17 Best Baby Bathtubs in 2022

As much as we love having children, those adorable little creatures are really hard to raise.  Making the right choices for your child and making sure you never compromise on their comfort is tough.

Bath time is a time to bond with your child, to play with water and the bubbles, and make your child all comfortable with the idea of having fun. It’s about igniting the sporty side of your child and letting him/her explore all the many facades of his/her personality. But your child needs to feel comfort and security while he/she engages in playful bathing.

Keeping in mind the fact that your child is really small to go out, play and make friends, you gotta give him/her a setting within his/her house to explore all his crazy sides. Merely making him/her shower under running water ain’t as comfortable as a tub filled with lukewarm water, ducks and bubbles, and mummy singing nursery rhymes to make it all memorable and fun.

To solve this dilemma, baby bathtubs are the easiest way out.

They let your child have all the fun he/she wants within the walls of the house. But choosing the right bathtub is yet another problem, for the wrong decision can cause injury to your child, maybe because of super slippery bathtubs or even dented ones.

So, proper research before you buy is always a must, especially when it’s related to your most loved one. There are a lot of things that you need to check before you invest in a bathtub, we have it all covered for you under this article, with the pros and cons of all the best bathtubs in town and about why you need one in the first place.

Or you can simply jump to what you are looking for from the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Top 17 Best Baby Bathtubs In 2022

1. Fisher price 4-in-1 Sling n’ Seat Tub

Best Baby Bathtub

This is a highly recommended tub because it grows as the baby grows. It is the tub that can be increased in size when the baby grows. It is a four-stage convertible tub that opens up at 4 stages. It has a bottle and a scoop whale toy.

It has a plug for easy drain and cleaning and has a hook for safe storage and space-saving. It also has sit-me-up support to help the unsteady sitters sit upright in the tub and have a smooth peaceful bath. It even has a spray bottle which makes shampooing and soaping really easy for mothers.

At stage 1 it has a soft mesh that keeps the baby lightly suspended over water and makes the bath easy for the newborn. Stage 2 has the baby stopper insert that keeps the baby in a reclined position preventing the baby from slipping and makes the bath hassle-free. Stage 3 is the sit me up support that helps the unsteady sitters sit upright and in the right position for a proper bath. Stage 4 the sit me up comes off to reveal the spacious tub for easy bathing.

It is economic as it grows with the baby and can be used for a very long time. Hence, the bathtub is highly recommended. 

2. Baby Patent Aquascale Digital Scale & Thermometer

Best Baby Bathtubs

This is a baby bathtub that is a two-stage convertible and can be used for infants and can be used when the baby grows. It has a digital meter that reads the temperature and gives very precise readings for temperature.

It is very helpful in this regard as it helps to keep the temperature of the water perfect for the baby’s tender skin. The reader converts the temperature continuously from Fahrenheit to Celsius scale and makes the reading easy for normal people to understand.

It has anti-slip pads that help you to keep the baby in place and make the bath smooth for the baby. It tells the baby’s precise weight and stores the previous weight as well and tells the actual precise temperature that is best for the baby’s weight.

It can be used from birth to 24 months and is recommended for people who want to buy an economic tub.

3. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling

Best Baby Bathtubs

This is the bathtub that is a three-stage convertible and can be used from birth to the toddler stage it comes with a convertible sling. The mesh sling provides support to the infant and makes it easier for the baby to stay upright and take a proper bath. The mesh sling is washable and dryable so can easily be used a number of times and stays completely hygienic.

The baby stays upright and has enough space to play in the water and have a lot of fun in the bathtub. The tub is made in a way that it is easy to use and looks like a bathing hammock and the sling comes on the inside of the package in a plastic bag and has instructions inside for assembly.

It is a good tub that is recommended for mothers who are looking for stuff that supports the baby properly and is hygienically clean.

4. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bathtub

Best Baby Bathtub

If you are looking for durable bathtubs with cute designs, this is the right one for you. It is a good bathtub with a durable built and is made to last super long. It makes bath times really fun.

The mesh in the tub makes it super easy for the baby and the mother, it keeps the baby well above the water and the baby stays super comfortable. It can easily be used to bathe a baby that weighs around 25lbs and then the tub can be economically used for a very long time.

