rotate
Smart Control feature prevents any wastage of power during the night and also relieves the parents off burdens

4. Luckkid Baby Night Light

Luckkid Baby Night Light
  • Style : Modern
  • Color : Blue
  • Power : Battery powered

From the same brand as the Luckkid Night Light for Kids, this baby projector is a more budget-friendly version. The device can visualize eight multi-color projection patterns as well as put up a choice between fixed colors of green, blue, yellow, or red. It beats up every other device in terms of projection quality, also allowing you to turn off the rotation if needed.

There are no built-in soothing sound options that tag along with the device. However it is very easy to use and if you’re looking for a simple device to get going any time you want it to. With dual power options, the battery life is impressive. It is a portable device but loses itself if made to move more frequently.

Supports a long battery life which ensures long hours of projections even after the child has slept Does not switch off automatically causing a drain in the battery when not under usage
Being budget-friendly, it provides many functions all in oneThis projector offers no soothing sounds but only constellations to keep the child hooked. Some children may not tend to fall asleep without lullabies

5. Cloud b Twilight Turtle Baby Projector

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Baby Projector
  • Style : Modern
  • Color : Blue
  • Power : Battery Powered

With the exterior surfaces being harder than they appear to be, this baby projector is durable and won’t be damaged easily. A great eight different star constellations are offered to soothe your little one and the casting pattern keeps extending to light up the entire ceiling and the surrounding walls.

Projecting in three different colors, the shell of the turtle illuminates when projected. A single push button is all it needs to get the projector going, with a fixed 45-minute auto-off timer. If not sufficient, the night light can stay on all night. The cherry on top, it gives you the flexibility to place the device wherever you feel like it.

Having a toy-like design keeps the children hooked to it and can also be placed near to them without the fear of it breakingThis projector offers no soothing sounds but only constellations to keep the child hooked. Some children may not wasily asleep without lullabies
The projections are far-reaching giving you ample choice to position it according to your will

6. Bubzi Co Owl baby projector

Bubzi Co Owl projector
  • Style : Modern
  • Color : Gray
  • Power: Battery

This is a hand-washable fabric that has a separate, easily removable hardware component. It comes with an exceptional range of sound options including 10 different rhymes as well as natural sounds. The volume range can be controlled easily as well and no matter where you place the device, you will get the volume just as you wish it. The auto-off is set for 30 minutes and the projections gradually fade out when it is time.

The projector casts galaxy star patterns but not very widespread. Close proximity is what matters here and the projections are made on one wall only, effective if your child sleeps in one specific direction. Given its compact size, the device is a portable soother and is best suited for long trips away from home. Removing the batteries to clean the projector, leads to faster battery drainage.

Offers the perfect sound and volume control on all sorts of rhymes and natural sounds. This eases you in the positioning of the device whether far or close to the child as the volume can then be set accordingly It supports a very limited battery life meaning it needs to be put on a constant charge if the time limit set on the timer is exceeding what the projector can stand by on a single charge
It is portable and can be carried alongside while on the move

7. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Hippo Baby Projector

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Hippo Projector
  • Style : Light and Sound
  • Color : Blue
  • Power : Battery

This is one all-in-one soothing solution that is suitable from birth and offers projections like stars, songs, and sounds. It features a multi-colored starry projection that fades in and out and spreads all over the ceiling. Being small and light, it is capable of being carried alongside where you desire to but the battery tends to wear out if a longer auto-off time is set.

As per having a wide range of sounds, melodies, and much more, this makes it to the list of best baby projectors. The volume is controlled with a rolling wheel which allows you to be specific in your volume selections.

Coming with an in-built voice sensor, the projector can fascinatingly turn on in response to the sound of your baby! This can ease you of a messed-up sleep routine by managing to put back your baby to sleep on its own. This can be dictated to as long as you want it to stay on.

The in-built voice sensor turns it on if the baby wakes up and helps in putting the baby back to sleepIt supports a very less battery life meaning it needs to be put on constant charge. If the time limit is set on, the timer is exceeding what the projector can stand by on a single charge

8. Fisher Price Settle & Sleep Baby Projector

Fisher Price Settle & Sleep Baby Projector
  • Style : Modern
  • Power : Battery powered
  • Color : Multi colored

This device sets itself different from the rest for the fact that it comes with a viewing window, showcasing wildlife animal figures from inside, right into your baby’s eyes. It also offers a starry night ceiling projection which has a soft lighting effect as well. But you cannot view both of these together, and make a decision to choose one on behalf of your child.

It is very easy to operate and has a ‘kid-friendly’ button right on the front so that children a little older can set it up for themselves. With a pre-set 30 minute sequence, the sound gradually transitions to white noise to put your baby to sleep.

