About Us

All Kids Mag was born as a desire to experience the joy of children. We make sure that everything we do, everything we write, and everything we provide at its core, makes life better for your child.

We are always on the lookout for any product that brings joy in the life of the children and, in extension, to the parents while highlighting any potential hazards.

All Kids Mag started out from the pure joy that only children can express. Their laughter, their smiles, and their mischiefs that we all love and want more of it. All Kids Mag attempts to bring out that joy. In kids and their parents alike. Although raising kids is no walk in the park, it can certainly be a good experience. 

All Kids are our joy. So we made a Magazine for them. We understand when you don’t have them, you may be free, not having to commit your time or feel responsible. But there is always something missing.

Parents only realize once they have kids that despite all the tantrums and ruined sleep, a burst of single laughter from kids brings so much joy that all of it becomes worth it.

All Kids Mag is about joy; it’s about how you can make the most out of your kid’s golden childhood years. Because they grow up so quickly, and just like that, all the opportunities to make your child smile are gone. We want to make it so that you miss no opportunity.

Children don’t care about money. To them, a priceless gift does not have to be something costly, but how much fun they can have with it.

We understand how colorful toys inspire kids and our curated product reviews are mostly of colorful toys. They are beautiful so almost every kid likes and wants to play with them.

All Kids Mag – AKM, has a large selection of toy reviews, and their prices are always competitive. We try to cover toys that are not only really fun to play with but also don’t break the bank.

We understand that whatever product we recommend has to meet the basic expectations you may have. The sellers we include have a good reputation and their customer support is also commendable. Even the after-sales is really good for most of the sellers. There is always the option of hassle-free returns.

Our Vision and Mission

At AKM, our goal is to build an organization for kids and their parents to tackle a social issue. There are no shortages of issues faced by parents and children alike. For instance, health-related issues and conditions, financial issues, and other social issues are challenges for society. 

By motivating innovation and stimulating interest, our AKM reviewed products attract the attention of families and provide better options to play.

Once AKM is ready to take on a challenge, we will pick up the banner for children and parents and dedicate ourselves to fixing one issue at a time. We understand it will be a monumental undertaking and one that will require an entire lifetime to build and support. 

But the vision of AKM is to build the foundations so they are further built up by future generations.