This is very good for buyers who want to keep their babies safe from any sort of unexpected injuries because this tub has padded sides and is really good and easy to use.

5. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This is a really good bathtub because it is easy to use and has a mesh that surrounds the baby. It drains out all the water just as you wash your baby. It is super soft and hence is gentle to the baby’s skin. It works very efficiently and is super economic.

It avoids the baby to come in contact with excess water. It has slots around the corners that make it easy for you to carry it around and a hoop on the top to make its storage easy and it takes up very little space.

The best baby bathtub is the one that makes bath time easy for both the baby and the mother and this is a very good bathtub in this regard. It is super comfortable and large enough for the baby to play around as well and it isn’t difficult to store.

6. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub – Best Baby Bathtub for Travel

This is by far one of the users’ most favorite tubs because its unique shape is ritually oriented and supports all the bath time traditions. Users’ have been big fans of this tub. It has suction cups, a heat indicator, and a drain which are pretty good features for a bathtub.

Heat indicator is a very good feature as it helps you know the precise temperature of the water and keeps the bath super comfortable and safe for the baby.

The suction cups prevent the tub from sliding around in the normal bathtub which keeps bath time easy for the parents. The cute ducky-shaped tub is an amusement for the babies as the vibrant color is very eye-catching.

Another notable feature of this tub is that parents have reported that they have taken it along while traveling and used it in pools as a floater which again is a plus point because it acts as a two-in-one sort of product. And as a buyer, you should be very economic in your choices because money is not easy to earn and your child should not be compromised on either.

7. Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

This is a foldable tub that can fit into any sink might it be the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink and can easily be used to bathe your child. It is made of a foldable material and can hang flat against the wall and make it easy for the mothers to dry it after the bath. Made of mold and mildew-resistant foam and is easy to dry and hang flat.

It has side cutouts for water overflow and is easy to hang, it is a compact structure easy to store in very small spaces.

It is a very convenient tub but lacks temperature detectors and other support hence making it a little less effective than the others. But is economic and a fair enough purchase.

8. Skip Hop Moby Softspot Sink Infant Bath Cushion

This product is very useful as it is a soft bath cushion. It is super soft, making the babies comfortable with the idea of bathing. The newly born cutie is not aware of the sensation of water bushing over their bodies and to make them easy with the idea it is important that you make the baby’s initial baths super comfortable. For which it is important that the surface they sit on is soft.

This cushion is soft and small. It can fit in any small sink and make the bathing experience good for the baby. It even has a mesh bottom that makes the drainage easy for water and makes it dry quickly for you to use it again. It even has a velcro strap that makes it easy to hang from the towel strap to dry.

It is a good buy for easy bathing but does not lie in the category of temperature detecting and shock-resistant bathtubs.

9. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bathtub

This is a pretty decent purchase as it has a height that is very good for new mothers as it is hard for them to hunch beside their babies early after their pregnancies. The seat is easily removable so it can be placed within a sink and used as well.

It is very useful because it is a multipurpose product. It can initially be used as a tub and later as a stool for your toddler. Hence it is an economical investment as it does not waste your money when your baby grows out of the toddler phase.

It has a plus point that it can be used for babies up to 2 years, keeping in mind that most of the tubs have a weight limit of 25 pounds which is a very small baby. So it is kind of a good investment. 

Always make sure you invest wisely, keeping in mind all our needs. This tub lacks temperature sensors and this can be a drawback, but otherwise, it is to be a pretty decent purchase.

10. Blooming Bath Lotus – Best Baby Bathseat

This is an adorable baby bath seat that makes bath time super adorable. It makes bathing fun for you and your baby both. It fits easily into any sink and you can easily use it while standing upright, making it easier for you to do a detailed cleaning of your little bundle of joy.

It can then be dried in a dryer for 10 to 15 minutes and can then be folded for easy storage. It can easily be folded, so doesn’t take up a lot of space in your house, which is a plus. It is mildew resistant and is made of the finest quality soft fabric.

