About the Author

Hi! I’m Jessica, mom to Anna, 9, and Evan, 6. I am a housewife and live in Boone, NC, with my high school sweetheart husband, Henry.

I love trekking in the woods and hiking around Grandfather Mountain. Sometimes we spend hours on the mile-high bridge and listen to its soft music. Good thing no one in our family is scared of heights! We take pride in that 🙂

I always like to keep a balance in the indoor and outdoor activities of my kids. I’m super conscious of how much time they spend on screens.

Nowadays mobile phones and other devices with screens have become an essential part of children’s lives. They play games and watch cartoons for entertainment. But, as we all know, too much of anything is bad.

That’s why I cheat. I buy them toys and hobby items and distract them with those. And they love it!

I feel that children are drawn to bright colors and that colorful toys are the finest way to bring a smile to their faces.

Another good thing that has happened to my children is that they are spending more time together while playing. They also talk to each other about their favorite toys, which include mine.

Anna and Evan share the unique stories behind each toy, whether it’s a toy vehicle, dolls, animation kits, or anything else. When I observed all this, I recognized that these toys made my kids smarter and more curious about the purpose behind the thing. I collect these stories. And even stories from other kids they play with.

Now, it’s easy to spoil children with too many toys.

Some moms pamper their children by giving them too many toys. Their children spend way too much of their time playing with them. This leads to them not focusing on their studies one bit.

So I keep a healthy system of when and how they are going to get their toys. And when they get to play with them.

To surprise my kids, I only present some select toys on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and summer vacations. Though sometimes their momma’s love gets them extra surprises.

I want to help all parents understand that toys improve their children’s IQ, provide a pleasurable experience, and help them develop their senses. Their children are capable of solving issues and improving their attentiveness if only they get intuitive toys to spend their time with.

The best toys stimulate a child’s senses, inspire their imaginations, and encourage them to socialize. Kids and Babies are curious about the world around them, and there is a lot for them to learn.

I get some time to myself almost every day. This is when I work on All Kids Mag, which I like to call my third baby. Apart from being a super mom, I’m an aspiring book author. I always wanted to pour my life experiences into a book that would help others.

I am also interested in helping out children and their parents and building a system that takes care of them in some way. 

There are a lot of social issues surrounding this special bond, and I want to do all I can to support it and nurture it in a way that this bond becomes even more substantial and easier to maintain and grow. 

If this is something you’d be interested in then you can reach me out on my mail for any inquiries, or if you want some friendly parental advice for your kids!