Small and light in weight, it is easily portable and can also be attached to the crib. The close proximity here grabs the attention of the children and keeps them distracted, marking its position in the best baby projectors.

The transitioning of the sounds from loud to soft, so as to make the child fall asleep peacefully is highly recommended by senior reviewersDoes not switch off automatically and needs to be shut off manually after usage

9. VTech Wyatt the Whale Baby Projector

VTech Wyatt the Whale Baby Projector
  • Style : Light and Sound
  • Color : Blue and White
  • Power : Battery powered

The projector shines soft light through its back to produce a starry night scene onto the ceiling. The projections although do not cover the whole ceiling, yet come in three different colors as you want them to. There are ten pre-recorded lullabies and soft sounds but in addition to that, the smartphone app allows parents to read aloud and record sounds to be played later.

When it comes to sound, there is no better choice than this one. It is not much of a portable device and the charging port is lesser durable. However, the choice of three different auto-off times is loved by all, with 60 minutes being the maximum. The smartphone app feature though is only for the recordings and not for controlling the functions of the device.

Smartphone App Control Feature eases the functioning of the projector and also for sound recordingsFaulty charging port that invites trouble both before and after usage of the projector
A variety of auto-off options available preventing power wastage and ensuring a sound sleep to your child

10. Moredig Baby Light Projector

Moredig Baby Light Projector
  • Style : Art Deco
  • Color : Black and White
  • Power : Battery Powered

This is one multi-purpose device that helps calm the baby with calming music. It is a 2-in-1 night light projector that produces colorful light, putting the child to sleep without much of an effort. The 4LED light colors in a whopping eight different modes. It is built to supply 12 light tune melodies, with the volumes adjusted as per your requirements.

The night light mode comes along with the 360 degrees rotating function. It accounts for being one of the best baby projectors for the fact that it manages to bring to the ceiling images of the starry sky, animal world, astronauts, and attractive colors all in close to your child. The custom timer on the projector allows the working time to be set amidst 5 to 500 minutes and can be controlled via remote control.

Custom timer settings allow a limit of between 5 to 500 minutes that eases the parent off the constant pressure to switch on and off the projector. It can be set according to the time your child takes to sleepIt supports a very less battery life meaning it needs to be put on a constant charge if the time limit set on the timer is exceeding what the projector can stand by on a single charge
The 4 LED light colors with 8 modes to provide a stunning projection especially when on the 360-degree rotation function, keeping your child in a constant fascination

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for the Best Baby Projector

There’s a huge range of baby projectors out there and choosing one from them can be a challenging task. The specific functions you need to prioritize when looking for baby projectors, depend mostly on the issues you want to address. Still, there are some features that are common to all projectors and need to be paid attention to.


Each device brings about a different series of light projection patterns, shapes, colors, and much more. Extremely bright projections can be overstimulating for the night times, but too dim ones won’t be as fascinating to keep the attention of your little ones.

best baby projectors

The power of the projection should also be noted that whether it is capable enough to reach the high ceilings. If not, the patterns will distort.


Some projectors tag along calming sounds to accompany the visual effects that it is producing. These include lullabies or sounds of nature. If so, you need to be well aware of the volume controls and decide according to the specific sound sensitivity of your child. There are also sound-free options available.


Some baby ceiling projectors have a traditional dome-shaped design and these mostly put up a better projection. Other devices are more like soft toys rather than a projector. They look eye-catching at times, but there is always a setback in the quality they offer.

Portability and Power

Portability is one important factor to be brought into consideration. Battery-powered baby projectors are a better option as they are typically smaller and lighter, capable of being carried everywhere, alongside being able to successfully soothe your child to sleep.

Some baby room projectors run on batteries whereas others require AC adaptors. This will have you stay vigilant about the power outlets in your baby’s room, as per the factor of safety. Wires can also act as a source of disturbance for the eyes of the child and the distance from the crib here accounts for how important sound and brightness controls are.


You are the one who has to fiddle with the controls in order to make sure that lights and sounds go well for the baby. You won’t want the device staying on all night causing a waste of power and neither that your baby wakes up to complete darkness in the middle of the night.

Automated controls are what work best here and each device varies in its customizability. This needs you to be a pro at handling the projectors for the baby room. They also help with sleep. And so does managing screen times effectively.

Final Thoughts

Your little one may be a crying mess if not tended to which further adds to your stress. With the best baby projectors, we have made sure you are in safe hands! Find one all according to your requirements and ensure a good night’s sleep for both yourself and your baby.

They can also help build a healthy, imaginative as well as creative habit in them that will of course last long! While projectors make nursery rooms look all the more attractive, they are also a well-acknowledged investment on the part of loving parents. Choose one from the list and here’s wishing you a good night’s sleep!

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