Its drawback is that it can only be used by children from newborns to 6 months, after which the baby outgrows it and it becomes useless. So it is not a very economic purchase. Plus, it has limited usage and lacks the proper bathtub feel. It also cannot be used anywhere other than the sinks. You cannot use it feasibly inside your own bathtub.

But is recommended for sink baths and short-term usage.

11. Puj Flyte Compact Bathtub

This is a foldable bath seat that can easily fit into your suitcase and can be used during traveling as well, making travel baths easy for both the baby and the mother. It has side cutouts that make the overflow of water easy to leave the seat and does not keep excess water.

It is comfortable as the material is mildew resistant and is soft and comfortable for the baby and makes bath time easy for them.

But since the baby has no space to have bath time fun in the bath seat it is not recommended for use within the house. It is good for traveling purposes but lacks all the bathtub necessities that the best baby bathtubs would have, so it should be considered as a travel necessity, not to be used within the house. But for mothers who are confident with sink bathing can utilize this easily at home too.

12. Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub

This is a beautifully designed tub that has a contoured back and a bottom that separates from the body. It makes a very comfortable seat for the baby and babies love being in there. It is so comfortable that the babies won’t be much cranky in there.

It can fit easily into double sinks and can also be used within the home baths. They are easy to clean as reported by the users as it has very few creases or deep cleaning spots. It is a user-friendly tub and can be used for a long time.

It also has a plastic that changes color with the change in temperature and this is very helpful for parents to make sure they have a comfortable temperature for their child.

This is a good tub, recommended for all. It has all the basic necessities of the best baby bathtubs.

13. PRIMO EuroBath Bathtub

This is an oversized bathtub that can be used for a very long time, from birth to two years of age. It is big enough for babies to do all the extra splashing and have a lot of fun with the water, they even have leg supports on one side for the infants to sit and not slip out and no leg supports on the other side for the toddlers to sit upright for their bathtub.

But an issue with this bathtub is its weight, it is heavy and its storage can be an issue. Storing such a huge tub can be a hassle and might be an issue for people who don’t like cluttered washrooms. It can be a little slippery at times and can be dangerous for the babies too. But the tub is big enough to be used for a very long time. So the choice is yours if you can manage this big thing for your little one.

14. Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

This is a small compact and cute tub that can easily fit into any kitchen cabinet. It has a back bump making it easy for the baby to stay comfortable. It is small so ensures less water use. It allows your baby to easily sit in it, and fits into sinks easily because of its compact size so is very easy to use.

But it lacks a drain which can be really annoying for parents and the dirty water gets collected at the bottom. Secondly, it lacks soft padding so it can be a hard surface for the baby to sit on. Hence making baby time a little trickier for the mother and a little irritating for the baby.

We would not recommend a bathtub that compromises the baby’s comfort which is the first and foremost concern of all parents.

15. Fisher-Price Rinse n Grow Tub – Best Baby Tub

This is a good tub for people who want durable stuff that lasts long enough for the baby to grow. It has an adjustable sling that keeps the baby in place while showering and is good for toddlers as well when you can take off the sling and use the tub only with the strainers and the toys that come with the product.

The only drawbacks of this product are the facts that it has no bottom supports and might slip in the bathtubs and they are not small enough to fit in the sinks, so using it can be a little difficult, but for mothers who think they can manage this and want to buy a long-lasting product, the material is durable and will get your baby through infancy and toddler age.  

16. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bathtub – Best Inflatable Baby Bathtub

This is an inflatable bathtub that is easy to store as you can take out all the air and store it anywhere you like. It is super soft and comfy giving off those swimming pool vibes to the baby. It has leg supports for the baby to sit upright, lessening the issues for the mother, and keeping the bay in place during the baths.

This allows babies a smooth sitting transition and is good enough for toddlers who’ve just learned to sit.

It can easily fit in a home bathtub and can be pretty useful. Its cute colors make bath time super fun for the little ones and easy for the parents as well.

It can be a good buy but doesn’t show any sort of temperature indication.

17. Summer Infant My Bath Seat – Best Baby Bathtub for Twins

This is popular among customers because it keeps the little ones in place, they do not crawl around. They stay in one place and it’s easy for the mothers to wash them properly. They can be used till 2 years of age and are small enough to fit two in the same bathtub making it easier to accommodate twins.

But this cannot be used for newly borns because you can’t put stress on their back as of yet, so this is recommended for little older babies.

But this can come in very handy to keep good control on your babies when showering. Plus it is a cute addition to the washrooms. But cannot be used anywhere other than the washrooms.

How to choose a Baby Bathtub?

How to choose a Baby Bathtub

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind while choosing the right product for your child and it becomes very difficult when it’s your first child and you’ve never done it before. So we’ve put together all the important aspects you need to check before you decide upon a final bathtub. We’ve also compiled the best baby bathtubs in town for you.

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But to make it easier for parents to check whether their option is the best in town, here’s a list of what you need to check in a bathtub.

Non-Slippery Tub Surface:

Toddlers can be very difficult to handle when they are all playful and bouncy. It is important that you choose a bathtub that has an anti-skid surface to make it easy for you to manage your child and to prevent chances of fatal slips.

With a toddler constantly trying to break free from your hands to splash water around, it can become a hassle. And nothing is more important than the safety of those tender bones, so make sure the product has a non-slippery surface.

Smooth bathtub rim:

The bathtub rim is what the baby uses for balance. It has to be super soft, devoid of all sharp edges so it is safe for the baby. Plus having a rim that is anti-skid can be beneficial. For the best bathtubs, it is important that the rim is made with extra care to keep those tiny hands safe.

Water fill line:

Bathtubs should have markings for the water level so you can keep a check on the safe Water levels for those tiny 2ft creatures. It is important to not be ignorant about even the minutest details when it comes to your little ones.

Easy To Clean Material:

Bathtubs are made of a number of different materials so you have to make sure you choose the plastic that you can easily clean and that does not keep any mineral residues from the water that continuously comes into contact with it. But the inserts should be made such that they can be easily cleaned as well.

Water Temperature Indicators:

Babies should be bathed in lukewarm water for their tender bodies can’t bear high temperatures of any sort. Bathtubs with inbuilt temperature sensors should be used and there are two types of such tubs. (1) The ones with digital readings of temperature. They are a bit expensive but are very precise. (2) The ones with plastic that changes color with temperature are more common and easily available.

Plugged Drain Holes:

To make the bathtubs easier to use they should have pluggable drain holes so that getting rid of the used water becomes easy.

The best baby bathtubs would have non-toxic plastic and should be lightweight.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

Types of Baby Bathtubs

There are different types of bathtubs and all of them are specific in their functions. You can choose one according to your needs. We’ve shortlisted all the types out there.

Sink insert baby bath seats

As the name suggests, it has seats that can be inserted into the bathtub to raise the baby up so the mother does not have to crouch next to the child to wash him. It is for the mothers’ ease and makes it easier for the mother to handle the baby without further hassle. The seat can come out as well and be washed easily plus makes bathing the infants a whole lot easy.

Basin tubs

These are of the size of small kitchen sinks and make them useful for the babies’ first two years. They are cozier and can be super handy. They are convertible into a kitchen basin and can be fitted anywhere where it is easier for you to bathe your child. The smaller the tub, the more aesthetically pleasing it is and makes it super cute for your washroom as well.

Convertible tubs

These are tubs that can be used for a long time, they are convertible and can be converted from infant tubs to traditional cradle tubs and can be used for a lot longer. They are very useful and economic for they save you a lot of further effort to continuously upgrade your child’s bathtubs. They save a lot of hassle and give the child a very peaceful upgrade and no need of changing their favorite place to be in between their growing years.

Foldable bathtubs

These are portable bathtubs that can easily be used during traveling and make your parenting experience a lot easier where bathing your child is not as difficult anymore.

Inflatable bathtubs

These are tubs that are made of plastic that is easily inflatable and can be used as garden pools as well and make it portable and easy to use.

Do you need a Baby Bathtub?

Do you need a Baby Bathtub

Some parents find it easier to shower their child in a kitchen or washroom sink or even easier to shower with them. It is a way of connecting to your child and makes it easier for you to save time. But sometimes it’s tricky because keeping a proper grip on your child when you yourself are slippery is kinda hard.

This could risk your child’s safety and a child slipping out of your arms, landing on the hard washroom tiles can be very harsh on those fragile bones so it is pertinent that you pay special attention to every small aspect of your child’s growth.

Why you need a bathtub is a good question, so here is why:


Your child’s safety is very important and must be your first and foremost thought when making any decision for your child. Bathtubs are the safest way to bathe your child and make the experience a lot easier and more fun for the baby.


This is very important for your own comfort as well for it makes bathing a much easier experience for new moms. Right after the baby’s birth, the mother herself is not very stable, bathing the child can be a hassle. To make it all a lot easier, bathtubs can come in handy, where the mother does not have to uncomfortably crouch next to the child.


These tubs are easy to clean and do not require all-time cleaning, you can use them without cleaning them. But the kitchen sinks and washroom sinks need to be washed every time before they can be used to bathe your child. They are easy to wash and can be used at any time of the day without the constant pinching feeling of whether the basin is washed or not. 

What to look for in the Best Baby Bathtubs?

When looking for good baby bathtubs you have to keep in mind a lot of things, to make sure that your choice is the best for your child. There are a lot of factors you need to think of, which parents usually forget, so here is a list of what to look for, when you’re searching for the best baby bathtubs in town.


The safety of your child is the first and foremost important thing. Look for bathtubs that have a sling and crotch. The sling cradles the baby above water, keeping it playful for it and the crotch holds him in place so it’s easier for you to bathe your baby. This stops the baby from sliding into the water and allows you to easily soap them, without them slipping in.


The material of the best baby bathtub should be non-toxic and should be strong enough to avoid all sorts of accidents. Never compromise on the material of the bathtub because of it’s of immense importance.


Choose a bathtub that is comfortable for the baby and for the mother as well. Bathtubs come with backrests that are soft and padded. They even come with support arms and legs for the greater comfort of the child. And the sling should also be soft so as to not harm the little ones.

As for the mother, you should choose a bathtub that is high enough for her to keep a comfortable posture while cleaning her baby.

Convenient size:

It should be of a very convenient size so as to fit into any sink so it is easier for you to shower your child anywhere you want and keep your posture pain-free while you shower your child.


The bathtub should be easy to store after use in a way that it takes up the least space and is of good use. Some allow drainage of water, others are tipped over. In this regard, inflatable tubs are easy to use, they can be deflated and made to fit into any small place after use. Or else use a tub with a hook that can be hung over the wall so it takes up the least space in the washroom or any place of storage.


Make sure to buy a bathtub that is non-slippery for your child’s safety and ease of use. Slippery surfaces can be hazardous.

Temperature indicators:

Use a bathtub that has temperature indicators to make sure that your baby bathes in lukewarm water and has the best bath time ever.

Safety Precautions When Using Toddler Bathtubs

Safety Precautions When Using Toddler Bathtubs

Bathtubs have been in use for a long time, and with the rise in the production of bathtubs that provide safety for the baby. Bathing your toddler has never been easier. However, one must not forget some important safety precautions to avoid any unwanted accidents as babies tend to have delicate and fragile bodies.

Here are some of these tips that help keep your toddler safe from harm while in the bathtub:

1. Water Temperature

One of the most important things to take into consideration is the temperature of the water in the bathtub. As babies have delicate and sensitive skin. Hence, the water that would normally be suitable for an adult might be too extreme for the baby.

Most experts agree that the water temperature in a baby bathtub should be around 37 to 38 degrees Celsius (98-100 degrees Fahrenheit), and under no condition be above 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Always use the inside of your wrist or your elbow to test the temperature as these are the parts of the skin of an adult that are the most temperature-sensitive. The use of a baby bathtub thermometer is also recommended as it allows for precise temperature readings.

Generally, the temperature should be somewhere between lukewarm to warm. It is also advised not to use running water to bathe the baby as the varying temperatures of the water may accidentally scald your baby.

2. Proper Supervision

It is of utmost importance to never leave your baby alone in the bathtub. Babies are very sensitive, and the slightest mishap could cause long-lasting damage. Make sure that whatever preparations are to be done before putting the baby in the bathtub.

Resist the urge to multitask or put any distractions in front of you while bathing the bay. Drowning is one of the major causes of death of toddlers.

This can even occur in a bathtub as they do not have the strength in their muscles to lift themselves up from a fall. Therefore, it is usually advised to keep one hand on the baby. In this way, all of your undivided attention is on the baby and avoids any unwanted incidents.

3. Adequate Water Level

Maintaining a proper water level in bathtubs is also very important in the safety of a toddler in a bathtub. According to experts, it is usually suggested that one should not start with more than 2 inches of water depth.

Modern bathtubs are usually marked so as to show the level below which the water should be kept. Overfilling the tubs with soapy water can cause that water to go into the baby’s mouth and nose which can potentially cause suffocation. Rather than increasing the water level, it is much better to either place the baby bathtub in a warm room or by placing a warm washcloth on the baby’s chest.

4. Avoid Falling Incidents (Unfortunate Babyspills)

One of the biggest safety concerns in bathtubs is falling hazards. Avoid unprotected and unstable surfaces when placing your bathtub in order to avoid such accidents. Places that have an even and hard surface and are away from any sort of high edges often serve as a good option when choosing a location to set down the bathtub.

It can be anywhere from the floor to the shower and even the sink. It is not advised to put baby bathtubs on the countertop or a table. Even though there have been a number of baby bathtubs specifically made for such purposes, it isn’t the safest option. Falling hazards are especially common in countertops as the baby could crawl out of the bathtub and fall, or worse, the whole bathtub could just as easily tip over.

In such cases, it is usually advised to keep the baby bathtubs in the home’s own bathtub. However, that, in itself, has its own precautions. Before bathing the baby, one must ensure a number of things.

Firstly, the tap is properly closed as they usually have varying temperatures and can accidentally cause scalding. Another precaution would be to open the drain of the home bathtub so that the water does not accumulate in the home bathtub and cover the baby with water.

However, not all baby bathtubs are a perfect fit for the home bathtubs and if you feel like the surface is unstable, consider moving the bathtub to a safer location.

5. Avoid Skidding or Slipping

Bathtubs are surrounded by water and one can never tell when they may slip and cause the baby to fall out. Most modern bathtubs are often fitted with such surfaces that avoid slipping or skidding. But in order to have an extra cushion of safety, one can choose to opt for mats designed to prevent skidding or slipping for the bottom.

How to bathe your baby?

Bathing your baby can be a tricky job, and for first-time mothers, it can be even trickier. With the naughty newbies trying to have fun splashing water around, it can be very tough for mothers to keep them in place while soaping them properly.

Cleaning your baby properly is surely a very difficult and important task. We have all the safety issues covered for first-time mothers who don’t know how to do it right. After a mother’s instinct, research is an important thing to help in parenting. Safety issues related to bathing your child are as follows.

Safety concerns:

Some important safety issues while bathing your baby are enlisted below. Parenting may be difficult but it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

1. One-Hand on the child

You must always have one hand on the child to ensure that he/she never slips out of your grip. Those fragile little things need constant support to stay upright in a tub. Plus it gives you a sense of calm and control that the baby is safe in your grip and the baby feels safe too, within your hands.

2. Supervise all the time

Never get the baby out of your sight even for a second, do not run out to get supplies, nor to glance at the food in the oven, nothing is important enough to risk your baby’s life for. Those tiny little babies need only a minute to slip out of the tub and come crash landing to the ground leading to severe injuries.

3. Avoid falling

Place the tub somewhere where you can avoid potential falling because it can be very hazardous for the baby. Keep it on a high, smooth flat surface, away from the edges.

4. Safe water temperatures

Baby skin is super fragile and needs to be dealt with special care and precaution. The temperature that might seem comfortable to adult skin might be too hot for the babies it is pertinent that you check the temperature of the water before putting your child in it.

Use temperature indicators for this purpose. 38 degrees Celsius is the recommended temperature for babies. Never put your baby under running tap water, it has the ability to wildly fluctuate, causing harm to the fragile skin.

5. Water level

It is important that you do not overfill the tub because can be hazardous for the baby. Shower them in a warm room, use a warm water-soaked cloth over their chest to keep them cozy. Do not increase the water level or temperature to keep the baby warm.

6. Avoid the countertop

Some bathtubs are sold because they can be used on countertops, which is very dangerous because it increases the risk of potential falls and a 3ft fall for a baby is like a 10ft fall for an adult.

It is important that you take all important safety concerns into regard when bathing your child because a fall may cause head injury, internal bleeding, and even death. So do not expose your child to such risk.

It is better if you use the infant tub inside your home tub because it is safer that way. But if the infant tub is not stable in there, using the floor is also a good option.

Baby Bathing Tips

1. Newborn Baths

Newborns can have a sponge bath at home in the first few weeks after birth. Collect all of the supplies you’ll need BEFORE you get your baby undressed. Baby bath supplies should include a baby bathtub with warm water, a washcloth, drying towels, mild soap, baby powder(if required), a new diaper, and a clean outfit.

Use a washcloth to clean your little one gently with soap. Clean their genital area last to avoid infection. Last, use a new warm washcloth to wipe their body. Make sure you clean creases under the neck, ears, and armpits.

2. Frequency of bathing

Babies don’t need to bathe every day, for them a bath twice a week is enough. Other than that you can wipe your baby with warm washcloths. This is a pretty decent way to keep your bundle of joy hygienic. Too many showers can be annoying for the baby, plus exposing it to the risk of hazards.

3. Buddy system

Until you’re completely comfortable with bathing your child, bathe them with another adult near you. This can reduce your stress levels for they can distract the child, plus can fetch the missing supplies.

4. Well fed, well rested

Make sure your baby is well-fed and well-rested at the bathing time for this increases your levels of successfully washing your child. But when they’ve grown up, shower them before bedtime for that helps them get a peaceful sleep.

5. Shampoo and body wash

Use a very mild tear-free shampoo and body wash, adult products can be too harsh for those tender little eyes and might even bring about a huge hassle with the baby crying because of the shampoo, shattering your confidence, and trembling that firm grip.

Adult shampoos can be torture for the little ones as they don’t know the itching sensation can go away. They’d be very cranky over it, so to avoid the hassle use baby shampoos that are tear-free and keep things smooth.

6. Be Prepared

Make sure you have all your supplies in line when you’re about to give your baby a bath. That will save you any stress and you won’t have to leave your baby alone. But even if you do forget stuff out, take your baby with you. DO NOT LEAVE THE BABY ALONE IN THE WATER EVEN FOR A SECOND. Those tiny little creatures can drown even in a very less amount of water.

7. Breathe

Stay calm and be easy around your baby. It’s okay to not know stuff at first. It requires practice and mothers get really good at this.

Just breathe in and don’t panic at those little hands trying to break free of crying. Child’s exposure to water is new, it’s difficult for them to adjust to the water. Just make them as comfortable as possible. Keep it easy on yourself and your baby. It might be very hard on you at first, but don’t worry woman. You were a born champ, things will go your way. Just go easy on yourself

How to clean your Baby Bathtub

The bathtub needs to be thoroughly cleaned because it may contain soap residue, baby poop, and a lot of other things. It depends on you on how frequently you wish to clean your bathtub and how frequently does it need cleaning.

You need to make sure you don’t bathe your child in an unhygienic bathtub. It may contaminate your baby and cause infections because the baby’s genitals are exposed to the tub directly.

Use Wipes to clean your Baby’s Bathtub

The easiest way of cleaning your bathtub is using wipes. They can be used to wipe off all sorts of contaminants and make the tub hygienic to use.

All-purpose cleaner

If you want to be super perfect with your cleaning you can use an all-purpose cleaner for your baby’s bathtub but make sure you don’t use very harsh chemicals on the tub’s surface for they might harm the tender skin.

Vinegar/ lemon and salt

Home remedies are always best when raising your child, vinegar is the best disinfectant that is always present at home and can be used at any time to keep the tub hygienic.

Lemon and salt can together be used to make scrubs and they scrub off all the bacteria and other residues from the tub’s surface.

Make sure you keep the tub clean at all times, you need to keep everything safe for your baby. Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety and health.

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